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Far-left Democrat Martin O'Malley prepares to challenge Hillary with late-May campaign launch

Has no chance ...for now. Lefties hoping that someone - anyone - other than Hillary will steal her "inevitable" nomination have a faint glimmer of hope today. It looks like former Baltimore Mayor and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is about to throw his far-left hat in the ring. He's a big social ... continue reading

'Clinton Cash' author targeting Jeb Bush next - Good for him.

Transparency and vetting. Good things. Earlier today, Dan wrote about the Clintons' latest problems stemming from their finances and, specifically, from donations to the Clinton Foundation. Obviously, it's been a huge story for a couple of weeks now and it threatens to completely derail Hillary's ... continue reading

Watch ALL the members of MSNBC's 'tax-cheat brigade' lecture you about taxes & 'civic duty'

Spectacular hypocrisy.  The Washington Free Beacon has become famous for its "supercut" videos featuring montages of the liberal intelligentsia embarrassing itself. We've featured plenty of them - specifically those featuring Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Sharpton - here on the site.   Now, they're ... continue reading

Washington Post: With Reid out of power, Congress is actually doing things again.

Go Figure.  For the last six years, we've heard a constant, familiar, story. Republicans are evil obstructionists who want to grind the gears of government to a standstill. They were more interested in waging a battle of "political one-upsmanship" against President Obama than in "doing the people’s ... continue reading

MSNBC asks: 'Hey White House, do you agree with Hillary that the economy has stalled out?'

Yes, but we wouldn't say it that way.  Stop the presses. It's finally happened. Hillary Clinton has - for the first time since she reportedly called Obama "incompetent and feckless" - managed to be right about something. I know. You're shocked, confused, and maybe a little frightened.  ...But it's ... continue reading

Hillary dodges influence-peddling questions - can't understand why you're talking about it

Even MSNBC recognizes how pathetic it is. Hillary Clinton is right about one thing. Everyone is talking about her. We've been told, for about 15 years, that she would someday be President. In 2008, she was the "inevitable" choice who would defeat the always-unelectable John McCain.  Then, she was trounced by ... continue reading

DNC uses 'wacky' Benghazi joke to announce job openings

Sick people. Let's say you're Eric Reif - senior digital campaigner at the Democratic National Committee.  And, let's say that you have some job openings for people who'd like to help the Democrats spread their glorious message. Obviously, you want to make sure that people know you're hiring. ... continue reading

Iran: Deal or no deal, we're not going to let you American 'apple polishers' inspect anything.

Some "deal."  The nuclear "deal" with  Iran is in everyone's best interest. All they want is access to the kind of cheap, efficient, nuclear power that the left is denying the United States. Once they have it, they'll be happy.  They'll even let foreign inspectors come in and make sure that they're ... continue reading

Because no one demanded it: Lindsey Graham 91% sure he'll run for President

We're 100% sure he'll lose. The days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier. You can smell the rain in the air. The birds are building their nests. Spring has sprung, and that can only mean one thing: Presidential candidates are popping up like tulips. We've already got Clinton, Cruz, Paul, and Rubio while Bush, ... continue reading

Lien Forward: Pro-tax MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry, facing $70,000.00 IRS lien

Welcome to the Sharpton gang! You'll know Melissa Harris-Perry as the MSNBC host famous for wearing tampons as earrings and telling you that your children are basically the property of the state. She's also the woman who thinks American tourism will ruin Cuba, believes the term "ObamaCare" is racist, and found it ... continue reading

One day later... Cuba-sponsored terrorists kill ten in Colombia

But Cigars! Cheap rum! Resorts! On Tuesday, we learned that President Obama was removing Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. As we told you yesterday, Obama has personally "certified" that Cuba has not supported terrorism for a whopping six months, so - in his mind - they're ready to be given ... continue reading

Bernie Sanders: No one has any idea why Hillary is running for President

Of course we do, Bernie! The far-left Baron of Vermont's bi-polar political scene, Senator Bernie Sanders (I), is in a quandary.  He simply can't figure out why Hillary wants to be President. This may be because his grasp on reality is tenuous, or it may be because Mrs. Clinton has done such an absolutely ... continue reading

Obama: Cuba hasn't supported terrorism in, like, six months. So they're off the list.

Plus, they totally promise not to support it in the future. There's an old saying that goes: "If you can't trust the Castros, who can you trust?" Isn't that a saying? OK, maybe it's not a saying. But apparently Barack Obama thinks it should be. It's hard to conclude otherwise, given his airtight reasons ... continue reading

After Rand's challenge, Wasserman Schultz says abortion is a minor issue that won't sway voters

Backpedal.  For the last two decades, the Democrats have had one, constant, unwavering mantra. When it came to killing unborn babies, Republicans were on the wrong side of history. Republicans, they said, were a gang of radicals trying to undermine women's unassailable right to "reproductive health care." ... continue reading

MSNBC's Mark Halperin: Hillary proving how 'fun' and 'new' she is eating a burrito!

Desperation. According to the left, Bill Clinton's Wife is 100% qualified to be President. Heck, she's probably overqualified. Despite the fact that her decades long career has rendered her incapable of naming a single concrete achievement, Hillary's allies claim that she is eminently capable. ...But they also ... continue reading

Media stupidity: Rand Paul is a big sexist meanie who might pick on poor, defenseless, Hillary

Ridiculous narrative building. If you haven't heard, Rand Paul is a thin skinned hothead who gets angry whenever a member of the press asks him a question. At least, that's the narrative that Democrats in the media have been trying to build over the course of the last few days. Never mind the fact that Hillary ... continue reading