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Hillary criticizes Obama's overly 'harsh' and 'aggressive' immigration policy

Promises amnesty in first 100 days? Earlier today, I discussed the possibility that Hillary Clinton had lost her already tenuous grip on reality. It was, I suggested, possible that she has lost sight of the line between the truth and the elaborate realities she and Bill cook up in "the war room."  Maybe, I ... continue reading

Asked about email, Hillary claims she's the 'most transparent' person in U.S. history

M.C. Escher-esque  At this point, it's safe to say that no one believes anything Hillary Clinton is saying. Conservatives have long seen through her steady stream of half-truths, obfuscation, and outright lies, and now her own party overwhelmingly views her as untrustworthy as well. About the only person who ... continue reading

Totally inspired by the Pope, House Dems want to extend ObamaCare coverage to illegals

Conservative predictions come true. In a move that virtually every conservative on Earth saw coming a mile away, House Democrats have introduced a bill that would extend ObamaCare coverage to America's illegal alien population.  Sponsored by radical Dem Representatives Luis Gutierrez  and Judy ... continue reading

CNN: Rand Paul's presidential campaign is 'officially on death watch'

...And they're probably right We're going to ignore the unseemly, obviously biased, glee with which they deliver this news. We're also going to gloss over the fact that, if the phrase 'death watch' had been applied to Hillary, liberals would spin it into wishful thinking on the part of evil conservatives who want ... continue reading

Clinton and Fiorina agree on Syrian strategy ...and they're both wrong

WWIII over CIA backed rebels? No thanks. We needed a President and Secretary of State who could stymie Russia on the diplomatic front.   We needed a President who was up to the task of managing the world stage. We needed a Commander in Chief who would be either feared or respected by our allies and enemies ... continue reading

Good news, Ben Carson fans, your candidate is a fundraising juggernaut

Money bomb. If you're a supporter of Dr. Ben Carson's presidential bid, you had some good news this week.  After a summer when it sometimes looked like his campaign was spending money faster than it could generate donations, the good doctor's fortunes have turned around. Not only did Carson have a stellar ... continue reading

Hey progressives, why aren't you demanding a 'national discussion' on anti-Christian bigotry?

Because it doesn't fit the narrative If yesterday's victims had been singled out because they were black, every left-wing talking head on the planet would be using the Umpqua Community College shootings as evidence of America's deep-seated racism. If yesterday's victims had been singled out because they were ... continue reading

Don't freak out - Trey Gowdy says he intends to run for re-election

Sorry, Dems. During the last 36 hours, if you spent any amount of time on Twitter, Facebook, or any one of a dozen left-leaning websites, you probably saw the news.  "Trey Gowdy is thinking of retiring in 2016." The story was everywhere. In case you missed it, GOP Rep. John Fleming (LA) ... continue reading

Snowden or Scissorhands? Headline News anchor doesn't seem to know the difference...

Vincent Price created Snowden in a lab.  When you're looking for someone who can intelligently discuss the world of international espionage and Edward Snowden, there's at least a small chance that choosing someone with the Twitter handle "@fart" is a mistake. No, scratch that, there's a 100% chance that it's ... continue reading

Polls! Dr. Ben Carson tied with Trump in GOP race. Carly & Rubio gain. Jeb in freefall.

Sanders closing in on Hillary  About a month ago, we learned that Donald Trump and Ben Carson were in a virtual dead heat in Iowa. People naturally wondered if the polling would be borne out nationwide, or if it was a local anomaly. A couple of weeks later we started to receive word that Trump's lead was ... continue reading

Massachusetts woman charged with almost $4 million in food stamp fraud

It's only 'millions.' No biggie, right? Progressives will tell you that food stamp fraud is basically a problem that doesn't exist. At best they'll admit that, perhaps, there are a few instances where a store sells something to a customer that shouldn't be covered by the SNAP program - but they'll claim those ... continue reading

Obama gets tough, tells Iran 'chanting death to America doesn't create jobs'

It's all about jobs, dontcha know. I have three things to say about the following clip: A: If you're a President presiding over the lowest labor participation rate since the mid-70's, maybe you should stop lecturing other countries about job creation.  Iran has been pouring money into the explosives market, ... continue reading

MSNBC: Hillary won't 'reassure' Dems email scandal is over - because more is coming.

Crisis Managed is not Crisis Ended If you tuned in Sunday morning to see the "inevitable" candidate's Meet The Press interview with Chuck Todd, you likely noticed the moment of "the big fail."  Yes, the whole segment was another in a long line of Hillary Clinton's poor performances, but one question really ... continue reading

Trump: let's raise taxes on the rich so the government can pay for everyone's healthcare!

Straight shooter tells it like it is.  Over the last few months, Trump supporters have assured us that concerns over the legitimacy of Donald Trump's conservatism were unfounded. Trump, they claim, is a straight shooter who tells it like it is. If he says it, it's as true as if God himself chiseled it into ... continue reading

Breaking: John Boehner to leave Congress at the end of October

Bombshell According to multiple news outlets, John Boehner will resign his speakership AND leave Congress at the end of October. Here's the report, via the New York Times: Speaker John A. Boehner, under intense pressure from conservatives in his party, will resign one of the most powerful positions in ... continue reading

Rubio hits back: Trump is insecure, touchy, and ill-informed on the issues

Rubio's a sweaty, financially unsuccessful, "lightweight"  After turning in an impressive debate performance, Marco Rubio's polls numbers began to rise. That, apparently, caught the eye of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, because he started lashing out at the Florida Senator. On Wednesday, the Donald claimed ... continue reading