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Donald Trump delivers the specifics we've been demanding in a massive trade policy speech

You wanted plans, you got plans. I've been arguing that Trump needed to abandon his "light on specifics" approach to the 2016 election for a while now.  Whether you love him or hate him, his constant attacks were wearing thin precisely because he wasn't offering concrete positions to serve as a foundation ... continue reading

CNN panel: Hillary's not offering a reason to vote FOR her, just a rehash of the 2012 attack campaign

The rerun candidate.  There's no reason to vote for Hillary Clinton. She's offered no concrete plan to move the nation forward beyond the extraordinarily feeble idea that she'll continue to do the same things that already aren't working. Back in '08, Dems were shrieking about how McCain would represent a ... continue reading

Sorry, Hillary. New poll shows voters view the NRA more favorably than you.

But....but...but....guns are bad! The NRA is pure evil. It's a monstrously disgusting, vile, xenophobic organization that hates - let's go through the list - gays, Jews, blacks, Muslims, "the children," women, Mexicans, Rastafarians, transgenders, 7th Day Adventists, Democrats, dogs, Mormons, old folks, Nordic ... continue reading

New DNC platform demands repeal of Hyde Amendment, allowing taxpayer funded abortions

Death Cult wants more death Democrats love death. Be it via euthanasia or abortion, they're always fighting for more of it. Far from seeing them as grotesque horrors, Dems believe the murder of millions of unborn infants - and the sale of the chopped up remains - are things to be championed and lauded. But gosh, ... continue reading

Geriatric socialists relive their 60's radical glory days via well-catered anti-civil rights sit in

It's all about wedge-issues and fundraising. Before we start talking about the left-wing hissy fit unfolding in the House of Representatives, you need to keep something in mind. This is an election year. Democrats need four things:   They need to further their 100 year old agenda of banning guns. They need ... continue reading

Illegal immigrant makes Donald Trump's point by attempting to assassinate Donald Trump

Smooth move, Braniac. You're supposed to believe that every impulse to crack down on illegal immigration is rooted in nothing more than abject racism.  Never mind the fact that illegals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities.  If you want to enforce America's border security laws, you're a ... continue reading

Loretta Lynch: we'll release them, but we'll delete pledges to ISIS from the Orlando shooters 911 calls

Wouldn't want to upset anyone.  According to virtually every statist drone in the Democrat party, the slaughter in Orlando is about the need for gun control. It's not about the killer's religion, his pledge of allegiance to ISIS, or a failed federal government that chose political correctness over ... continue reading

Leaked document reveals: Yes, the DNC really was in the tank for Hillary the whole time

Not that there was any doubt. Bernie fans, the Democrat elite is laughing at you.  Oh sure, they talk a good game about how the Sanders campaign was "good for the party" or "a sign of strength and diverse ideas," but deep down you know the truth. You socialist mooks are, at best, a sideshow act - and you ... continue reading

While showing how easy it is to buy an AR-15, CBS News may have violated federal gun control laws

More gun control, since we're ignoring the gun control we already have. Guns are bad. Knowing that they exist is really frightening, and the fact that they can be purchased is an affront to human decency. That's the word from the now-rabid gun control crowd, led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  They're ... continue reading

Germany bravely declares: No more polygamy, forced child brides, for Islamic refugees

Boldly declaring child-rape unacceptable.  In the last week or so, I've spent a lot of time carping about the Obama administration’s desperate desire to coddle the worst aspects and practitioners of Islam. If you're sick of my complaints (or of Obama's equivocations) well, tough.  That's probably ... continue reading

CIA Director John Brennan: ISIS hasn't been diminished - now bigger than Al Qaeda at its peak

JV Team 'infiltrating refugee flows'  If you believe the administration boilerplate, you would think Obama's "J.V. Team" has been all but decimated. At various times the President has claimed that ISIS has been operationally, financially, and territorially diminished, and he regularly paints a picture of a ... continue reading

Senate Dems launch filibuster to push for gun control - will go late into the night

Opportunism, not concern. The Democrats' ghoulish lust for gun control has hit a fever pitch in the wake of the Orlando terror attack.  Instead of talking about the shooters motive and the FBI's abject failure, they choose to focus all of their attention - and extremely limited firearm knowledge - on the ... continue reading

Terrorist Bill Ayers demands more gun control to stop terrorists like Bill Ayers

No mention of Bomb Control  Bill Ayers, the Chicago-based terrorist with an unfortunate connection to Barack Obama's past, is angry.  He simply can't believe that we continue to endure terror attacks like the massacre in Orlando. He thinks that people who would kill or maim innocents - people like Bill ... continue reading

Assange: More indictment-worthy Hillary emails coming. Pentagon predicted Libya outcome - she 'overrode' them

But Loretta Lynch will probably protect her....  One of the interesting things about Julian Assange is that, love him or hate him; he's a guy who never seems to bluff.  If he says something is coming, it usually does. The world may pounce on it, or choose to ignore it, but he almost always follows ... continue reading

FBI dropped 2013 investigation into Orlando shooter after deciding his co-workers were anti-Muslim bigots

'marginalized because of his Muslim faith' Brace yourself, because your blood's about to boil. According to Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, the FBI performed a thorough 10-month investigation of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen.  As Herridge reports, "He told his co-workers that he had family connections ... continue reading

Hillary suddenly decides the phrase 'radical Islamism' is 'helpful'

Demands new assault weapons ban  You may recall that, in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, Hillary Clinton famously said that using terms like “radical Islam” was “not particularly helpful.”  Despite radical Islamists killing 130 people at the Bataclan, Hillary ... continue reading