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Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel announces 1600 'military advisers' being sent to non-war in Iraq

Kerry thinks the "war question" is a big waste of time. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has announced that 1,600 troops "military advisers" are being deployed to Iraq, where they will "increase support" for those fighting ISIS. They're not there to fight, mind you. “Instead," Hagel said. "These ... continue reading

Dem Senator Tom Harkin praises: Hillary's 'Fingerprints Are All Over' Obamacare

Damned with faint praise.  If you're a long time Democrat stalwart, and you suspect that you may be called upon to sing the praises of your party's presumptive inevitable 2016 presidential nominee, you should pay close attention. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin (D) has a lesson to teach you.  In fact, this ... continue reading

New polls: GOP up on generic ballot, Scott Brown pulls to a dead heat in New Hampshire

Movement? If there's one truism in politics that actually holds water, it's that you don't want to peak too soon.  You can be up by 20 points, but if it happens in June, it's essentially meaningless.  Unfortunately this means that, in an election year, June through August are interminable for policy ... continue reading

Pelosi: 'Civilization as we know it' is in Jeopardy if GOP takes the Senate

Head for the shelters! Nancy Pelosi has a dire warning for the United States and, since she's not crazy at all, I want you all to listen very closely. On Friday night, she appeared on Bill Maher's HBO show where she hoped to deliver a slice of truth to the comedian's viewers. If the Republicans take the Senate ... continue reading

Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton agree: Dick Cheney conquered the holy land, created ISIS and Al Qaeda

In case you missed last night's installment of The Chris and Al Comedy Hour.  Last night's post-ISIS speech "analysis" was a smorgasbord of crazy. Virtually every news network had something nutty happening. While CNN was content to let their talking heads simply fight it out, MSNBC took a different ... continue reading

It's a lot of fun to watch McCain destroy Jay Carney on CNN, but...

...He's not really much better.  Last night, after President Obama announced his totally new "strategy" of doing pretty much what he's already doing - namely striking ISIS via limited airstrikes - newly minted CNN analyst Jay Carney appeared with John McCain to discuss the speech.  Carney started ... continue reading

Chuck Todd on new polling: Obama on the precipice of doing 'Carter-like' damage to Democrat brand

Why not? He's already done it to the country.  We all know Obama's policies have been an inarguable disaster. Recent polling shows that his approval rating has tanked on virtually every issue, and the number of people who support his decisions currently sits at an all-time low.  So far, though, you ... continue reading

Maybe if Ted Kennedy had been an NFL player, the left would have paid more attention

Ray Rice is a monster, but Ted's a hero? By now, virtually everyone has seen the appalling video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice savagely attacking his then-fiancée in an Atlantic City elevator. The punch, which knocked his soon-to-be wife unconscious, was fierce, terrifying, and utterly ... continue reading

New WaPo/ABC News poll: Majority thinks Obama is failing at just about everything

Ugly news for the President and his party... Here we go. As we get closer to November, we're going to see more and more polling and - at least so far - most of it is looking pretty ugly for Democrats. Today's numbers come to us from a new Washington Post / ABCNews poll.  For the most part, it's chock full of ... continue reading

If Obama didn't wave in group photos, how would you know it was all about him?

"I'm the important guy in the middle!" Here in the United States, we know that it's all about Obama. After all, Democrats tell us that all the time. Sure, there may be other countries and other dignitaries but, when push comes to shove, there only one world leader that's important. However, if you're not in ... continue reading

Shocker: IRS claims it 'lost' emails of 5 more agents related to Lerner investigation

Guess what happened to their hard drives... Late on Friday, when it was hoping no one would be paying attention, the IRS admitted that it had a few new problems on its hands.  ...Five new problems, to be precise. Basically, the agency claims it has "lost" the emails of five more agents and - will wonders ... continue reading

Reuters is shocked to learn that Iran is still stonewalling the IAEA with regards to its nuclear program

"Peaceful energy purposes" If Iran is to be believed, they're like the "Planet Alderaan" of global warfare.  They're a tiny, placid, out-of-the-way country with no ambitions regarding nuclear weapons or WMD's of any kind.  Heck. Iran only has a nuclear program because it wants clean, efficient, nuclear ... continue reading

Megyn Kelly makes liberal heads explode by running George W. Bush's eerily accurate Iraq predictions

Want to drive a prog nuts? Show them this... Last week, we talked about Sarah Palin's 2008 prediction that President Obama's weakness would enable Putin's invasion of Ukraine.  Obviously, she turned out to be 100% correct. Liberals went nuts and started screaming, as they are wont to do whenever Palin's name ... continue reading

Benghazi security team breaks silence - claim they WERE ordered to 'stand down'

Non-story back in news  Next week marks the 2 year anniversary of the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  According to the administration, this "non-story” is all over, there was no scandal, there were no lies about a Youtube video, and - most importantly -  there was never any sort ... continue reading

Debbie Wasserman Schultz tries to rekindle the 'War on Women' meme. Fails spectacularly.

Dems running away from her insipid 'violence against women' metaphor...  Yesterday, during a Milwaukee gathering to discuss women's issues, Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided to the time was right to attack Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Unfortunately for her, she did it in the worst possible way. As CNN ... continue reading

Huffington Post hires 9/11 truther, former NFL player, as some kind of national security expert

Zsa Zsa Huffington says 'welcome aboard!' I know there aren't many people left who honestly believe that The Huffington Post is interested in reporting anything that resembles actual "news." Their record of bias, inaccuracies, distortions, and retractions is long and well-documented.  However, I’m sure ... continue reading