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Republicans warn Obama: No global warming money if he end-runs Congress

Another shutdown showdown? Just in case you were under the impression Obama is merely wasting time at the UN Climate Conference in Paris, no, he's looking to waste a fair amount of U.S. taxpayer money too - with $3 billion set to directly from the U.S. Treasury to the UN Green Climate Fund. Now you might remember ... continue reading

Alan Grayson: If Ted Cruz is elected president, I'll sue

A natural-born moron. Hey, why not? In addition to being a bomb-throwing liberal, Alan Grayson's pedigree is as a trial lawyer. Suing because he's mad about something seems pretty natural for a guy like that. And since Democrats have treated the last three congressional elections as largely illegitimate - ... continue reading

Liberals pretty hopeful that Planned Parenthood shooter will turn out to be a Christian

Which we don't yet know, but one of his victims was a pro-life Christian police officer. Let's say nothing else before we say this: We don't know why Robert Lewis Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs on Friday, but it doesn't matter why he did it. It's a horrible, detestable act and everyone - ... continue reading

Cruise missiles hit ISIS compound . . . no sillies, not ours

In Soviet Russia, horse ride you. Remember the last time we decided to let the Russians do a signifcant share of the fighting for us in a war? What resulted from that? Oh, right, 44 years behind the Iron Curtain for Eastern Europe. Because the Russians never do anything unless they've first calculated how they're ... continue reading

Obama's climate negotiator: China's CO2 output can keep rising because their economy needs to grow

Unlike ours, apparently, because we would have to cut back immediately. Let's not forget the other travesty going on in Paris at the moment - the one Obama thinks will really show ISIS that we mean business. That's the one in which elected officials from nations across the globe conspire to raise taxes and put ... continue reading

Awesome: Carly Fiorina explains how God got her attention

Can't fake this. This is one of those clips that I would only stain by adding many words to it. I know there are a lot of people who don't trust Carly Fiorina's conservatism or her faith proclamations because they seem like rather recent developments and quite convenient to her presidential aspirations. Regarding ... continue reading

Democrats more determined to stop Pfizer inversion than ISIS

Some Republicans too. You can usually tell where people's hearts really are by what animates them. There are situations when they know they're supposed to look and sound passionate. And then there are situations in which they really are. There was much fire-breathing on Capitol Hill yesterday, not because of the ... continue reading

If Trump lied about 9/11 celebrations in NJ, why did WaPo report in 2001 that it happened?

Another "fact checker" facepalm. Hat tips here to Allahpundit and John Hindraker. You've probably heard today some variation the idea that "fact checkers are shredding Donald Trump's story" about having seen people in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. This is one of these stories that liberals claim has been ... continue reading

Dear Left: No one is 'giving in to fear and hatred' so you can put a sock in that lecture

Narrative-killing time. Before we go any farther in the current discussions about ISIS and how to fight them, we need to take a quick pause and destroy a rising narrative on the left. It’s the one where they lecture you not to “give in to fear.” The premise here is that people who should be ... continue reading

What does the Bible really say about taking in Syrian refugees?

Not what the left, the media and quite a few Christians would have you think. It's always problematic when you look to the mainstream media and other left-wingers for an understanding of what Scripture says. To listen to them, you'd think Jesus was concerned with little more than sending checks to the poor, ... continue reading

UnitedHealth, nation's largest health insurer, ready to bail on ObamaCare

"We see no data pointing to improvement." Who saw this coming? Oh right. Lots of us. The ObamaCare economic model is based on the idea that you can mandate generous benefits, limit prices and take away all discretion from insurers about who can be covered. How can an insurer possibly expect to make money under a ... continue reading

Harry Reid: No way that refugee vetting bill survives in the Senate

Filibuster coming. The Paul Ryan-led House was not intimidated by Obama's veto threats, nor did it need to be in passing a bill that strengthens vetting of Syrian refugees with a veto-proof majority that included 47 Democrat votes. If Obama succeeds in his determination to let ISIS members slip in among the ... continue reading

France confirms Paris attack ringleader has been sent to Allah

Justice. French officials confirmed this morning that they killed the ringleader of the Paris terror attacks in an early-morning police raid. The ringleader was Pierre Mondeaux, an evangelical Christian who led Wednesday night Bible studies and preached Jesus Christ to passers-by on Paris street corners. Just ... continue reading

Obama threatens to veto bill boosting refugee scrutiny

Confrontation. Help me work this out. We've reached the point where the public takes threats to national security more seriously than the president does. OK, he's a hard-core leftist and they're not, which is why they twice elected Republican Congresses in off-year elections to put a restraining order on his ... continue reading

Russian foreign minister: Obama wants to spare ISIS so they can force Assad out in Syria

"It looks like a cat that wants to eat a fish but doesn’t want to wet its feet." If we're going to quote Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov - and we are - this is probably as good a time as any to remember that everyone who takes a shot at Barack Obama is not necessarily someone we should admire or ... continue reading

Obama's latest response to Paris: Shut down Gitmo in violation of law he signed

Double down. Nothing says you're serious about America's security quite like bringing hordes of potential jihadists to your own shores and settling them in neighborhoods, which is why Barack Obama is so determined to accept thousands of Syrian refugees with no way of knowing their degree of radicalization. But ... continue reading