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Joni Ernst pulling away in Iowa as GOP chances of taking Senate increase

Making them squeal.  You all remember Joni Ernst, right?  She's the GOP candidate for Iowa Senate whose campaign grabbed national headlines with a "hog castration" commercial. As usual, the left saw a real person who actually knew how to do stuff, and they figured they could paint her as yet another in ... continue reading

Obama says 'they' underestimated ISIS - 'they' sure do screw up a lot

The buck stops with "they" You may recall 60 Minutes interviewer Steve Kroft from an utterly embarrassing sit down he conducted with President Obama and Hillary Clinton back in 2013.  If you watched it, you'll probably recall that Kroft was almost apologetic when he dared to ask Hillary a question about ... continue reading

Woman beheaded at workplace in Oklahoma

Suspect may have tried to convert coworkers to Islam Update: added video with the Moore, OK police press conference which confirms the beheading. There's some horrifying news coming to us from Moore, Oklahoma, where a 54-year-old woman was beheaded by an assailant at work.  Initial reports suggest that the ... continue reading

Bet on Obama to nominate Kamala Harris as Holder's replacement - relaunch war on women & racism memes

Strategy. If you aren't familiar with the name Kamala Harris, you should be.  The LA Times describes the California Attorney General thusly: "Aty. Gen. Kamala Harris is a veteran prosecutor, a skilled political leader and a promising politician who is sure to figure in California's future." She's been called ... continue reading

BREAKING: Eric Holder to announce resignation Thursday

Good riddance. According to multiple media outlets, most prominently NPR, on Thursday Eric Holder will announce his resignation. When you're done tap dancing, you can peruse NPR's rundown of the pending statement: Eric Holder Jr., the nation's first black U.S. attorney general, is preparing to announce ... continue reading

Liberals employ 'Bush did it too' defense for Obama's latte salute ...and his war

But wait. Wasn't Bush 'the worst President in the history of the United States?'  George W. Bush was, without question, the worst President in the history of the United States.  At least, that's what liberals tell us. He was a war monger who sacrificed lives for oil, a racist who wanted New Orleans to ... continue reading

Bill Clinton: Hey, let's end tax inversions by lowering the corporate tax rate!

Admits raising corporate rates to their current astronomical level According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States currently has the highest combined corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world. This has caused the phenomena known as "tax inversions" where ... continue reading

New York Times takes two weeks to figure out that Bush had a coalition in Iraq - issues apology

Maybe they read their own back-issues? Back on September 11th, The New York Times ran a front page article about the growing drums of war in Iraq and Syria.  In it, Mark Landler argued that Obama wasn't the "go it alone cowboy" that George W. Bush had been during the Iraq war.  To the contrary, Obama ... continue reading

Lois Lerner claims she's not as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer - Issa wants her to say it under oath

So the new standard of excellence is Jeffrey Dahmer? Lois Lerner is not sorry.  If she is to be believed, she "didn’t do anything wrong." The disgraced IRS official claims that she can be "proud of my career and the job I did for this country.”  That's because, she ... continue reading

Administration warns: don't expect 'perfection' from - gee, ya think?

We know you're shocked. November 15th is rapidly approaching, and you know what that means. You don't? Hmmm... I'll give you hint: It's the day you've all been waiting for.  In fact it's the most important, uniquely American, holiday of the year. No, we're not talking about Thanksgiving. No, it has nothing ... continue reading

'People's Climate March' freak show invades New York - Marxists, idiots, and hypocrites on parade

Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore appear in the wild!  New York is no stranger to infestation.  If you've spent ten minutes in the city, the odds are you've had some kind of run in with its legendary "cockroach and rat problem." Over the weekend, though, the Big Apple faced a new sort of vermin - namely, ... continue reading

Megyn Kelly rips into terrorist Bill Ayers after he says she's a 'cyborg' with 'cold eyes'

For some reason, Megyn Kelly isn't a big fan of domestic terrorists. Yesterday, the far-left goons over at ran a piece in which Weather Underground founder and terrorist Bill Ayers discussed his recent Fox News interview with Megyn Kelly.  In it, he said the following: She struck me as a very ... continue reading

ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emanuel has anounced the 'optimal age of death' - you won't like it

Old people are such a burden.   Democrats seem to love death.  Whether they're yammering about abortion or "end of life" planning, they just can't get enough of talking up the myriad ways people can exit life's stage.  They always claim this is simply a discussion about personal responsibility and ... continue reading

Committed Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, recorded a truly awful folk album ..Let's listen!

The Beatles, The Stones, The Who and Bernie Sanders There's an old adage in politics: "If you're a committed socialist who hopes to one day become a self-proclaimed socialist an independent Senator from the state of Vermont, don't record a terrible album of folk songs." OK, fine.  That's not really ... continue reading

MSNBC: Debbie Wasserman Schultz not on speaking terms with Barack Obama - is a political albatross for Dems

Damn.  They figured it out.  Given that she manages to embarrass Democrats every time she opens her mouth, it's not surprising that I've come to love DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. No matter what the topic, regardless of how unpopular her party's policies are, she can be counted on to spew the ... continue reading

Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel announces 1600 'military advisers' being sent to non-war in Iraq

Kerry thinks the "war question" is a big waste of time. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has announced that 1,600 troops "military advisers" are being deployed to Iraq, where they will "increase support" for those fighting ISIS. They're not there to fight, mind you. “Instead," Hagel said. "These ... continue reading