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Hillary approached king of Morocco offering appearance for $12 million . . .

. . . then welched on her end of the deal when she thought it might look bad politically. I guess this one falls under the highly overutilized heading of If-This-Was-Any-Other-Election-Year-This-Would-End-Her, but maybe there are some of you who still care about a candidate for president of the United States ... continue reading

Obama on soaring health insurance premiums: 'I had nothing to do with that'

Dude. Sure, it's classic Obama deflection. He could probably smear dog crap on the bottom of your shoe and somehow make the case that it was all because of Republicans. He is that brazen. But it's also a classic case of something Obama shares with many other liberals - the utter failure to understand that when ... continue reading

VIDEO: Trump, Hillary try to deliver (not be) punchlines at Al Smith Dinner

Open mic night. I'm not the biggest fan of these events where politicians get up and try to be funny, while the formally clad political class mixes polite laughter with the real thing. I'd say the performances at last night's Al Smith Dinner did little to change my opinion about that, but I'll give you the chance ... continue reading

Um, losing candidates don't have to 'accept the results'

They just lose, and it's over. Of course, there was one who sued. This whole business about Donald Trump "refusing to accept the results" of the election has got to be the biggest nothingburger of a story the media have ever concocted, for multiple reasons. First, their horror over Trump casting doubt on the ... continue reading

Media now hyperventilating because Trump said 'bad hombres'

The horror. It's not their main anti-Trump debate storyline, of course. That's the whole Trump-won't-accept-the-election-result nonsense, and we'll get to that posthaste. But you need more than one trivial waste of time to avoid talking about the collapse of ObamaCare and the weakness of GDP growth. So have at ... continue reading

Skipped Trump vs. Hillary in favor of Dodgers vs. Cubs? Here's the whole thing!

We understand. Who won last night? The Cubs! With a 10-2 pounding of the Dodgers. Oh, Not what you meant? Maybe you're just not a fan of staying up that late to watch two adults argue with each other, or you have to get up early for work. We get it. So in the interest of your sleep and sanity, we now present . . ... continue reading

Former Arkansas TV reporter: Bill Clinton sexually assaulted me three times in 1980

A new Clinton accuser for the media to ignore. "He started hunching me to the point where he had an orgasm." That's a taste of her story. She tells it to Breitbart, probably because if she took it to CNN they'd call the cops on her. And I'll be honest: If the media hadn't established this type of thing as news by ... continue reading

Of course the election is rigged, but not quite in the way Trump is suggesting

And his muddled way of talking about it is giving the riggers an easy way to escape accountability. Yes, voter fraud is real. We've shown you that here and here. And yes, the criminal justice system is rigged to ensure that certain Democrat presidential nominees pay no price for committing felonies at the ... continue reading

VIDEO: Three minutes of public Hillary contradicting private Hillary

From the Washington Post, no less. Two cheers to the Washington Post for putting this together. They've been about the biggest Hillary shills this side of CNN throughout this entire campaign, but in this case they actually did their jobs and pointed out how Hillary's public statements before certain groups ... continue reading

WikiLeaks drop of the day: Politico reporter ran story by Hillary's campaign chair before publishing it

We don't call it the Worst Web Site In The World for nothing, folks. There are two ways you can read this. Neither one is good for The Worst Web Site In The World and its White House reporter, Glenn Thrush. The worse of the two is that Politico is shamelessly writing campaign propaganda for Hillary, and that ... continue reading

Why the quid pro quo of Hillary's helpers is far worse than Trump's awful tape

Playing politics with law enforcement and national security, all to cover up a felony. To the extent it's being covered, you keep hearing this morning of a "quid pro quo" proposed by the State Department to the FBI in an attempt to hide Hillary's criminal mishandling of classified material. This revelation, which ... continue reading

Oh by the way, there's absolutely no data to back up the idea that racist cops are brutalizing black men

Says none other than FBI Director Jim Comey. Just in case you've forgotten, or never realized, we're having the wrong debate over this whole national anthem nonsense. What we keep debating is whether it's appropriate for athletes, led by crappy 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick, to sit or take a knee ... continue reading

Apparently you now have to apologize if you criticize Colin Kaepernick

Even if you're a liberal Supreme Court Justice. In fact, especially then. I've noticed with interest in recent years how certain public figures or notions take on a sense of sacrosanctity. These are the people or ideas that no one can question or criticize without coming in for a firestorm of pressure and ... continue reading

Ken Bone latest regular guy to get media rectal exam for asking candidates a question

Scrutiny! Not of the candidate. Of you. The question Ken Bone asked at last Sunday night's debate was really not all that remarkable. A fairly standard inquiry about energy policy - a good question, to be sure, but usually not the sort of thing that turns you into an Internet sensation. Then again, you know that ... continue reading

Lance Wallnau on Trump and Hillary: 'God can anoint the jawbone of an ass, but He can't use a Jezebel'

Not backing down. I told you some months back about an intriguing word from Christian teacher Lance Wallnau, who says he has heard from God that He is raising up Donald Trump to be a "wrecking ball against the spirit of political correctness." You might think that Wallnau would back off that assertion somewhat in ... continue reading

Kim Strassel sums up the Hillary bombshells the press has ignored all week

"A devastating case against a Clinton presidency." I've often told you how highly I recommend Kim Strassel's Friday Potomac Watch column in the Wall Street Journal. Strassel is an excellent writer and she does a deep dive into things that are happening in Washington that no one else is telling you about. But ... continue reading