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Social Security bows to pressure - abruptly ends collection of decades-old debts

The squeaky wheel Yesterday, we talked about how the Treasury had been confiscating people's tax refunds in an effort to collect decades-old debts - often with no evidence of the debt's validity. They were also targeting family members of the supposed debtors, despite the fact that they may not have ever known ... continue reading

The White House wanted Dr. Ben Carson to call Obama and 'apologize for offending him'

Kiss the ring.  If there's one thing we've learned about President Obama, it's this: For all of his bluster, he is supremely thin skinned. Those who dare refuse the chance to kiss his ring tend to find themselves on the receiving end of a presidential hissy fit. Maybe it's because his entire career ... continue reading

Treasury targeting taxpayers for payment of decades old debts incurred by long-dead family members

The government would never abuse its power, right? Buried in the 2011 farm bill was an obscure passage which eliminated the 10-year statute of limitations on the collection of federal debts.  Previously, if Uncle Sam didn't collect after a decade, they were out of luck. That's no longer the case, and ... continue reading

George Will: Intellectually bankrupt and bereft of ideas, liberals have no choice but to cry racism

Or: If your left-wing President is a failure, yell louder!  If you've spent any time watching George Will, you know his outlook can be ...of dubious merit.  He's generally been the poster child for the kind inside-the-beltway country club RINO that the base can't stand. However, every once in a while he ... continue reading

'Shame on Subaru of Wichita' for continuing to embarrass the union goons!

Check out this hilarious dance battle! At the beginning of March Subaru of Wichita found itself on the receiving end of some Union thuggery.  You may remember that this banner popped up in front of the dealership, as protesters tried to "shame" the dealership. As you would imagine, the dealership's ... continue reading

Ted Cruz forces the White House to get one right. Obama denies visa to Iranian UN delegate

Put one in the Ted Cruz win column. On Tuesday, we talked about how Democrats in the Senate had lined up unanimously behind Ted Cruz in the hopes of denying a diplomatic visa to would-be Iranian UN envoy, Hamid Aboutalebi.   Aboutalebi was a terrorist belonged to the "student group" which ... continue reading

Who dodged the shoe better? Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush?

Throwdown. Last night, Hillary Clinton faced the ultimate test of any leader's mettle: the thrown shoe. Apparently, a woman managed to sneak past the ropes during Ms. Clinton's appearance in Las Vegas Thursday.  Once in the crowd, she hurled the offending footwear at the presumptive 2016 Democrat ... continue reading

Obsession: Harry Reid mentions Koch Brothers on the Senate floor - 134 times in under 2 minutes

Reid has a nasty Koch habit  The Washington Free Beacon has been killing it with these "supercuts." First we had Al Sharpton parroting everything that Obama says, then they put the spotlight on the fact that Sharpton "doesn't know what you're talking about."  Now, they've turned their attention to Harry ... continue reading

Stephen Colbert to replace retiring David Letterman

This ought to be interesting.... Moments ago, CBS President Les Moonves announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman when the long-time talk show host retires in 2015. As Entertainment Weekly reports: “Stephen Colbert is one of the most inventive and respected forces on television,” ... continue reading

Not even MSNBC can come up with Hillary's 'main achievement' as Secretary of State

When MSNBC can't sell Hillary, you know things are bad. This morning, MSNBC's Morning Joe panel was discussing Hillary Clinton's stint as Secretary of State. Host Joe Scarborough wanted to know what his guests viewed as Secretary Clinton's "signature achievement" during her tenure.  The clip pretty much ... continue reading

Bombshell: Darrell Issa has evidence that Elijah Cummings was selecting Lois Lerner's targets himself

No wonder he's so desperate to end the hearings... You may recall an incident about a month ago, where House Oversight Committee chairman Representative Darrell Issa cut the power to ranking Democrat Elijah Cummings' microphone. At the time, Cummings was about to launch into another of his patented "these ... continue reading

Holder on tough questioning: 'What Attorney General has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?'

Eric Holder demands your sympathy and pity.  Today, Eric Holder appeared before the National Action Network.  That's the alleged civil rights coalition led by FBI stoolpigeon, MSNBC host, and track suit aficionado Al Sharpton.  Holder was there to address NAN's 2014 convention. During his speech, ... continue reading

Republican Congressman opts out of questioning Holder - implies he should be behind bars

Farenthold 451 - The temperature at which administration witnesses get burned.  Earlier, we watch Attorney General Eric Holder launch into an arrogant, hubristic, verbal assault on Louie Gohmert.  To say the least, it was unprofessional, and reeked of the kind of "untouchable" attitude with which the ... continue reading

Reid, Landrieu, other top Democrats, took money from the Koch Brothers, just like Schumer

Harry Reid a duplicitous snake?  Never! Yesterday, we enjoyed the thank you note that Chuck Schumer sent to KOCHPAC thank them for their "generous" donation. Since Democrats like to portray the Koch Brothers as the enemies of American decency, this must have come as quite a let down to the left-wing brass. ... continue reading

Schumer promises attacks on Koch Brothers will continue - but he sure loves taking their donations

"Thank you so much for the generous KOCHPAC donation" - Chuck Schumer Yesterday, Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe where he made it clear that the Democrats have every intention of keeping their focus on the Koch Brothers. Despite the fact that 52% of Americans have no idea who the ... continue reading

In a unanimous vote, Senate Democrats and Republicans line up behind ...Ted Cruz

Strange bedfellows  If you don't know the name "Hamid Aboutalebi," don't worry.  You're probably better off that way.  Aboutalebi was one of the Muslim students who held 52 American hostages for 444 days following the 1979 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.  He is also Iran's pick to be ... continue reading