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George Clooney supports President who caves to dictators - Is outraged that Hollywood caves to dictators

Hypocrisy. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're aware that Hollywood spent the last week caving to the demands of one of the planet's worst dictators and human rights violators. By pulling the scheduled release of the movie "The Interview" and subsequently squashing planned retaliatory screenings of ... continue reading

Super: Aides say a 'liberated' Obama is finally able to be 'the President he always wanted to be'

Oh goody. If you had any hope that the Democrats' disastrous midterm would make the President think twice about his agenda - well, you were really kidding yourself. By now you should know that Obama's losses engender retaliation, not reflection. However, there was a certain segment of the population that thought ... continue reading

North Korea-set film starring Steve Carell the latest casualty of 'The Interview' fallout

Cancelled before it was even made.  Not content to simply make movies and pull them when some North Korean crackpot gets angry, Hollywood is now cancelling potentially offensive movies before they're even made. Steve Carell (The Office) was set to star in a North Korea-set thriller to be directed by Gore ... continue reading

Texas theater offering free screening of 'Team America' in place of 'The Interview'

'AMERICA F*** YEAH!'  Sony pictures may have caved in the war between North Korea and the Seth Rogan/James Franco movie "The Interview," but that doesn't mean that you have to.  If you live in Texas, you have options. The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Dallas/Fort Worth has decided to replace the ... continue reading

Obama to announce normalization of relations with Cuba today at noon

Castro Si, Freedom no!....  The details are still filtering in but, if the AP is correct, the relationship between Cuba and the United States is about to shift dramatically. According to various sources, at noon today President Obama will announce that the two nations will begin the process of ... continue reading

Navy creates robotic underwater drone that looks and swims like a shark

Cue the Jaws theme. There won't be many but, when Skynet becomes self-aware and tries to wipe out humanity, there will be a few survivors.  They'll have to figure out how to live in a new world - one where they are constantly hunted by the machines - until they can turn the tide against their metal ... continue reading

Ben Carson announces his announcement about running for President

The pre-game show. Dr. Ben Carson is headed to Israel. If you're a "Presidential announcement watcher" you probably know what that means. Still, Carson is not ready to pull back the curtain on his political intentions.  He hasn't thrown his hat in the ring just yet. However, since we live in a political ... continue reading

Obama skips 60% of his intelligence briefings. Spends most of his time 'watching ESPN in the morning'

Now his foreign policy makes sense. You might think that the life of a President is pretty hectic. There's a good chance you've heard that the constant, unending work a stress have a way of aging the commander in chief.  They're making the tough calls, putting out fires, and generally working their fingers ... continue reading

Update: 7 more states join lawsuit to stop Obama's amnesty - total up to 24

The President's legal troubles are getting worse.... Earlier this month we talked about a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General and Governor-elect Greg Abbott. The suit seeks to stop Obama's amnesty actions before they're implemented.  At the time, 17 states had joined the suit, as the Chicago Tribune ... continue reading

300 Obama staffers pen letter urging Elizabeth Warren to run - so you know how bad she'd be as President

'Ready for Warren'  Hillary, as we've discussed, is just another right-wing wacko that the "real lefties" can't support. The crackpots that make up the Democrat base can't handle Clinton's alleged conservatism, so they're looking for alternatives. Their choice du jour is none other than far-left hero and ... continue reading

U of Maine bans Santa Claus, 'trees with presents,' candy canes, and menorahs - cites 'diversity'

Please have an enjoyable non-denominational secular giving season and winter celebration. Ah, college. The "hallowed halls of academia." Bastions of higher learning are - if you believe the boilerplate PR in the catalog - epicenters of diversity. They are, supposedly, the one place where ALL viewpoints are ... continue reading

Senate GOP forces all staff to use ObamaCare - dares reluctant Democrats to do the same

Dems love 'closing loopholes' right? If you listen to the increasingly few Democrats who will still stand up for ObamaCare, you'll hear the same old talking points: It's lowering costs! It's providing quality coverage for millions! It's working! People love it, but they don't know that they love it! ... continue reading preparing million dollar 'draft Elizabeth Warren' campaign

Hillary who, now? At one time, it was a virtual guarantee that Hillary Clinton was a lock for the Democrats' 2016 presidential nomination. She had the momentum, the financial backers, and the "good old days" zeitgeist that was supposed to propel her to the White House. It also doesn't hurt that virtually every ... continue reading

Reid: It wasn't 'issues' that cost us the midterms, it was that darn ObamaCare website!

Cool.  Keep telling yourself that.  Americans think Democrats are doing a great job. Voters are thrilled with the current economy, they love Democrat-backed regulations, and they want Dems to lead the way in the future.  That's the message from Harry Reid who, despite virtually every national poll ... continue reading

Elijah Cummings: I spent a year ramming ObamaCare down your throat, and Gruber is screwing it all up!

Outraged. Outraged I tell you! As you know, the hearings involving Jonathan "you're a bunch of idiots" Gruber have begun.  After an opening statement where Gruber did his best to make it sound as if he had little or nothing to do with the ObamaCare debacle, we were treated to a trademark Elijah Cummings ... continue reading

VIDEO: Because you demanded it, Trey Gowdy VS. Jonathan Gruber

"What exactly did you mean when you said...."  I don't have much to add to this except to say that Gowdy is -as usual - a joy to watch. Here, he absolutely demolishes Jonathan Gruber who's just as smarmy as ever. At one point, I'm pretty sure you can actually hear the "snapping sound" as Gowdy breaks ... continue reading