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Harry Reid's OK with his tactics being called McCarthyite, because 'Romney didn't win, did he?'

Who cares about my lies, as long as I beat Romney?  If you want to claim, completely without evidence, that Harry Reid was severely beaten by a Vegas gangster named Vinnie "the exercise machine" Stompanato, you are now free to do so.  No, there's no evidence that such a thing happened, but those eye ... continue reading

Hillary Clinton's own emails destroy her 'one device for convenience' argument

Multiple devices, multiple accounts, multiple lies. Hillary Clinton has a tendency to lie. Sure, that's not news or anything but it's always worth remembering. It's been the case during virtually every phase of her political career and it continues to this day. So what's new? Well, in the past it took some ... continue reading

Careful: Hillary's people are watching to make sure you avoid the secret 'sexist code words'

Ooooooooh scary. Hillary Clinton is, presumably, still going to run for President. No one's entirely sure why, but Democrats seem to think it's her turn to be President and they're doing their best to make it happen. Unfortunately, they've got their work cut out for them.  Hillary's long political career is ... continue reading

BREAKING: Harry Reid will not seek re-election

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Elderly sheister Harry Reid has decided that it's time to call it a day.  That's right. Everyone's favorite former Senate majority leader is announcing that he will NOT seek re-election in 2016. From the New York Times: Mr. Reid, 75, who suffered serious eye ... continue reading

Hey, let's watch Dem Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton park her car. ...Because it's hilarious.

License revoked. You might know Eleanor Holmes Norton as Washington D.C.'s non-voting congressional delegate. Or, you might know her as the first Democrat to openly abandon the notion of federal "transparency." After all, she claimed that no one has "the right to know" what the Executive Branch is doing because ... continue reading

Democrats announce entire immediate legislative agenda: Damage 2016 GOP candidates

Putting politics above the people's business The Democrats have a line they love to use. "The Republicans place political one-upsmanship above doing the work of the people." They've said this, in a variety of permutations, thousands of times over the last 6 years.  It's become sort of a catchphrase for them ... continue reading

Marxism 101: Shopping for household staples in Venezuela

The People's Utopia When Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez first came to power, he liked to claim that he wasn't a Marxist. He preferred to refer to his takeover as a "Bolivarian revolution." However, over the course of his reign, his tune changed and his real intention quickly became clear. Almost immediately, he ... continue reading

The 'Draft Joe Biden' super PAC is a thing that actually exists

Run Joe Run! They're "Ready for Hillary." They're also "Ready for Warren." Some of them are "ready for O'Malley."  But is anyone ready for poor, old, lonely, Vice President Joe Biden?  Apparently, somebody is.  We know this not because we hear people chanting "Run Joe Run" in the streets, but ... continue reading

Obama: 'This Iran nuke deal is great!' Khamenei: 'Death to America!'

'Is this thing on?' *AHEM* 'Death to America.'  On Friday, President Obama released his Nowruz video address.  In it, he outlined his hopes that Iran and the U.S. could come to a peaceful nuclear deal. Under the terms of the plan, Iran gets sanction relief and nukes, we get a handful of promises and ... continue reading

Ted Cruz candidacy reveals Democrats' deep-seated racism ...or, Alinsky Rules 4, 6, and 5

Ugly underbelly of the Democrat party. Clearly, not all Democrats are racists. Certainly there are those who disagree with Ted Cruz based on his policies. Some may even have come to the conclusion that the Dems' field of elderly white candidates are simply better suited to the job. ... continue reading

U.S. Forest Service employees ordered to examine their 'unconcious' racism

You big fat racist, you! We've told you this before, but you're a big fat racist. No, you don't harbor any overtly racist ideas, and no, you're not willfully discriminating against people, but trust us. You're a racist. Whether you know it or not, you just have to sit there, shut up, and admit it. You're a ... continue reading

Recently translated Iranian military textbook suggests nuclear EMP attack on United States power grid

Peaceful purposes. If you only get your news from watching Obama speeches, you know Iran as the peace loving nation that doesn't want anything to do with nuclear weapons because using them would be "against their religion." With that in mind, you're not worried about Obama's plan to place them directly on the ... continue reading

MSNBC: Even Hillary's most loyal supporters have 'intense concerns' about the email scandal

'Inevitable' candidate dealing with 'inevitable' scandal. When scandal engulfs a Democrat, the mainstream press doesn't like to spend too much time on it. If they report it at all, it tends to be presented as below-the-fold stuff that vanishes when reporters lose interest or decide to spare the subject. ... continue reading

The EPA is worried you're spending too much time in the shower - wants to monitor you in hotels

Uncle Sam is a total creeper. As Americans, you're a bunch of selfish monsters.  Liberals are fed up with you.  You take, and take, and take. Just because you live in a wealthy, successful, nation - the most powerful country on Earth - you think you're allowed to shower for as long as you want. ... continue reading

Penn State professor goes berserk on an airplane - launches into anti-US rant because she's a 'revolutionary'

Higher education.  The educators who populate the halls of modern academia are wondrous people - eager to share their insight, experience, and a nuanced understanding of the world around us. At least, that's what it says in the campus brochure. In reality, some of them - probably most of them - are ... continue reading

Hillary: When we said 'we didn't read the 30K emails we deleted,' what we meant was 'we totally did.'

Sure they did. Last week, Hillary Clinton's people released a brief describing the method by which they deleted 32,000 emails from her private server. According to the document, the emails were subjected to a keyword search which checked them for a variety of terms releated to her business as Secretary of State. ... continue reading