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Bill Kristol: Maybe Republicans should nominate someone with a 'radical constitutional agenda' next time

Gee, ya think so? Bill Kristol is pretty sure Trump is going to lose.  He's been working hard to make that happen and he might be right but, as he admits, there's a solid chance that he's wrong, too. However, he's devoting his time not to stopping Hillary, but instead to preparing for a post-Trump GOP. ... continue reading

Rand Paul: Yeah, the polls really are manipulated to 'suppress turnout'

Ignore the polls. We keep telling you: "Ignore the polls."  As we get closer to election day, it appears that they're tightening, but many of them still show a looming blowout in favor of Hillary Clinton. For Trump supporters, especially a reluctant one, that could engender the notion that there's no point ... continue reading

ObamaCare architect Emanuel on rate hikes: 'It's not a big increase' and you 'can shop much faster'

Stop whining, cheapos.   As you probably know, Ezekiel Emanuel served as a health care policy adviser during Obama's first term and was instrumental in the creation of ObamaCare.  He's also the creepy gentleman who thinks 75 is the proper age to die.  As Obama's "signature legislation" ... continue reading

Watch as the dullards at CBS News try to figure out why ObamaCare rates are spiking

The press is a willfully ignorant advocacy group. Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, and Gayle King are all very wise people who know what they're talking about.  Frankly, it's tough to overestimate their brilliance. They're smarter than you, smarter than me, and their analysis should always be considered ... continue reading

Obama-deferred Illegal immigrants go door-to-door campaigning for Hillary Clinton

They can't vote, but they can tell you who to vote for.  Back in 2012, Obama granted legal status to 3/4 of a million illegals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  Their legal status is supposed to be temporary, but anyone who watches Democrat politics knows that's not ... continue reading

New O'Keefe video appears to show Hillary Clinton, DNC, directly involved with illegal non-profit coordination

What's another felony to a Clinton?  James O'Keefe's Project Veritas just released its third video on the 2016 election and it appears to show Hillary Clinton was directly involved with violating federal campaign laws. The clip centers around an asinine Democrat plan to have people in Donald Duck costumes ... continue reading

New York professor with solid track record of presidential predictions: 87% chance of Trump win

Hmmmm..... As Dan said earlier, "I want to believe." I desperately hope that someone - anyone - who's name isn't Hillary Clinton ends up in the White House next year. Unfortunately, the polls haven't been particularly cooperative of late.  I'm not saying a Trump win is impossible but, at the moment anyway, ... continue reading

Hillary will spew talking points all day, but watch her run when the press asks her about the O'Keefe videos

Run away faster than Usain Bolt If Hillary is elected President, she won't have to face a press corps.  At least, she won't have to face one in the traditional sense.  Hillary's press corps will operate more like a Ministry of Propaganda. They'll ask what they're told to ask, repeat what they're told to ... continue reading

Obama: We just need to upgrade ObamaCare, y'know, like an exploding cell phone

Yes, he's really making that analogy ObamaCare is, inarguably, a complete dumpster fire. You couldn't keep your plan, you couldn't keep your doctor, and your rates are skyrocketing.  The system that was supposed to "save the average family" thousands is now crushing the average family under a mountain of new ... continue reading

Respect Results? Hillary nods along as crowd chants 'You Won' to Al Gore

Campaigning off of debunked conspiracy theories. To this day, Al Gore remains one of the history's least interesting political figures.  Best known for pimping climate paranoia and inducing boredom at every turn, Gore wields tedium like Leonidas wields a spear. You may think you can stand up to it, but it ... continue reading

Respect results? In 2002 Hillary Clinton argued Bush was 'selected' - not elected

Hillary respects nothing. This morning, Democrats are frothing at the mouth about Trump's refusal to pre-emptively accept the results of a possibly-close election that hasn't happened yet.  This, they argue, makes him a dangerous insurrectionist, and unfit for the White House. Some, like New York Magazine's ... continue reading

Second O'Keefe video put spotlight on Dem operatives discussing their strategies to commit voter fraud

Rigged. "Voter fraud doesn't exist.  It's a myth - cooked up by right-wingers - designed to explain why evil Republicans keep losing elections.  If you believe it's happening, you must be some sort of neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist.  How dare you impugn the glorious, unimpeachable, workings of the ... continue reading

Hillary Clinton campaign bus LITERALLY crapping all over America

Usually their metaphors aren't so pointed.  Hillary Clinton is used to crapping on voters, Christians, conservatives, the rule of law, and the Constitution. It's been a hallmark of her long, corrupt, career. Up until now, though, we haven't seen her literally crapping on America. ... continue reading

Howard Dean appears on MSNBC, has literally NO idea what he's talking about

We're not saying he's wrong, either.   Usually, when we say "Howard Dean doesn't know what he's talking about," we mean "he's wrong."  That happens almost every time he opens his mouth, so it's not really worth sharing.  Sometimes, though, when we say "Howard Dean doesn't know what he's ... continue reading

Undercover video busts Dem operatives plotting to incite violence at Trump rallies

While covering up the fact that Hillary's campaign approved it all.  Hillary keeps telling us she's innocent victim of a vast right wing conspiracy spearheaded by a monstrous demagogue.  Her campaign claims that they're running a clean fight, but it's tough because the opposition is so violent. ... continue reading

Center for Public Integrity: 96% of journalists' political donations go to Clinton

Bias? What bias? Yesterday, I had to laugh when I saw the following Tweet from Chris Cillizza.  He writes "The Fix" over at the Washington Post. Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don't root for a side. Period. — Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) October 16, 2016 I wasn't ... continue reading