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Global warmists tell feds: Use anti-mafia law to prosecute 'climate deniers'

And one of those making the demand is a U.S. senator. Before you say this could never happen, let me ask you: Did you ever think people would be given six-figure fines for declining to bake a cake? And not only that, but see significant numbers of Americans agree with it happening? Orthodoxies are powerful ... continue reading

Oops: Iran deal impossible to implement without violating law Obama signed in 2012

So Obama will violate his own law, natch. Great find here by James Rosen at Fox News. Supposedly the Iran deal affirms that all existing laws pertaining to Iran remain in place with the implementation of the agreement. But as you'll see here, that gives us quite the paradox, as the Iran Threat Reducation and ... continue reading

So good: Ben Carson goes to National Press Club and tells media how awful they are

Yes. Last week Rob explained one of the main reasons Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican nomination race, in spite of having spent only $2 million on his campaign so far. In essence, Trump understands what traditional Republican candidates don't about how to deal with the media: Don't take their crap, ... continue reading

Roseburg gives Obama the non-welcome he asked for

Think mass shootings "should be politicized," champ? OK, here you go. The left and the media are trying to dismiss the protesters as rude "gun nuts," but you know that's not really what's at issue here. Had Obama not taken to his press room podium within hours of the shooting and brazenly politicized the shooting ... continue reading

Paul Ryan for Speaker talk sure is getting to be ubiquitous

The only real option? In the aftermath of Kevin McCarthy's withdrawal from the Speaker race, all the talk this morning seems to be focused on one name - one very reluctant name: Paul Ryan. Ryan says he doesn't want the job and would prefer to remain as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, ... continue reading

Obama vows veto of bill lifting oil export ban

Build windmills instead, suckers. A lot of you are not old enough to remember the energy crisis of the 1970s. I just barely remember it. An oil embargo by Middle Eastern states was one of the major causes, and the resulting shortage saw gas lines and gave us a president who implored us in a cardigan sweater not ... continue reading

Obama threatens to veto defense bill unless Congress lets him spend more elsewhere

And transfer terrorists from Guantanamo. For a guy who regularly accuses Republicans in Congress of manufacturing crises, President Obama sure doesn't mind manufacturing one of h is own when someone starts pulling in the reins on his favorite activities - like spending taxpayer money. So it's with no apparent ... continue reading

Panic time: Second data company backed up Hillary's e-mails to cloud without telling Team Clinton

"You have a cloud? You were not told to have a cloud!" Poor Datto Inc. Apparently, when they were hired to provide backup for Hillary's homebrew e-mail server, they thought they were supposed to play it straight and actually provide backup so the data could be recovered in the event of the server being ... continue reading

Wait . . . what? Doctors re-attach toddler's head after accident causes 'internal decapitation'

Amazing . . . and he's expected to make a full recovery. Like you probably, I had never before today heard of an "internal decapitation." But I suppose the meaning is clear enough. Without your head actually being ripped and physically separated from your body, the inside parts become detached and the effect is ... continue reading

Khamenei: All negotiations with the U.S. are banned

If only Obama had thought of this. Maybe he figures it's like going to a casino. When you've been winning like crazy, you have to realize your luck can't go on forever. Take your chips, cash them in and get out now. Or maybe he realizes it's just a matter of time before he won't have chumps like Obama and Kerry ... continue reading

Roseburg, Oregon newspaper publisher: Obama not welcome to show up and politicize the shooting

"Now he wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some sort of political point." You can say that David Jacques is just one guy if you want. And you can choose not to believe him when he tells you that "dozens upon dozens" of local residents feel the same. But even if you ... continue reading

Newly released Hillary e-mails show how Clinton Foundation donors bought themselves State Dept. access

Pay to play. It's really not hard to put this together. On the one hand, you've got a highly ambitious, money-grubbing politician who is obsessed with becoming president - but who has to settle for Secretary of State because actually getting elected proves difficult when you're an unappealing and totally inept ... continue reading

I will defend Christianity around the world, says . . . Vladimir Putin?

Da. A friend of mine responded to the headline as follows: "Hitler said the same thing in 1933." Lest you get concepts confused, I don't think Putin is talking about riding in shirtless on a horse to defend the rights of Christian bakeries and florists, nor to save the would-be victims of Christian-hating gunmen. ... continue reading

The idiotic narrative over Kevin McCarthy's supposed Benghazi 'gaffe'

This town of fools. Some of you get mad at me because a lot of my columns conclude with serious doubts about whether this nation can survive. Often I'm quoting long-term debt figures and things of that nature. But the real reason I have these doubts is not so much the fiscal realities, which could be turned ... continue reading

Brilliant: Charles C.W. Cooke nukes every liberal gun control argument on MSNBC

"Stop saying it's complicated!" The liberal playbook in the aftermath of any mass shooting works like this: The left, usually taking it cue from President Obama, declares that we once again have all the proof we need that we need to ban guns (except that they phrase it as "common-sense gun safety laws"), and that ... continue reading

Report: Oregon shooter targeted Christians, railed against 'organized religion'

Meanwhile, Obama yammers about gun control as usual. Details are still emerging, and it's impossible to make absolute statements at this point. But based on the statements of at least one eyewitness and some of the investigators on the case, Oregon shooter Christopher Harper Mercer not only railed against ... continue reading