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Environmentalist college students in CA marry the ocean. ...And then they consummate their nuptials.

Point and laugh at the crazy people.  The age-old stereotype of the tree-hugging hippie has been taken to new heights by students at Santa Monica College.  "Hugging" may be fine for beginners, but there's a new breed of environmentalist nutjob that demands hotter, heavier, action from their ... continue reading

According to AP & NPR, Trump has locked in all the delegates he needs

Pseudo-official  NeverTrumpers who still cling desperately to the hope that somehow, someway, a miracle will occur and Donald Trump will fail to reach the 1237 delegate threshold have just had their dreams shattered.  According to the AP and NPR, Trump has corralled enough votes to clinch the GOP ... continue reading

Trump to debate Bernie Sanders ahead of California primary?

Pop the corn...  Last night during an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel delivered a question from Bernie Sanders.  It's seems Bernie wanted to know if Trump was willing to attend the now-cancelled debate in which Hillary was too scared to participate. Trump said "yes," as long as the event ... continue reading

Dem Senators debate 'what color' platter to put Debbie Wasserman Schultz's head on

#WarOnWomen  Elderly socialist coot, Bernie Sanders, is openly supporting Debbie Wasserman Schultz's primary opponent.  To take it a step further, he's promised that - in the event of a reality-defying miracle that grants him control of the oval office - she would no longer be welcome as chairwoman of ... continue reading

Damning State Dept report: Yep, Hillary basically ignored all of our security directives

Busted. At this point, the Hillary Clinton email scandal is so bad that it's getting difficult to find new ways for it to get any worse.  However, the State Department has managed to do so.  According to the results of a newly released internal audit, Hillary basically ignored the agency's well-codified ... continue reading

Trump releases new ad targeting Clinton sex scandals. NBC appalled at the 'new low.'

Their delicate sensitivities have been offended. Yesterday, Donald Trump released a new web ad targeting the myriad Clinton sex scandals.  The spot uses the voices of Bill's accusers who, if we heed Hillary's advice, should always be believed.  Here's the ad: Of course, progressives are going crazy. ... continue reading

Watch as 2008 Hillary Clinton rips 2016 HIllary Clinton's refusal to debate Bernie ahead of the California primary

Hypocrisy.  As you probably have heard, Hillary has changed her mind and is now opting not to debate Bernie Sander ahead of the California primary. The event was to be held by Fox News, sometime between now and June 7th. Fox is none too pleased, and they issued the following statement: “Naturally, Fox ... continue reading

Behind closed doors, Lindsey Graham urges GOP to line up behind Trump

Does he still think he'll cause another 9/11? Lindsey Graham can't stand Donald Trump.  He famously called the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” and has happily announced his refusal to support Trump in the General.  As Graham put ... continue reading

BREAKING: Officer Edward Nero Found Not Guilty On All Charges from Freddie Gray arrest

Free Obviously, we talked a lot about the Baltimore riots which erupted following the arrest and death of Freddie Gray last year. Today the trial of the arresting officer in the case came to a close, and he's been found Not Guilty on all counts. Freddie Gray arresting officer Edward Nero was found not guilty on ... continue reading

Tom Brokaw: More legal guns will mean more 'homegrown terrorism'

Blather and prattle. Imagine you've just worked (and probably partied) your tail off for a few years.  You've been given a slip of paper that says you're smart, and you're ready to enter "the real world."  Sure, these days that means you're probably moving back home to live with your parents but you're ... continue reading

Would-be Libertarian VP goes full idiot - says Trump immigration plan a lot like the Nazis' Kristallnacht

No wonder these guys can never win anything. I like Libertarians. They're staunch constitutionalists and I agree with them often.  The problem is that they always take things a step too far and cross the line into the absurd.  If you agree that perhaps we should consider legalizing marijuana, there's ... continue reading

Mitt Romney suspends his campaign... To find a third party anti-Trump candidate.

#NeverTrump withers. If #NeverTrump was on a stretcher, its doctor would be saying "call it" and looking up at the clock right about now. When Cruz left the race it seemed like the movement might have legs, but whatever life it once held has been steadily bleeding out ever since. As Trump gets stronger (and polls ... continue reading

WaPo poll finds 90% of Native Americans NOT offended by Washington Redskins name.

Uh oh. So NOBODY cares. Bad news, outrage peddlers. We've known for some time that nobody really cares about your efforts to make America clamor for the end of the racist monstrosity known as the "Washington Redskins."  It's been a non-issue for most people since day one. However, if you hate that ugly ... continue reading

Leaked audio: Hillary says SCOTUS wrong on 2nd Amendment - promises to fight for gun bans

Just in case you were wondering. Democrats always like to claim that "no one's coming after your 2nd Amendment rights."  Then they blather about hunting for a while before, inevitably, they come after your 2nd Amendment rights.   Recently, Hillary's gun control mask slipped a bit when her daughter ... continue reading

Jeb! gives low-energy interview to Dutch paper, basically calls Trump a racist

Try and stay awake through his whole quote! It's hard to blame Jeb! Bush for being angry at Donald Trump.  Anyone who's ever been on the losing end of a playground brawl knows it takes a while to get over the sting of a real drubbing. However, you want to walk away with your head held high.  You don't ... continue reading

Uh-oh. MSNBC has noticed that the Democrat party is a complete train wreck

Divided party, convention battle, unpopular candidate  It was supposed to be the GOP.  The Republicans were supposed to tear themselves apart thanks to a brutal primary, an unpopular candidate the base wouldn't support, disorganization, and intra-party strife. It's still not impossible.  There's a ... continue reading