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Lawmakers informed that Hillary's emails contain 'hundreds' of instances of classified nat-sec material

The other shoe is about to drop. For the last week or so, the Hillary faithful have been hanging their hat on the notion that "only four emails" sent from her private server contained classified material.  They argue that these four emails, which contained classified material from five national security ... continue reading

Debbie Wasserman Schultz fails - miserably - to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist

Because there is none. Usually, when a completely discredited very important Democrat appears on the Chris Matthews program, you expect to see a lot of coddling and hand holding. These people represent Matthews' team, and he can normally be counted on to go easy with the questions. Every once in a while, though, ... continue reading

Hillary says her 'greatest weakness' is getting frustrated by people who don't 'understand' how right she is

It's your fault. You're just too stupid. Haven't heard of a website called "TheSkimm?" Don't worry about it. Basically it's a blog that puts together a daily rundown of news stories. It's sort of like the Daily Briefings compiled by our own Clark Barrow, but it's less in depth and less focused on politics. Today, ... continue reading

Hillary tries to defend Planned Parenthood, ends up calling for investigations into entire abortion industry.

Sounds like a good plan. Hillary Clinton is a big Planned Parenthood booster, and the feeling is mutual. Back in 2009, Hillary was the recipient of something Planned Parenthood calls the "Margaret Sanger Award." We don't really care what it's supposed to represent (presumably it has something to do with ... continue reading

John Kerry: Iran 'may' use weapons obtained via nuke deal to kill Americans

Treasonous. There are plenty of good reasons to despise the Iran nuclear deal, not the least of which is the fact that it paves the way for the planet's number one sponsor of terrorism to acquire a nuclear weapon. The fun, however, does not stop there. Long before they get the bomb, Iran will be enjoying restored ... continue reading

Obama says that, if he ran, he would win a third term - but he's 'not above the law'

Hmmmmmmmm You might be thinking that Obama spent the majority of his Presidency acting like the "little King" from those old New Yorker cartoons. You may be under the impression that he despises the restrictions paced upon him by the United States Constitution and the country's various laws.  You would be ... continue reading

Florida: Model's fashion shoot interrupted by boatload of illegals scrambling ashore

"They are ruining my video."    Normally, when we talk about illegals entering the country, we're focused on the U.S. Mexico border. However, it's obviously not the only place where people are sneaking in. Our boundaries are porous on almost every front - particularly in Florida, where 'arrival by boat' ... continue reading

MSNBC - yes that MSNBC - offers a blistering, in-depth, assessment of Hillary's email scandal

'The tip of the iceberg'  In case you've haven't been paying attention, you should know that Hillary's email scandal is getting worse. The story, which involves classified material being emailed from her secret, private, and now-erased, home server isn't going away.  In fact, every few days we're ... continue reading

Obama: The IRS is great and Congress stinks. The 'real IRS scandal' is that the IRS is underfunded

Blames Congress for Tea Party targeting. As The Washington Times notes, the IRS's internal auditor has concluded that the agency targeted conservative groups. The Times also notes that Obama's DOJ is still conducting a criminal investigation into the matter.  But so what? This is Barack Obama. He can't ... continue reading

Hillary facing possible criminal investigation over 'hundreds' of emails containing classified material

The honorable Mrs. Clinton should welcome it! Uh-oh. Watch out, Clinton faithful.  There's fresh trouble in Hillary-land.  According to the New York Times and NBC News, Mrs. Clinton is sailing into choppy legal seas. Two inspector generals, from two different federal agencies, are demanding that the DOJ ... continue reading

Obama admin: 'We should expect' Iran to use some of its nuke deal money to fund terrorism

Super. Thanks a bunch. Thanks to the President's glorious, perfect, and absolutely imperative nuclear deal, Iran will suddenly have access to $150 Billion in previously frozen assets. This is great news for terrorists and despots the world over because we will have absolutely no say in how they choose to spend ... continue reading

Seattle Mayor wants to make it easier for Sharia law followers to buy homes in his city

We wouldn't want them feeling left out. Those poor, poor, followers of Sharia Law. Whether they busy being offended by cartoons or telling virtually everyone else on Earth how they should live, they're always so put upon. Why, sometimes it can even be tough for them to get a mortgage. For the record, it's not ... continue reading

CDC issues new warning: don't snuggle or kiss your family's pet chickens

Performing an important public service. I have to admit. I've been caught off guard by this. I had no idea that people were keeping chickens as pets. I get raising chickens for eggs.  I understand grilling their tasty meat. I was not, however, aware that people think owning a chicken is a lot like ... continue reading

ISIS releases video of a child beheading a Syrian prisoner

Ramping up the monstrosity.  By now, everyone is familiar with the horrific clips released by ISIS. As it works its way through the Middle East, Obama's "J.V. team" has treated the world to an endless array of firing squad executions, drownings, immolations, and their favorite: beheadings. Maybe they're ... continue reading

Major Garrett dares to question the king about his flawless Iran deal

Wife says deal makes it harder to get hostage husband home.  Obama and John Kerry's nuclear deal with Iran is simply the greatest piece of diplomacy every undertaken by mankind.  It's that good.  Never mind that it virtually guarantees Iran will get the bomb, throws our allies under the atomic bus, ... continue reading

Trump to Hillary: You're a sad, desperate, failure. Stop lying about my immigration stance!

Not to put too fine a point on it. I don't know where you stand on Donald Trump. Maybe you love him, maybe you hate him.  Maybe you think he's a shill candidate or a shameless self-promoter who doesn't really care about the race at all. Maybe, as the boss wrote earlier, you think that's all true to varying ... continue reading