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Robert Laurie

Robert Laurie

Articles by Robert Laurie:

New Lerner emails surface: Calls Republicans 'crazies' and 'a**holes'

Hates the 'hoi poloi' and their constant demands for equality... If you're going to destroy your emails in an obvious effort to keep Congress away from your incriminating conversations, you'd better be really, really, thorough. If you're not, things will just keep leaking out, in dribs and drabs. ... continue reading

The View co-hosts suddenly not so interested in gun control ...when they need to protect their homes

Apparently, guns are pretty good for self-defense.  Go figure.  Yesterday on ABC's The View, the panel was discussing a new ad produced by Michael Bloomberg's disastrous “Everytown for Gun Safety” group.  The organization purports to be interested in "safety," but really they push ... continue reading

Sandra Fluke is the single biggest donor to the Sandra Fluke California state Senate campaign

But can she afford birth control? Sandra Fluke is trying desperately to carve political career out of being the face of "millennials who want free stuff," so she's running for California's state Senate. It isn't going well. Despite being the most easily recognizable candidate, Fluke floundered in June's open ... continue reading

US Court of Appeals to Atheists: Take a hike. The 9/11 cross is staying

Chalk one up for religious freedom. Two days after the destruction of the World Trade Center a worker discovered two still-connected girders standing in the debris.  As you can see in the powerful image above, the religious symbolism was obvious. It quickly became known as the 9/11 cross and served as a ... continue reading

CNN Poll: A regretful nation really wishes it had elected Mitt Romney

...And is looking forward to Hillary? Ugh. If you voted for Obama in 2012 and you now regret your once-fervent opinion that Mitt Romney was "too 1%" for the White House, Congratulations. You're not alone.  According to a new CNN/ORC International poll, the United States is going through a collective bout of ... continue reading

Son of Hamas founder explains why Israel's 'peaceful coexistence' with Hamas is impossible

Hint: it's because Hamas has absolutely no interest in peaceful coexistence... UPDATE: Yes, we're aware that Yousef is not "squeaky clean." He's made statements that indicate - despite his spying - that he's no fan of Israel, and bemoans the Israeli "occupation." However, none of that detracts from his assessment ... continue reading

Israel's U.S. Ambassador appears on CNN - destroys CNN's biased reporting

This is what "fed up" looks like.  CNN's rampant, inarguable bias is nothing new. After all, the network was founded by Ted Turner and used to be not-so-lovingly referred to as "The Clinton News Network." Its roots are far left and, if there's one thing the far left can't stand, it's Israel. So it's little ... continue reading

Bombshell video: In 2012, ObamaCare architect Jonathin Gruber argued that there are no federal exchange subsidies

Death blow.  On Tuesday, a three judge panel from the Washington DC circuit court ruled that - as written - ObamaCare only allows subsidies for insurance policies purchased on state exchanges.  The law is perfectly clear about this, so it should be a no brainer.  It states that subsidies are ... continue reading

Obama says he doesn't really watch the news because he already knows the things they're reporting about

Wait, what!?  Time and time again we've heard the same official story: "We learned about it from watch the news reports, just like you."  It's become the go to response whenever a new Obama administration scandal breaks. In fact, it's become so ubiquitous that it's been roundly mocked in virtually every ... continue reading

Once again, Trey Gowdy destroys IRS chief John Koskinen in a brutal verbal beatdown

The only man who seems to scare Koskinen.... The last time IRS Commissioner John Koskinen faced Congressman Trey Gowdy, he found himself on the receiving end of an epic verbal assault that culminated in a crash course on criminal statutes concerning evidence. That was about a month ago. Yesterday the ... continue reading

Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes on TV and embarrasses herself - again

Facts? What facts? She don't need no stinking facts! Yesterday, Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz appeared on Ralston Reports - a regional Nevada talk show which discusses politics and news. As is so often the case, she presented herself as America's number one ObamaCare ... continue reading

Maryland passes new gun control, Beretta takes factory and 300 jobs elsewhere

Maryland enacts 'common sense job control.' Last year, when Maryland was considering tough new gun control legislation, it received a warning from firearms manufacturer Beretta. Ban our products, and we'll start making them elsewhere.  …Maybe a free state like Tennessee. Gun Control advocates scoffed, ... continue reading

Did Ben Carson just tip his hand about a 2016 presidential bid?

Will he? Won't he? Suspense!  Dr. Ben Carson remains one of the big question marks hovering over the 2016 field of Republican presidential candidates. Despite knowing very few of his actual policy beliefs (aside from some troubling gun control remarks that he has since recanted) conservatives are eager for ... continue reading

IRS soliciting for 'media destruction services' - needs help destroying 3200 more hard drives

Timing! For a moment, let's just say that the IRS is innocent of any wrong doing. They didn't target anyone and they didn't destroy any emails.  Sure, it's ridiculous, but go with it. Wouldn't you think that - as a completely innocent organization - you’d be doing everything in your power to appear as ... continue reading

Congratulations, EPA, you're a C-list celeb in the Kim Kardashian iPhone game!

Yes, really. Amateur hour continues. Last night I was scouring the bowels of Twitter, searching for political weirdness.  I was not disappointed.  It seems that whoever is running the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water Twitter feed is a big fan of an iPhone game called "Kim ... continue reading

Top Politico columnist: Rick Perry sending National Guard to shoot small children at border

The brain trust at work... The Politico, which Dan likes to call "the worst website in the world" has a long history of employing kooks, cranks, and left-wing loons. No one really bothers to accuse them of bias anymore, since their predilections are so painfully obvious.  Still, it's always fun when one of ... continue reading