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Ted Cruz: Romney, Christie, and Bush are going to run - and they'll lose in the general

Here we go again. Way back before 2012, I argued that if Mitt Romney was the nominee, he'd lose.  He simply had no chance because the base wouldn't support him.  Then, as the election drew closer, I'll admit it.  I got caught up in things.  I started to think that he might actually pull it ... continue reading

Obama: You're not allowed an opinion on immigration unless you're Native American.

So shut up unless you agree.... According to virtually every poll, Barack Obama's unilateral amnesty is as unpopular as it is illegal. Even Hispanics, who were supposed to be cheering, are less than thrilled. So, when you've done something that almost everyone thinks is a terrible idea, what does a good ... continue reading

Chuck Schumer admits ObamaCare was a mistake - fails miserably to learn from it

Fail. Back in 2008, Democrats rode into office on a wave of deeply misplaced optimism in Barack Obama. They held the House, the Senate, and the White House.  They could have done anything they wanted.  More importantly, they could have done anything the American people wanted.  So, of course, ... continue reading

Obama breaks the irony meter as he urges calm in Ferguson: 'we are a nation built on the rule of law'

...Ummmmmm we are? Since when?  If you watched President Obama's statement on the Ferguson decision last night, you were treated to a parade of irony. It began with an appeal for peace and calm, paired with the laughable assertion that “First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of ... continue reading

Obama: No! The GOP can't use my Immigration executive order as precedent to eliminate capital gains taxes

"Why not? Because I said so, that's why not." President Obama's executive order on immigration hinges on one very flimsy idea.  Broad "prosecutorial discretion" allows the President to decide that, because he doesn't like a law that Congress has refused to change, he's simply not going to enforce it. That's ... continue reading

Chuck Hagel fired for President's failings. New York Times whitewashes.

OUT. When a President's party suffers catastrophic midterm losses, you can always count on one thing: That President will reflect on his tenure, and then take responsibility in a series of rational, measured admissions of failure. Ha! No, of course that's not what happens.  What really happens is that the ... continue reading

Dr. Ben Carson hosts conference call to 'clarify' his 2nd Amendment stance

Enough? Last year, Dr. Ben Carson did some substantial damage to his constitutional credentials by suggesting that the 2nd Amendment was somehow limited by a citizen's geographic location. Asked where he stood on gun ownership, he told Glenn Beck: “It depends on where you live. If you live in the ... continue reading

Al Sharpton: My Tax problems are because of racism! ...And Trayvon! ...And Ferguson!

Al Sharpton - victim of racism.  It will come as little surprise that Al Sharpton is the victim of racism. Given that his entire life's work involves race-baiting, ginned-up controversy, and portraying everyone as either the perpetrator or victim of some sort of race-based malevolence, it was ... continue reading

Union 'disgusted' over Keystone rejection - threatens Dems with a 2016 'reaction'

Unions vs. Dems? Get the popcorn! We've already talked about Al Sharpton's war against the racists who run the New York Times but that's not our only left vs. left fight today. The Democrats' decision to - once again - disallow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline has sparked another battle.  This one is ... continue reading

ABC News tries, and fails, to get the White House to explain how Obama's not an emperor

Emperor Barry the First.  If you've paid attention to Barack Obama's "evolving" stance on executive orders, you know that - when campaigning against George W. Bush - he thought they were pretty much the enemy of Democracy. Back then, EO's were the hallmark of an administration gone mad, and a President who ... continue reading

CNBC confirms: Obama to announce immigration executive order Friday in Las Vegas

Here we go....  According to CNBC, the network has confirmed that President Obama will announce his immigration intentions illegal executive orders granting amnesty on Friday. He'll detail his plan while in Las Vegas, a city he says you should not visit. Their sources indicate ... continue reading

The entire Jonathan Gruber ObamaCare scandal in one two minute video

It'd be hilarious....if it wasn't so despicable.  I'll admit it.  I chuckled a few times at this two-and-a-half-minute video compiling Jonathan Gruber's worst comments and the subsequent Democrat denials. It's hard not to, since the utter insanity that's on display here is absolutely epic. However, the ... continue reading

Having learned nothing, Democrats re-elect Nancy Pelosi to captain their Titanic

Full speed, straight ahead.  During the midterms, conservatives watched in horror as Nancy Pelosi led her party to a stunning victory in the House of Representatives. Pundits assumed it was impossible, but she applied her grace, intellect, and sharp strategic skills. By the end of the night the Democrats had ... continue reading

VIDEO: Asked to explain himself, Gruber runs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz's mascara on election night.

They always scurry when the lights come on.  ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber has now appeared in countless embarrassing, incriminating, gleefully sleazy videos. Each time a new bit of tape appears; he reveals a little bit more of the truth behind ObamaCare and makes things worse - not only for himself, ... continue reading

Obama runs from Gruber, calls him 'Some Adviser Who Never Worked on Our Staff'

VIDEO: Gruber says he personally helped Obama how to sneak the law through. For a week, now, any media source with a shred of integrity has been discussing the Jonathan Gruber story. The fact that someone so closely tied to the law has admitted to the truth behind its passage is huge news. There's just no way ... continue reading

How much did you pay Jonathan Gruber to lie to you? Millions. The money is piling up.

Is Gruber the Six Million Dollar Man?  If you've been paying attention to the story about the myriad Jonathan Gruber videos, you've probably heard the sum of $400,000.00 bandied about.  That's how much the Department of Health and Human Services paid him to trick the CBO, lie to the American people, and ... continue reading