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Hillary vows not to utter the hurtful phrase 'illegal immigrants' anymore

Clintonian parsing In the land of Clinton, when certain terms fall out of favor, they're banished to a strange netherworld from which they are never to emerge.  Phrases like "Juanita Broderick," "White Water," private server," and "cattle futures" have long been exiled to this purgatory. Other words ... continue reading

Obama: 10 days ago ISIS was 'contained.' 5 days ago it was 'nothing to fear' Today it's 'a threat to us all.'

Incoherent. You'll recall that, hours before the Paris attacks, President Obama decided the time was right to announce that the J.V. Team (which he still enjoys calling ISIL) had been "contained." Here's a refresher, in case you're a Democrat and you have the memory of a fruit fly. After the Paris strikes, ... continue reading

Dianne Feinstein admits that Obama's policies aren't working - have made ISIS situation worse

Seeing the light....sort of.  You probably know Senator Dianne Feinstein as a hardcore left-winger.  She has a long history of being an extremist gun-grabber, and she's been at the forefront of the movement that seeks to portray conservatives, Christians, and veterans as America's primary terrorist ... continue reading

Martin O'Malley: 24% of Iowa school children support me. Next stop Washington!

Desperation.  I imagine that being a Martin O'Malley fan is a lot like being a Jeb Bush fan. Your candidate's poll numbers are dismal, you're watching donations dry up, and deep down you kind of know that "your guy" can't go the distance. Yet, you refuse to give up. You tell yourself that there has to be ... continue reading

Bad news, Democrats. Terrorism is now - by far - the most important issue to voters

Quick! Find something to exploit! If you're a Democrat running for President, you're desperately hoping to find an issue that lets you divide American voters and pit them against each other.  You think God is a hokey, outdated, concept so you're not praying, but you are wishing with all your might that some ... continue reading

Terror attack on Mali hotel ends - at least 18 dead, death toll likely to rise

The new normal  These days, good news seems to be a matter of percentages. If Islamists take 170 hostages, and "only" murder 18 of them, we're supposed to act like that's some kind of "win." It's not, but that's apparently the world we live in. If you've been following the news, you're already aware that Al ... continue reading

AP: ISIS exploiting power vacuum in Iraq to create chemical, biological, weapons

Consequences and legacies. There are few things that strike terror in the heart of the intelligence community like the thought of ISIS with a weapon of mass destruction. To understand, all you have to do is look at the horrors they've wrought with machetes, matches, and gas cans, then picture them with chemical ... continue reading

Poll: Only 28% of Americans agree with Obama on Syrian refugees

Clothes-free Emperor. If you're among those who think that the blanket acceptance of Syrian refugees might not be the brightest idea, congratulations, you've managed to "pop off" in such a way that you've upset President Obama. He doesn't like you, and he takes every opportunity to portray you as a tiny, ... continue reading

Suddenly, ABC News remembers that terrorists have already entered the U.S. as refugees

Doomed to repeat it. If Obama is to be believed, you're a coward to suggest that maybe, just maybe, it’s a bad idea to let a few hundred thousand Syrian refugees into the country. Sure, a terrorist posing as a refugee was probably involved in the Paris attacks, and yes, ISIS has vowed to infiltrate Europe ... continue reading

Kerry: These Paris attacks lacked the 'rationale' and 'legitimacy' of when they shot up Charlie Hebdo

A sick man.  In the wake of last week's Islamic terror attacks in Paris, you would think our leaders would be altering strategies, increasing pressure on our enemies, and battening down the hatches here at home. They're not. Instead, they're maintaining the steady, ineffectual, course they'd already ... continue reading

Putin confirms Russian jet destroyed by terrorist bomb - says 'vengeance is inevitable'

Gloves off in 3...2...1... When American lives are lost to Islamic terrorism, Obama's response is always quiet, measured, controlled, and ultimately ineffectual. The word "vengeance" doesn't come up unless he's lecturing us about how it's something we should not seek. After all, we wouldn't want to offend anyone, ... continue reading

2 days after Paris, Obama releases Gitmo prisoner who's a 'mid-level threat' to 'allies and interests'

...And four others How do you respond when an Islamic terrorist attack claims 120 lives and injures hundreds of others? Well, if you're the Obama administration, you release a handful of Gitmo detainees - 5 to be precise - to our dear friends in the United Arab Emirates. As Fox News reports:  The Department ... continue reading

Administration which said ISIS was 'contained' hours before Paris attack says it's 'not likely' they can attack U.S.

Nothing to see here. 9 Hours before the attacks in Paris, President Obama had this to say about the "J.V. team:" After the attacks, Obama's people went into damage control mode. They clarified that the President meant that ISIS had been "geographically contained" after a rapid expansion during the time the ... continue reading

BREAKING: Terror attacks at multiple locations in France - 'carnage' at concert hall, close to 100 murdered

Horrific scene in Paris. UPDATE (Rob): According to the AP, an unnamed police official has grim news about the situation at the Bataclan concert hall: One official described "carnage" inside the building, saying the attackers had tossed explosives at the hostages. Both officials said they expected the toll ... continue reading

FBI expands Clinton email investigation - is now looking at her 'false statements'

False statements? What false statements? Progressives have had a lot of fun pretending that the FBI investigation focusing on Hillary’s secret email server was "no big deal." It wasn't, they would say, really about Hillary.  It was more of a general inquiry into information handling and how ... continue reading

Chris Matthews doesn't think Cruz and Rubio are Hispanic - but he did when he was attacking them.

But they're definitely "Cuban Nationals." Chris Matthews is lost in a quandary. He doesn't know how to categorize Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Since he's a lifelong left-winger, placing humans into the proper boxes is of the utmost importance, because it's the only thing that informs his commentary. If he doesn't ... continue reading