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WikiLeaks' Assange: 'most interesting and serious' Hillary revelations still to come

  To be clear, I don't think Julian Assange is some kind of hero.  I don't believe he does what he does out of any sense of altruism, I don't think he particularly cares about "freedom" in the Western sense, and I don't think WikiLeaks exists to better mankind.  That said, I go back and forth with ... continue reading

Obama scolds Louisana rescuers for nonexistent discrimination. The response is epic.

Truth bomb incoming... Unless you've been living under the world's largest rock, you've seen news reports about the catastrophic situation in Louisiana. Thousands upon thousands have lost their homes, their belongings, and their livelihoods due to flooding.  Since many were trapped by the rising waters, the ... continue reading

Beautiful: Morning Joe to Clinton Foundation-defending Hillary spox: 'You're not really that pathetic are you?'

Yes, they really are. Wow.  We give Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski a tough time now and again, but every so often he really lands a knockout punch. This morning, after showing a clip of a Clinton spokesperson who suggested that no one would work to solve "the AIDS crisis" if the ... continue reading

Report: Obama purposely let Iranian Green uprising die to protect his personal goals and legacy

'Ordered the CIA to stand down.'  Back in 2009, just after the election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, you may recall the "Green Uprising." For a brief moment, it looked like the young people of Iran were finally doing what we've all hoped they would do. The regime wobbled, the streets ... continue reading

Paul Begala is shocked, SHOCKED, that the press holds the Clintons to such lofty ethical standards

It's just so, so, SO, unfair.  Technically, Paul Begala's job title is "Senior adviser for Priorities USA Action and Democratic strategist, Paul Begala."  In reality, it should read "lifelong Clinton suck-up and media shill, Paul Begala." He's been wandering from network to network, defending the ... continue reading

Axelrod: 'Flippant' Hillary not taking email issue seriously

Why would she?  A lot of the usual conservative outlets are posting the following clip and pointing to it as evidence of acknowledgement.  They argue that David Axelrod, a left-wing stalwart who slithered out of the Obama administration, is bascially admitting that Hillary's "email issues" are a genuine ... continue reading

Breadline aficionado Bernie Sanders in mourning as Venezuela bans breadlines

It's a sad day for socialists everywhere.  You may recall that the Bernie Sanders - the wealthy, multi-homed, socialist that he is - has a "thing" for breadlines.  As he famously said: “It’s funny; sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for ... continue reading

Man stabs, attempts to behead, 2 victims in Virginia. Guess what he shouted just beforehand...

'Motives murky' Over the weekend, a man in Roanoke County, VA, attacked a man and a woman in their home. According to police, there was no connection between the victims and the attacker, but eyewitnesses did reveal one interesting tidbit.  Before attempting to behead his intended male victim, the assailant ... continue reading

U.S. Southern Command: extremists crossing U.S. Mexico border 'with ease.' 30,000 from terrorist regions last year

Blind eye. "You don't need to worry about immigration. The only people who illegally cross the border are hardworking folks who want better lives for their families. They certainly aren't terrorists, so stop being a racist and demanding that we seal our southern border. Why do you hate the 'brown people' so much? ... continue reading

Despite Hillary's best efforts, Colin Powell doesn't feel like being her e-mail patsy

Hillary's people are 'trying to pin it on me.'  I'm always baffled when the left uses Colin Powell as a defense or a positive example.  This is the man who basically sold the Iraq war which was, as any delusional bleeding heart will tell you, a 'super-evil blood-for-oil monstrosity, predicated on a ... continue reading

Louisiana Governor & former Senator - both Democrats - praise Trump for 'shining spotlight' on flood victims

Mary Landrieu too... Last week, prior to Donald Trump's Louisiana visit, the anti-Trump media had fun mischaracterizing remarks made by LA. Governor John Bel Edwards.  If you watched any of the mainstreamers, you were under the impression that the Governor told Trump not to come. Like so much of what ... continue reading

BREAKING: Paul Manafort resigns from Trump campaign

Hmmmm.... Last week, we learned that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had been more or less demoted in the wake of a personnel shakeup.  Then we started to hear rumblings that he was involved in some very shady, and undisclosed, foreign lobbying. Now, we've learned that Trump has cut him loose. ... continue reading

It's about time: Trump makes first swing state ad buys - here's the initial spot

Will it work? Update: initial reports suggested Trump had already spent $60 million on ads.  That's not the case.  Today's buy total just $4 million, but more is to come.  The eventual total has not been announced.  The piece has been altered to reflect this. Here in Michigan, we don't see too ... continue reading

CNN forced to apologize for airing deceptively edited Milwaukee riot footage

Faking regret. You'll probably know CNN as that network you only watch when you're trapped in an airport, there's no wifi, your laptop's battery is dead, you don't want to spend money on outdated print media, and you need something to look at while you slurp up your third watered-down Bloody Mary. For you it's ... continue reading

Hillary says she doesn't want to hear excuses, because she's a 'no excuses' kind of person

Dear Trump campaign, here's a freebie. You're welcome. Sometimes, you come across a statement so utterly baffling, that you genuinely don't know what to say about it.  Today, such a nugget comes to us via Hillary Clinton.  She doesn't want to hear any excuses from people, because - as she claims - she's ... continue reading

Democrats reset the stage: Hey, Russians are probably altering the Hillary emails they're releasing!

Nothing to see here. Hillary's been lying about her emails for months. This much we know. At this point, it's impossible to argue that she's been honest or forthright.  Democrats will still try to make that claim, but they sound incredibly stupid doing so. When CNN is laughing at your denials, you know ... continue reading