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Tim Kaine on abortion: For the Hyde Amendment, or a secret deal to repeal it?

When someone figures out what Hillary's VP thinks, please let him know.  You're probably aware that, since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has barred using tax dollars for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or saving the life of the mother.  There's a good chance that you know Hillary wants it ... continue reading

Why are Democrats worried? Hillary's 'personal' emails are just wedding plans and yoga routines, right?

Sure seems like they're afraid. One of the most telling things about the last few days has been the severity of the collective left-wing freak-out.  When Donald Trump made his comments about Russian hackers releasing Hillary's now-destroyed "personal" correspondence, the reaction was swift, vitriolic, and ... continue reading

Hey, remember when Dems mocked Romney for claiming Russia was a top 'foe?' Good times.

Now that it's Hillary's emails, everything has changed. If you believe Democrats, and you shouldn't, we're all supposed to be really upset about Donald Trump's Russian email comments.  According to the left, Putin is a horrific dictator, Russia is our enemy, and there's a good chance Donald Trump has ... continue reading

Ironic: Biden freaks out about Putin vs. 'our allies' - didn't seem to care about Obama's 'flexibility'

You want a hack?  Here's Joe Biden. If the Democrats had the decency to allow Joe Biden to become their 2016 nominee, this race would already be over. Conservatives love to deride "crazy Uncle Joe" as a gaffe-prone loon but, as I've said from the start, he's a vastly superior candidate compared to Hillary ... continue reading

Don't look now, but the IRS just launched an investigation into the Clinton Foundation

Timing is everything. Hillary's having a rough week.  Not only are Trump's poll numbers climbing, the DNC email leak is overshadowing her convention and now she's going to have to deal with another investigation.  This time it's the IRS that's digging into the Clinton's affairs, by way of their shady ... continue reading

Trump to Russia: 'If you're listening' do us a favor and release all of Hillary's deleted emails!

Heh heh.  This election season may be chaotic, unprecedented, and borderline insane, but at least it's also going to be fun. Trump's a master at pushing people's buttons and controlling the media, so watching him mercilessly troll Hillary Clinton should be hoot.  If today's Trump press conference ... continue reading

Irony alert! Fauxcahontas moans 'the system is rigged' while speaking at Hillary Clinton's convention

Ya don't say, Elizabeth Warren. "The system is rigged," and Elizabeth Warren "gets it." That's the message Fauxcahontas delivered  - not as a joke, or as part of a comedy bit - during last night's DNC Convention remarks.   Warren, a "filthy one-percenter" who apparently doesn't understand the concept of ... continue reading

Hillary: Golly, I had no idea the DNC was rigging the primaries

She's just as shocked as you are.  Whenever there's a scandal involving a Clinton, you can be sure that the Clintons knew nothing about it. They are forever "out of the loop" when it comes to the sleazy, underhanded activities of their lackeys.  This has been true in virtually every nefarious ... continue reading

Guess what, Dems. Donna Brazile, your DNC interim chair, hates Bernie too!

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. UPDATE: Brazile out! Replaced by Marcia Fudge, who we're totally sure doesn't hate Bernie. She claims she was picked "weeks ago." With Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down at the end of the week, someone needs to step up and try to put the DNC's train wreck back on the ... continue reading

Former Dating Game contestant, Jennifer Granholm, to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Setting the bar nice and low. If you know two things about Jennifer Granholm, you probably know that A: She ran the state of Michigan into the ground like a gubernatorial kamikaze pilot, and B: Her biggest claim to fame is an epic appearance on the Dating Game back in the 70's. Evidence of the former is ... continue reading

Debbie Wasserman Schultz booed off the stage at pre-convention delegate breakfast

Monday morning schadenfreude  Poor Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She did what she was told, rigged the Democrat primaries to the best of her ability, and now everyone's angry at her.  Why can't people understand that she was just doing what God-Emperor Hillary Rodham Clinton demanded? Take this ... continue reading

Hillary taps pro-TPP, pro bank, Tim Kaine for VP - 'Loves' that he's boring

Exciting absolutely no one.  Well, it looks like the rumor everyone has already heard turned out to be the worst-kept secret in American politics.  Hillary Clinton has selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her vice-presidential running mate.  As the Grey Lady (The New York Times, not ... continue reading

How bad is the press? So bad this guy was playing Pokemon Go during a State Dept. briefing

Forget ISIS! I'm on my Pokemon journey! We all know that, under the Obama administration, State Department briefings are pretty much worthless.  When they're not filled with outright lies, they're thick with spin, obfuscation, and misdirection. But, and this is an important point, if you're a reporter ... continue reading

Good News for Trump: The conservative pundit class hated his speech

He can win this. Last night, while watching Donald Trump's speech, I realized two things. The first was that the so-called "conservative pundit class" would hate his address. The second is that this election is now Trump's to lose. On the first point, I was proven right before the speech even ended.  A quick ... continue reading

The Final Night! GOP Convention Day 4 ...Live Stream here!

Your Next President? Well, you've made it. You're almost at the end. You've survived video outages, plagiarism, confetti, non-endorsements, cover bands, and Chris Christie. It's been a long, arduous trial, and now you get the good stuff.   We've arrived at the final night of the GOP convention. Tonight, ... continue reading

Federal judge blocks Michigan ban on straight party voting ... because it's racist

We can't expect blacks to know the names of the people they're voting for. Recently, Michigan lawmakers passed a measure that would have eliminated the option to vote a straight ticket.  The law would have brought the mitten in line with 39 other states that already eliminated straight-party voting. ... continue reading