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Hillary: I'll tell you my position on Keystone XL when I'm president

Bonus: Check out the faces (circled in red) of her adoring supporters as she perpetrates this dodge. Since Hillary Clinton wants your vote for the presidency, you might consider it reasonable that you'd want to know her position on all kinds of issues, including the Keystone XL pipeline. Well, she doesn't agree. ... continue reading

GOP House member files resolution to remove Boehner as Speaker

The start of something? This is a first. No member of the House of Representatives has ever filed a resolution to remove the Speaker of the House. The resolution is going nowhere, you understand, because the proscibed process puts it in front of a committe that's packed with Boehner loyalists who will simply bury ... continue reading

Global warming update: There's still snow on the ground in Buffalo

It's July, folks. July. You remember the Snowvember storm that slammed Buffalo, right? It forced the Bills out of a scheduled home game. It piled six feet of snow on the western New York stronghold. You figured the snow would take a long time to melt. But surely it would all be gone by late July, yes? No: ... continue reading

Obama to Africa: Get over your past, stop relying on others and solve your own problems

Wait . . . what? We would now like to share with you an excerpt from a speech by Ronald Reagan, in which he tells historically impoverished people that even though they've had a rough go of it, they should realize that their best hope going forward is not to blame others or to look to others to rescue them, but ... continue reading

Apparently Hillary's going to deny sending classified e-mails as long as she can get away with it

Which won't be long. If this is starting to sound familiar to you, I think I know why. A Clinton tells what sounds like a lie, but you can't be sure because you don't have proof. Yet. The Clinton not only clings to the lie but is quite assertive in doing so. I never did that. The record is clear. Of course, the ... continue reading

Obama tries to lecture president of Kenya on gay rights . . . that doesn't go so well

Faced. One thing everyone knows about a narcissist is that he thinks everything is about him. The Supreme Court makes gay marriage legal in all 50 states, and the next thing you know the White House is bathed in the gay rainbow colors. Why? Because Barack Obama thinks he did it. And he needs you to know that this ... continue reading

Wow: Ted Cruz rips Mitch McConnell a new one on Senate floor, says he lied to him about Ex-Im Bank

"Like Saint Peter, he repeated it three times." You just don't see this in the U.S. Senate. Or you didn't, before Ted Cruz got there. And frankly it's about time someone called Mitch McConnell out for the crap he pulls. The subject is the Export-Import Bank, and Cruz asked McConnell point blank to tell him if a ... continue reading

Slate columnist: I hate that I love to grill because I'm supposed to be a feminist dude

This has to be a gag, right? OK, that's a good one, Jacob Brogan. Not only is your essay in Slate a hilarious parody of these self-styled feminist men, who indulge daily in self-loathing because of any and every last masculine impulse they might have, but you wrote it so convincingly that you managed to fool the ... continue reading

WaPo's Dana Milbank: This Scott Walker kind of reminds me of Joe McCarthy, huh?

Desperation. Here's what you need to know about Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. He's a liberal, of course, but he's a particular kind of liberal. There are different breeds, after all. Milbank is one of those who's spent way too much time in Washington and has come to mistake many of the presumptions ... continue reading

59 percent say businesses should have right to decline gay wedding business

And the number is rising. This doesn't exactly put me in the mood to celebrate, because it still means 41 percent of Americans are OK with fascism. But it least it confirms what you sort of suspect, which is that the enforcers of the New Mandatory Gay Orthodoxy are a vocal minority and don't in any way represent ... continue reading

Planned Parenthood drags feet on briefing Congress; DOJ might investigate, maybe . . .

. . . then again, not if they can help it. You can see how Planned Parenthood and its protectors are playing this. Drag out the process, attack the Center for Medical Progress for the manner in which the videos were made, claim victim status, lean on legal technicalities and hope the whole thing fades from the ... continue reading

Trump is leading because he's playing media fools like a fiddle

Useful idiots. You've probably heard about the new ABC/Washington Post poll that shows Donald Trump opening up a big lead among Republican presidential contenders, pulling 24 percent of respondents compared with second-place Scott Walker's 13 percent. The political media, of course, are flabbergasted as to how ... continue reading

How Iran can delay inspections for months using the language of the agreement

Anytime access? Not even close. One of the problems with having a compliant, subserviant media is that the public gets reassured far too easily about things that don't really call for such reassurance. The focus of the media's coverage on the Iran nuclear deal has been that it's "historic" and that it prevents ... continue reading

New video: Another Planned Parenthood butcher haggles over fetal tissue prices

And makes it clear she's willing to compromise patient care to get the deals done. The Center for Medical Progress has put out another undercover Planned Parenthood video, and on first glance I had a bit of a problem with this one that I didn't see with the first one. Whoever it is that's talking to Dr. Mary ... continue reading

Washington Post pretty excited Hillary said 'black lives matter' and didn't hedge or anything

Or whoever runs her Facebook page did, anyway. Every time I think media coverage of presidential politics can't get any more sad and pathetic, I come across something like this. Of course, the whole storyline concerning #blacklivesmatter and whether certain candidates utter the phrase in compliance with Official ... continue reading

The silly outrage that follows a candidate's insensitive words

Why can't a caustic jackhole be a good president? Someone must have really said something horrible when a bunch of people who can't stand John McCain are incensed over a purported insult of John McCain. Someone needs to explain the rules to Donald Trump: The senator from Arizona, who regularly refers to those who ... continue reading