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Phil Gramm on how and why Obama's policies have squelched economic growth

Cause and effect. We argue all the time that Obama's high-tax, high-regulation, union-friendly policies have hurt the U.S. economy, but arguments about economic policy are tricky things. The other side will point to their own numbers. When they start talking about unemployment being down to 5.6 percent, they say ... continue reading

Upcoming book will show Clinton Foundation donors got special treatment from Hillary's State Department

And astonishingly, the MSM seem interested in the story. If you've never heard of Peter Schweizer, you're about to. And you're not already convinced that Bill Clinton's Wife used her position as Secretary of State to secure cash donations for herself and Bill Clinton's Wife's Husband, you may soon be left with ... continue reading

Very impressive: Bowl Cut Jr. climbs gigantic mountain in overcoat and dress shoes

Cult of personality. His father claimed to have shot 11 holes-in-one the first time he ever played golf. So hey, why not? Bowl Cut Jr. could climb the tallest mountain in North Korea. And apparently he could do it without any mountain-climbing gear whatsoever - and without proper shoes, and in an overcoat. ... continue reading

I live in Grandville, Michigan, so I guess I should talk about this repair shop guy who won't serve gays

He's wrong. Wow. The town where I live is in the national spotlight. How fantastic. I don't know Brian Klawiter personally, nor had I ever heard of him or his business before this story came out. His shop isn't far from my church but it's on the north end of Grandville and I live on the south end. Anyway, my ... continue reading

Rand Paul (video): So why does Hillary take so much money from abusers of women's rights?

And why don't the media ever ask her about it? You already know a lot of this, but Paul offers two specific examples and something even better: Clearly, he's going to keep after the media for dogging Republicans on abortion and whatever else, while showing no interest whatsoever in the complete and obvious ... continue reading

VIDEO: Same TMZ reporter approaches Rubio and Hillary

Guess which one was friendly and accommodating . . . and which one, er, wasn't. Apples and oranges here? First, watch the two videos. The Rubio one is just over a minute. The one with Bill Clinton's Wife is much shorter. Here, I guess, would be the defense of Hillary: The reporter obviously makes a much ... continue reading

Tampa Bay Times knew in advance about gyrocopter landing on Capitol grounds . . .

. . . and kept it under wraps so they could get a scoop and web traffic. The next time someone posts a link from the fraudulent "fact checkers" at PolitiFact, know that their bosses at the Tampa Bay Times - which runs that propaganda web site disguised as objective journalism - observe no limits in their ... continue reading

Clinton Foundation: Come to think of it, we'll just keep right on accepting money from foreign governments

Natch. Surely you can relate to this sticky problem. Instead of having an actual job, you have this foundation and your high-flying lifestyle is supported by donations to the foundation - many of which come from foreign governments. But you're running for president of the United States, and some people think that ... continue reading

Congress ends 'doc fix' charade; now the Medicaid spending blowout will be out in the open

Clarity. You may have never heard of the so-called "doc fix," as it's one of those Washington phenemona that normal people have neither the time nor the inclination to care about. But know this: It's the central feature of a an attempt by the political class to pull the wool over your eyes concerning the true ... continue reading

DEA chief to Congress: Sorry, we can't fire agents who had sex parties paid for by drug cartels

Civil service protections for government employees, you understand. You're a federal agent, working for the Drug Enforcement Agency, and you're in Colombia on an assignment to help take down Colombian drug cartels. It's hard work. You'd love some R&R. And hey! It turns out you and a bunch of your fellow ... continue reading

Of course: Bill Clinton's Wife ignored a congressional inquiry about private e-mails two years ago

Above the law. The storyline was understood to be this: Some months ago, Congress asked about reports that Bill Clinton's Wife had used a private e-mail server to conduct her business as Secretary of State during her tenure from 2009-2013. It took several months for Mrs. Bill to respond, and when she did, she ... continue reading

BREAKING: Obama to remove Cuba from State Dept.'s list of state-sponsors of terror

Facepalm. Just terrible. What's next? Ending the trade embargo? Handing over Gitmo? Here's more from Bloomberg: President Barack Obama notified Congress that he intends to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism, less than a week after meeting with Cuban President Raul Castro in Panama. The move ... continue reading

As Russians sell missiles to Iran, Congress closes on legislation requiring review of Obama's deal

But why do they need it when the Constitution already gives them that authority? This is horrifying, but it's hilarious too. Some country wants to take action that will put weapons in the hands of Iran's mad mullahs? Why, that's just irresponsible, says . . . John Kerry? Hey, it's one thing if Kerry and Barack ... continue reading

VIDEO: Watch the Rubio announcement and tell us it's not awesome

"The one place on Earth where the aspirations of people like them could be more than just dreams." I have issues with Marco Rubio, although they're probably not the same issues many of you have. The lack of executive experience concerns me. The fact that he has only four years' in the Senate concerns me a little, ... continue reading

Iran: Just to be clear, no one's going to be inspecting our military sites

Trust them. How do we know that Iran will abide by the terms of the proposed agreement being worked out with the U.S. and other nations, specifically that it will not build nuclear weapons? Why, because they agreed to it! And how will we know they are keeping their word? Why, inspections, silly! And how extensive ... continue reading

Great news: Raul Castro considers Obama 'an honest man'

Kindred spirits. Well this just warms the heart. A highly emotional Marxist dictator goes through a long list of grievances with American presidents for their horrendous crimes against the despotic regime that rules the socialist paradise. But then . . . but then . . . he comes to the one president who is ... continue reading