Culture: VIDEO: The greatest dance-off in the history of the world

Image Credit: Detroit Pistons

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday November 25th, 2013

Dan Calabrese

Just try to watch this and not crack a smile.

Hey. I always try to find video from the world of Detroit sports to brighten your day. There won't be any more offerings involving Prince Fielder and nacho theft, but this one's even better, and has already gone viral in its own right. To set the stage, the Dance Cam at Detroit Pistons games is much like the Kiss Cam you see at baseball games. They put the camera on you, you dance. That's the deal. But as an added bonus, the Pistons have an usher by the name of Shannon Sailes who is known for showing off his dance moves during the Dance Cam segments.

But 11-year-old Antwain Alexander was ready to concede nothing, and this is the result:

There's not really a political message here, save for this one: Conservatives are supposed to be all about limited government because we don't want government to be the focus of our lives. So don't fail to enjoy something like this just because of ObamaCare, Iran or whatever else. Nothing that happens in the news today is so important that we should let it get us down when we can be uplifted by the awesome Sailes/Alexander dance smackdown.

Who won, by the way? I'm the last person who should be judging dance moves so I'll let you tell me.

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