Politics: Obama's 20 day, 4 million dollar Hawaiian vacation

Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday November 29th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - If the rich would just pay their fair share, he could do this twice a year

Each year, the first family heads to the placid beaches of Hawaii for a Christmas dream vacation.  This year is no exception.  Since he won reelection, he'll be billing the taxpayers for a staggering $4 million worth of sandy beaches, tropical cocktails, and sun.

Obama's 20 day, 4 million dollar Hawaiian vacation

According to the Hawaii Reporter, the Obamas will descend upon Oahu December 17.  They'll spend 20 days cavorting among the multimillion dollar homes at Kailuana Place before returing to that dump at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 6th.

Obama's 20 day, 4 million dollar Hawaiian vacation

The Reporter estimates that, when you factor in the cost of staff, Special Forces, equipment, and local police, the vacation will cost over $4 million. The President pays for his own rental, but everything else - including waterfront housing for the security team - will be picked up by taxpayers.  The trip will also rankle the locals, since toney Kailuana Place is built on narrow, single lane roads which will be choked by the Secret Service and an entourage of 22 vehicles.  

 Obama's 20 day, 4 million dollar Hawaiian vacation

In addition, security concerns wreak havoc with local air travel and restrictions are placed upon boaters in the vicinity of the President's private playground.

Obama's 20 day, 4 million dollar Hawaiian vacation

The biggest expenditure will be round trip airfare aboard Air Force One.  Considering that the plane costs nearly $182,000.00 per hour to fly, and the flight to Hawaii will last around 9 hours, that's almost 3.3 Million dollars in airfare alone.  

Yes, Hawaii can be expensive, but we're willing to bet that's probably a bit more than most families spend on their entire vacations. 

For a complete breakdown of expenditures, check out the Hawaii Reporter's piece.  The photos above are of a home in the neighborhood where the Obamas will be staying, but we have no way of knowing if that's actually the place they've rented. For obvious reasons, that information has not been released.

To the victor go the Mai Tais!