Lifestyle: iPARENT: Not So Random Thursday Thoughts of a Single Mom

Published by: on Thursday August 2nd, 2012

Wake up! Five more minutes. Baby morning cry sounds more like a threat now. I’m up. Diaper in hand. Yesterday’s diaper. Discard diaper. Milk. Not coffee creamer. Child Welfare might not understand Amaretto Bliss in sippee cup. Socks? Three. Feet? Four. Brush teeth. At least theirs’. Where’s my keys? Where’s my shoes? One sneaker. Flip flops it is. Discard thought. Find keys. “Thank you God for waking us up this morning.” Buckle seatbelt. Unbuckle seatbelt. Buckle their car seats. Wrong kid. Wrong seat. Grab Pop tart. Divide in thirds. Where are my freakin’ keys? In the ignition. Cool. Thought ahead last night. Discard fear.

Gas light is on. Consider it pretty. Cash is low. ATM is within walking distance if necessary. Homework in book bags? Passed ATM. Gas light flashing. Consider it prettier. Babies at day care, “Learn a lot today. Mommy loves you.”   

Calculate distance. Is work closer than ATM? It’s a tossup. Look at clock. Work it is. Clock in. Computer on. Feet crammed under desk to hide flip flops. Open purse. Sippee cup. My one year old has my bottled Frappuccino. That should make for an interesting parent/teacher/toddler conference this afternoon. I need coffee. A coworker reads my face. “Two cups?” I nod. “Cream?” I hold up my sippee cup.

A memo pops up on my computer. Picture day at day care. Excellent. What were they wearing? Did Kalyb’s socks match? He’s four. Doesn’t matter. Discard thought. Type. Invoice. Print. Answer phone. Which greeting? Which job am I at? “Hello?”

Morning break. Brush my teeth. Put toothbrush back in purse. That’s gross. Remember to get a new toothbrush. Discard thought. Remember to remember later. Flip flop past boss. My eyes beg forgiveness. More coffee. Out of coffee cups. Fresh roasted now in sippee cup.

Type. Add taxes. Seven percent? Yes, seven. I’m hungry. Eat later. Focus. Type. Invoice. Print. Did I pay the car insurance? What’s the date? Two days late. Internet Explorer. Login. Submit payment. Bank balance? Discard thought. Looking at it would only depress me. Remember to look at it later, maybe. Type. Invoice. Print. Have to pee. Too much coffee. Pee later.

Finish invoices. I smell sour milk. Did I shower last night? Doesn’t matter. Discard thought.