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State Department: Hey let's bring infected non-citizens to the US for Ebola treatment!

Because we don't have enough problems.  We've seen multiple polls indicating that Americans overwhelmingly support travel bans which would apply to people entering the U.S. from Ebola hot-zone countries. Yesterday, Australia became the first major western nation to enact such regulations, so people are ... continue reading

You'll be shocked to learn that Chicago Dems are trying to buy votes...

Class IV felony retroactively didn't happen  As you're probably aware, Democrats have a nice long history of buying votes with cigarettes. It's called "Smokes for Votes" and, usually, it goes like this: Dem operatives find a few poor homeless souls, and they offer them a pack of cancer sticks as a way of ... continue reading

ABC News notices: Every major Dem is on the campaign trail - save one.

Toxic.  As we close in on Election Day, the campaigning starts to reach a fever pitch.  As embattled Democrats get more and more desperate to hang on to the Senate, they're calling out their party's big guns.  Bill Clinton is out there, as is Hillary Clinton, and heck, even Jimmy Carter is getting ... continue reading

NY Dem candidate mentions 'war on women,' everyone starts laughing at her

Yeah, this one's all played out...  Remember, way back in 2008, when John McCain and Sarah Palin would call themselves "mavericks?"  At first you thought, 'ok, cute line.' Then they kept saying it. In fact, they kept saying it over, and over, and over again. Then you remembered that you couldn't stand ... continue reading

Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger - Rand Paul would be 'devastating' for Republican Party

Prefers Christie and Ryan and Bush and ....Zzzzzzzzzz RINO's Assemble!  You've got an ally in Illinois, and his name is GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger.  Over the weekend, Kinzinger appeared at a town hall event with John McCain and later sat down to talk with the lefties over at ABC's This Week. If that ... continue reading

When Reince Priebus debates Debbie Wasserman Schultz on CNN, there are NO winners

Including the viewers and the network. Yesterday, CNN host and Obama debate-aid Candy Crowley treated her 10 or 20 viewers to a conversation with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. If you're thinking that sounds like some kind of psychological experiment designed to test how ... continue reading

New York news anchor warns: If you don't want Ebola, don't eat mucus or feces

Sage advice.  I think we've all been there.  You're walking around New York, or perhaps riding the subway, and you're feeling a bit peckish. Unfortunately you're a good five minutes from the nearest "Original" Ray's Pizza, so you start looking for more ...immediate options.  Since the big ... continue reading

FINALLY! A vulnerable Dem admits voting for Obama ...who he says is 'irrelevant'

Alaska's Mark Begich - Obama voter and pseudo-detractor In the beginning, the Democrats' Kentucky senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes wouldn't say whether she voted for Obama. Then, the problem began to spread.  This strange memory loss seemed to be engulfing Democrats everywhere. First it hit ... continue reading

AP abandons reality with one of the worst headlines in its horrible history

They could have at least used Obama's "workplace violence" angle... Yesterday, I alluded to the long, storied, history of bias at the Associated Press. Today, we have a brand new example - and it may be the worst one we've ever seen. Wednesday, in Israel, a group of commuters were standing together, waiting ... continue reading

Bad news for Dems: New AP poll shows women leaning GOP for midterms

Looks like 'War on Women' may be a political loser... Yesterday, someone over at the Associated Press must have had a horrible day. We know this, because they had to reveal the results of their new AP-Gfk poll in an article that began with the following paragraph: Two weeks before Election Day, most of the ... continue reading

Desperation in Georgia: If you don't want another Ferguson, you'll vote for Democrats

Disgusting Yesterday, we discussed a few ways in which candidates and supporters of desperate Democrats were playing the race card. We knew they'd keep doing it but, honestly, we didn't really think it would get more shameless than the Kay Hagan "lynching" fliers. We may have been wrong. In Georgia, flailing ... continue reading

As Democrat hopes sputter, desperation kicks in. Beware falling race cards

Sad party screams 'racism' some more. When the polls turn ugly, you can always count on the Democrats for one thing.  They start screaming "racism." They also do it when they're in power and are trying to ram unpopular legislation down the American peoples' throats - but they really kick it into high gear ... continue reading If GOP takes the Senate they'll pass laws using a shady tactic called 'reconciliation'

Otherwise known as 'how we passed ObamaCare'  Wake the kids, phone the neighbors, sound the alarms! The uber-lefties who run George Soros' favorite political outfit have a dire warning for us all.  Those evil Republicans have a devious, sneaky, and downright un-American new weapon in their arsenal and - ... continue reading

Let's all hope Obama's new Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

2001 video reveals Ron Klain's Ebola training background.... Last week, President Barack Obama made a largely symbolic move by appointing his new "Ebola Czar." Since he had to look like he was doing something, he did. The man he chose is Ron Klain - someone who knows nothing about medicine or science. ... continue reading

CNN Columnist: Americans don't care about Ebola in Africa, because they're racists

Obviously.  Ah, CNN.  At one time, Ted Turner's news network was the only one of its kind. These days, it's near the bottom of a rather large pack, and has become the most banal example of an entire genre.  When your claim to fame is "doing slightly better than MSNBC" you know things are bad. ... continue reading

CDC director: No travel ban, because it would harm African economies

Foreign cash trumps American lives  Yesterday, Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA) had a chance to question CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden during his Congressional testimony. If you thought Frieden would use the occasion to reassure the American public with regards to his intentions and capabilities, you ... continue reading