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VIDEO: Trump promises to 'get rid of that crooked woman'

Much to the horror of the deep-in-the-tank Washington Post. The real reason Trump is so hated by the political press is not that they don't like what he would do as president. They don't even have any idea what he would do as president. The real reason they hate him is that he not only refuses to play by their ... continue reading

Earth to Democrats/media: All smart people try to minimize their tax liability

Preferably to zero. You're a fool if you don't. One of the reasons I hate politics is that political people exist in a world completely divorced from the reality in which normal people live. In the fantasy world of political people, the most wonderful and high-minded thing you can do is fork over an enormous ... continue reading

Here's how presidential debates should actually work

Nothing like last night. Watching my Tigers go down to the Indians last night was not much fun, especially since we had to swallow the very tough pill of watching the Indians celebrate on our field after clinching the American League Central Division title by beating us 7-4 last night. (So fine, OK, ... continue reading

No matter how Trump does tonight, the story will be something 'controversial' he says

The lead is already written. I am not looking forward to tonight's debate. (In fact, I'm going to the Tiger game. Trump can take care of Hillary while we take care of the Indians.) And one of the reasons I'm not looking forward to it is that it won't really be a debate. Presidential debates are not serious ... continue reading

Professor who calls every presidential race correctly: Get ready for President Trump

Eight of the last eight, right on the money. If you don't know the name Allan Lichtman, I can hardly blame you. Only the junkiest of political junkies consider him a celebrity, but he does have a pretty interesting streak going. Lichtman has correctly predicted the winners of the last eight presidential ... continue reading

Vindictive sportswriter pretty pleased with himself for (he thinks) ending career of backup catcher

For writing a few conservative social media posts, Steve Clevenger became the target of obsessive stalker Bob Nightengale. We told you Friday about the disgusting attack leveled against Seattle Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger by USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale. Because Clevenger had made a couple of posts on ... continue reading

Turns out the FBI gave Hillary crony Cheryl Mills an immunity deal too

Jason Chaffetz: "I've lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out." You know why you typically grant immunity to a witness, yes? You do it because you need the information they can give you in order to reel in the really big fish, but they're reluctant to ... continue reading

Media now demanding that ballplayers who criticize Charlotte rioters be cut by their teams

Meet terrible USA Today sportswriter Bob Nightengale, who thinks free speech is only for people like him. Let me introduce you to Bob Nightengale. He is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution. He is an enemy of the truth. He is an enemy of free speech. He is an enemy of what's good. He is an enemy of you. Tough stuff, ... continue reading

Hillary: Know what? We should raise the death tax as high as 65 percent

Three brackets, all higher than the current 45 percent. We've discussed the death tax a fair amount around here, and for better or for worse it usually breaks down to two arguments. Defenders of the tax say there's no reason the children of rich people should feel entitled to get all their parents' money, since ... continue reading

This may be the worst 58 seconds of candidate video in the history of the world

"Why aren't I 50 points ahead, you might ask." My God. What is this even supposed to be? I guess she's giving a pre-recorded (or maybe live via video) address to a union convention. No set-up can do this justice. Just be thankful it's only 58 seconds of your life, and that you didn't have to watch it more than ... continue reading

Hillary tweet joins in falsely slandering Charlotte cops as racist murderers, helps spark deadly riots

People are getting beaten and a city is being destroyed, and she has just joined in spreading the lie that made it all happen. Yesterday we told you about how the news media slandered Charlotte police officers, suggesting that they were white racists monsters who shot an innocent black man who was merely reading ... continue reading

Fox poll: Trump leads in Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina

Unstoppable? All three of these states went for George W. Bush twice. All three went for Barack Obama twice. Conventional wisdom is that all three have in 12 years gone from red states to exceedingly difficult challenges for any Republican because of demographics. But what if that's not true? What if Obama was a ... continue reading

Sorry, media: Black Charlotte chief says suspect had a gun, which is why black officer shot him

Witnesses corroborate, and no book was found anywhere. Not that there is ever a good reason to have a riot, but the Charlotte rioters might be interested to know they bought a line of crap from the media, which just sent 23 people to the hospital and unleashed hours of chaos in the streets for no reason ... continue reading

Media successfully spark more riots, even though no one is sure what really happened in Charlotte

Mission accomplished. Truth unimportant. Here was the first thing you heard from every journalist rushing to be among the first to tell the story. "Police shoot unarmed black man." Then there were other early-emerging stories, like the one that claimed the "unarmed black man" was retreating and had his hands up, ... continue reading

Too good: Hillary's e-mail wiper went on Reddit for advice on how to hide a 'VERY VIP' address

Only to begin furiously deleting all the posts - just yesterday, mind you - when other Reddit users realized who he was. If you don't know the name Paul Combetta, you might simply remember him as Stonetear. That's how he's apparently known both on Reddit and on Etsy, and he's the guy at Platte River Networks who ... continue reading

NPR: OK, fine, it looks like Trump has a viable path to 270 after all

Another dam breaks. As the polls have sped in a pro-Trump direction over the course of the past week, Hillary loyalists and their media servants (but I repeat myself) have insisted that regardless of what you see in national polling, the electoral map is simply too difficult for Trump to actually give him a ... continue reading