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Amazing video shows instant karma delivered to terrorist fighters who fire on U.S. chopper

Death from above.  Apparently, this video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2013, but it's been making the social media rounds today. If someone tells you it's a strike against ISIS, don't buy it.  Given its age, it's probably not an attack on what was then the J.V. team. It appears to come from Iraq, ... continue reading

Hillary releases 3-page memo designed to reassure Dems - gets torched by MSNBC

Ouch.  Yesterday, a half hour before her defeat in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton's campaign released a three-page memo. It was designed to reassure the Hillary-faithful that, despite her impending loss, she was still a viable candidate. It had the opposite effect on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell: “Hillary ... continue reading

Hell increasing staff to handle massive influx of female voters damned by Madeline Albright

'Special places' being brought online  Ladies, you were warned. Last week, Madeline Albright told you that there was a "special place in hell" for women who don't support Hillary. She did her best to make sure you knew about the horrific spiritual dangers that stem from voting for Bernie Sanders, and we ... continue reading

Former Mexican President says 'no way' they'll pay for a 'stupid wall.' Trump replies as only Trump can

Nice. Donald Trump's promise to build a massive, $8 Billion wall along the southern border of the United States - and force Mexico to pay for it - has been a staple of his stump speeches since before he even announced his candidacy.  It's drawn both applause and ridicule, as well as the standard left-wing ... continue reading

Ben Carson won't attend his own NH primary party

Tea leaves....  Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the flap between Ben Carson & Ted Cruz. Cruz's campaign latched onto reports that suggested Carson was suspending his campaign and - depending on how you feel about Cruz - either used them appropriately or unfairly blew them out ... continue reading

Illegals account for 40% of 2015 driver's licenses issued in California

Driver’s license Si, Legal no!  Last January, the left-wing mecca known as California implemented Assembly Bill 60, which allowed illegal aliens to apply for driver's licenses in the state. Conservatives argued that it would further legitimize an army of people who were already gaming the ... continue reading

On eve of the NH primary, Trump and Sanders are way out in front - both 16 points ahead

What to look for tomorrow... One day before the nation's first primary, the polls indicate that there are two runaway candidates. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are enjoying massive 16 point leads over their respective fields.  Here are the breakdowns: According to the University of Massachusetts ... continue reading

Dem donors think Bernie's unelectable - 'Draft Biden' movement holding out hope for a savior

Joe to the rescue? It's worth remembering that a presidential candidate isn't just running for the highest office in the land. They're also running to be the de facto leader of his or her party. So, if you're lifelong Democrat donor, 2016 probably scares the heck out you. On one hand you've got a closet socialist ... continue reading

Jeb! SuperPAC lobs Hail Mary by releasing new ad featuring W

Desperation.  Whether you think George W. Bush was the greatest President in U.S. history, the worst President in U.S. history, or was somewhere in between, you can't deny one thing: At the end of his two terms as Commander in Chief, he was toxic. So, what does it say about Jeb Bush's campaign that his ... continue reading

NBC's Andrea Mitchell says tonight's Dem debate a chance for Hillary to re-introduce herself

Grasping at straws. Earlier this year, I argued that Hillary had no pro-active way to improve her numbers. Voters have had thirty years to familiarize themselves with everything she has to offer. There's nothing up her sleeve anymore: no surprises, no new policies, and no positive way to improve her image. ... continue reading

Hillary: I don't regret taking $675K from Goldman Sachs because I won't 'pay any price for it'

She knows her voters. Last night's Democratic town hall was so rife with lies, hypocrisy, and boneheaded ideas, that it's hard to pick just one thing to write about. Still, if I had to make the call, I'd say the best moment came when Anderson Cooper asked Hillary about the exhorbitantly priced speeches she gave ... continue reading

Santorum to 'reassess' presidential campaign - as any sub-Carson candidate should

All sub-Carson candidates, the exit is waiting for you... UPDATE: This piece originally ran with a photo that failed to place an 'X' over John Kasich's face. We apologize for any trauma this may have caused. UPDATE AGAIN: That was quick. Santorum out.   Another GOP departure: CNN has learned @RickSantorum ... continue reading

Sanders campaign: actual Iowa result may never be known

Coin flips. Whether it was due to miraculous coin flips, Clinton fraud, or plain old voting, Monday night's Iowa caucus was about as close a contest as you're likely to see.  If you're among those who suspect that there were some shenanigans going on, congratulations. You've got something in common with a ... continue reading

Bernie supporters claim Hillary's Iowa win is due to voter fraud

'Unlikely but not impossible' is what keeps Clintons out of jail UPDATE: OK, as a commenter points out below, the numbers on the first one actually do make sense.  I should have been more careful about that and apologize. That said, Bernie fans are still crying foul, claiming that the WAY at which they ... continue reading

Trump renews pledge to build yuuuuge White House ballroom - and pay for it himself?

'The top everything'  Never let it be said that would-be President Donald Trump isn't focused on the "big problems." He's heard the wishes of the American people, and he's aware of our priorities. He wants Mexico to build a wall, he wants to decimate ISIS, and he wants to build a glorious ballroom at the ... continue reading

MSNBC: All our sources say the Clinton email investigation is 'far more advanced' than you know

Uh-oh. Maybe it's because they're all "feeling the Bern," but it looks like MSNBC's cadre of talking heads is finally willing to admit that the Hillary email scandal is a serious, legitimate issue.  Check out this clip from Morning Joe, where host Joe Scarborough asks left-wing standard bearer Mark Halperin ... continue reading