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Nate Silver's 538: Trump would win if election were held today

Dunh-dunh-duuuun  Last week, we discussed the fact that Hillary's odds of victory were collapsing - despite massively outspending her opponent. At the time, her chances of taking the White House had fallen to just over 53%. The data came to us via Nate Silver's 538 site.  Long a favorite among ... continue reading

CBS' Rose to Robby Mook: How can Hillary fix 'trust' numbers in a debate, if she couldn't do so in a lifetime?

Answer: she can't  One of Hillary's biggest electoral problems is the fact that voters can spot a pathological liar.  Allegedly, the percentage of people who feel she's "honest and trustworthy" hovers somewhere in the low 30's.  However, I've never met anyone - of any political persuasion ... continue reading

CNN: Trump up by 1 in CO, down by just 1 in PA, and Hillary abandons Ohio...

Oh dear.  Way back in the summer of 2015 - shortly after Donald Trump announced his candidacy - I was asked if he could actually win. My answer was an emphatic yes.  While the media was obsessing over his style, I was arguing that people felt the country was dangerously of course. ... continue reading

VIDEO: Home invaders learn a deadly lesson when their intended victim fires back

Lock & Load  If Hillary Clinton gets her way, the concept of firearm ownership as an individual right will be eliminated. That's not up for debate. She, her campaign, and her daughter have repeatedly signaled that she'll appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn D.C. vs Heller as part of her ... continue reading

'Peaceful protesters' in Charlotte attempt to burn unconcious photographer alive

All just part of a "protest" right, media? We've already presented two examples which prove the so-called "peaceful protests" in Charlotte, N.C. are anything but. We saw a CNN reporter get attacked on the street, and we saw an innocent man get dragged into a parking structure - where he was beaten while begging ... continue reading

VIDEO 'Peaceful protesters' in Charlotte beat innocent man as he begs for mercy

Social Justice As CNN, MSNBC, and other tell us; the people burning and looting their way through Charlotte are just "protesters" who are justified in their outrage. Sure - to the untrained eye - this may look like a rioting mass of violent thugs, but they assure us that's not the case. These are simply pious ... continue reading

'Peaceful protesters' in Charlotte attack CNN reporter live on air

'Riots' not 'protests' If you've been watching the riots unfold in Charlotte N.C., you're likely amazed that they're still sticking with the Potemkin phrase "protests."  These aren't protests, they're not "protesters," and looting Wal Marts, burning cars, and trashing storefronts isn't "protesting."   ... continue reading

Nate Silver: Despite massively outspending Trump, Clinton's odds of victory collapsing

Outspending Trump 53:1 Prior to September, Hillary had already tried everything she could think of. She introduced herself, she re-introduced herself, she had a soft reboot, she re-re-introduced herself, and she still hadn't managed to seal the deal with the American people. That meant there was only ... continue reading

Trump truth bomb: Hillary finds my supporters more 'deplorable and irredeemable' than Islamic terrorists

And her own words prove it. Every once in a while, a candidate makes an argument so perfectly constructed - so inarguable - that it absolutely decimates their opponent's position.  Donald Trump did just this when he called out Hillary for casting aspersions against his supporters.   You'll recall that ... continue reading

NY/NJ bomber's father warned police in 2014 that his son was a terrorist

"Motives murky." Man.  This is getting really old. Continuing a pattern we've seen play out again and again, it appears that law enforcement had Ahmad Khan Rahami on their radar a full two years befrore he carried out last week's New York and New Jersey bombings.  Maybe, just maybe, when someone ... continue reading

Report: Trump (narrowly) exceeding expectations among Hispanic voters

Don't be sheep. According to Hillary-friendly media, Hispanic voters are about to hand the 2016 election to Bill Clinton's wife. We've heard over and over that Trump's immigration stance has decimated the GOP's already-meager support among Latinos, and this has doomed his electoral chances.  The problem is ... continue reading

BREAKING: New York & New Jersey bombing suspect found, shot, and captured

One down. According to NBC 4 New York, the man behind the bombs in New York and New Jersey has been arrested after a gun battle with police. Ahmad Rahami, a 28-year-old U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, was taken into custody after a gun battle with police in Linden, New Jersey, that left two officers injured, ... continue reading

'Good guy with gun' who stopped Crossroads Mall terrorist is NRA-certified firearms instructor

How's that for 'Narrative' If there's one thing the left has taught us, it's that the NRA is an evil organization that panders to gun nuts, craves violence, wants children to die, and works for the destruction of all that is good and decent in America. While they like claim otherwise, people with ... continue reading

Josh Earnest: The war against ISIS is 'in some ways just a war of narratives'

Yeah. You're worried about narrative.  By now, you've seen a thousand examples of the White House's desperate desire to downplay the realities of radical Islam.  We listened to Obama's "legitimate grievances" line during the apology tour. We stood agape at the insipid "J.V. Team" proclamations during ... continue reading

A friendly reminder from MSNBC: Hillary campaign created and promoted 'Birtherism'

An inconvenient truth  Dan's already done a fine job of explaining why the media is suddenly so obsessed with Donald Trump's "birther" status. I won't rehash that here. All I'll do is point out the fact that, like most of their efforts to prop up their failing queen, the birther angle is going to blow up in ... continue reading

Gallup poll shows trust in media plunging to an all-time low

But still way too high... It doesn't matter who you are. If you're awake, if you're paying attention to what's going on in the world around you, there's a good chance you don't trust the press.  Considering the inarguable fact that most mainstream media outlets are little more than regurgitators for Democrat ... continue reading