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No time for Paris, no meeting with Netanyahu, but this woman? Obama will meet with her.

Priorities.  Over the last month or so, people have wondered about Obama's  ...priorities.  Actually, that's not true. We've been wondering about them ever since he went MIA during Benghazi.  Lately, though, the President's choices have been getting more and more erratic.  From his ... continue reading

White House threatens Netanyahu over D.C. visit - 'There will be a price'

We're sure he's really scared. Benjamin Netanyahu is used to being threatened. His country is surrounded by a cadre of the worst nations on Earth - several of which have threatened to eliminate Israel from the face of the Earth. Now, however, when he's not dealing with inbound rockets or Iran's nuclear sabre ... continue reading

White House aide says Obama will crush Dems who dare oppose him on Cuba, Iran, Keystone, etc...

Scorched Earth.  If you're an unpopular lame duck President whose terrible policies have granted your opponents two wave elections, you're bound to start noticing dissent among your supporters. For some Presidents that might mean that your pet projects will languish as your political friends become ... continue reading

Not even MSNBC's Chris Matthews & Andrea Mitchell are buying the BS in Obama's State of the Union...

He's "not close to reality."  For five years, Barack Obama has been able to count on two things. The first was a disorganized, timid GOP. The second was the sound of constant, fawning, almost orgasmic adulation coming from the MSNBC studios. While the jury is still out on Republican efforts to mount a ... continue reading

Joe Biden says 'Yes. There's a chance' that he'll run for President

Ooooooh please, please, please..... If you write about politics long enough eventually you come to a day where nothing "grabs" you.  Sure, the usual talking heads are out there and the usual politicians are wrong about the usual things, but nothing really sticks out. That problem evaporates instantly ... continue reading

130,000 pages of USAF documents related to UFO investigations now online

Someone get Major Briggs or Fox Mulder on the phone. Everyone loves a good UFO story and, for at least three decades, "everyone" included the U.S. government. From the 1940's through the 1960's, the U.S. Air Force investigated thousands of alleged sightings featuring strange aerial phenomena, and they cataloged ... continue reading

In 2013 Debbie Wasserman Schultz vowed "to end obstructionism." Now she seems to love it!

It was horrible when Dems were in charge, but now.... Ever since her party's embarrassing, utterly-predictable, and yet somehow unforeseen trouncing in the midterms, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been MIA.  We assume the Dems had her squirreled away somewhere, desperately hoping that they could keep her from ... continue reading

Surveillance video illustrates why you may not want to attack a Marine with a baseball bat.

Messing with the wrong guy...  This video, taken from a South Philly surveillance camera, comes to us via Conservative Outfitters.  Since they posted it, Drudge picked up on it, and it's gone viral. We thought you might find it interesting.   There's a bit of coarse language here but we ... continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel asks people 'Did you enjoy Dr. King's new speech this morning?' The answers are hilarious.

....Or depressing.  One of my absolute favorite things on TV is a segment of the Jimmy Kimmel show which he calls "Lie Witness News." Basically, he makes up a piece of news, then sends a camera crew out into the streets to see what people think about it. I'm not sure if it's because they're stupid, or if ... continue reading

NASA: There's only a 38% chance we were 100% right when we said that 2014 was the hottest year ever.

Percentages. It's common knowledge that we live in the environmental end times. The seas will soon boil away, the fish will die, and humanity will doubtless be forced into some kind of post-apocalyptic subsistence where we dwell in underground tunnels like worms. After all, back in 1988 environmentalists like Ted ... continue reading

Now they're just trolling us... Lindsey Graham discusses 2016 Presidential bid

Because you demanded it! “I’m not doing it to make a statement." That's the word from Lindsey Graham, who is actually considering a run for President. Yes, really. Just let that sink in.  "President Lindsey Graham." Graham made the comments on the Hugh Hewitt show, where he was asked if he'd ... continue reading

US sends geriatric hippie, James Taylor, to Paris in effort to patch things up with France

Oh, and John Kerry too.  There are days when the news coming out of the Obama administration is so ridiculous, so utterly laughable, that all I can do is shake my head and laugh. This is one of those days because, as bad as the President's handling of foreign affairs has been, he just managed to jump a shark ... continue reading

Nancy Pelosi exploits Charlie Hebdo attack to defend Obama's immigration policy

Sick, but not surprising. Desperate to prove that there's no level to which she will not sink; Nancy Pelosi has decided to use the Islamic terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo as a way to defend Obama's unilateral immigration orders.  It seems that the Republicans are about to pass legislation that would ... continue reading

Romney inches closer to a run - seeks the support of John McCain

Because of course. If you're a political tea leaf reader, it's been a good six months since you had your first night terrors suspicions that Mitt Romney had his eye on 2016. My personal hunch is that he's a guy who feels like he got burned - badly - in 2012, and he's eager to prove that he can go all the way. He ... continue reading

White House: If exercising your free speech is causing problems for us, we're going to let you know

Careful: your rights are causing headaches. Back in 2012, President Obama spent a fair amount of time questioning the "judgment" of Charlie Hebdo cartoons that dared insult Islam. At the time, Jay Carney even linked them to the ridiculous lie about the Benghazi attack being caused by a YouTube video. He said: ... continue reading

White House claims Paris no-show due to 'security concerns' - never bothered to ask the Secret Service

Absentee President. President Obama's decision not to attend Sunday's mammoth rally in Paris - or at least send someone important in his place - has now blossomed into a full-scale media meltdown. Obviously, a White House media kerfuffle is nothing new.  At this point, it feels like we've watched ... continue reading