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Dan Calabrese

Dan Calabrese

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4.0 percent 2Q growth: Is the Obama economic juggernaut here?

No. The nation’s economic performance in the first quarter of this year couldn’t have been much worse, as the gross domestic product actually contracted by 2.1 percent, or so says the latest revision from the Commerce Department. (First they said it was a 1.0 percent contraction, then they revised it ... continue reading

VIDEO: Dog finds abandoned baby with umbilical cord still attached

Baby alive and in hospital; mother watched whole thing from across the street. This happened in Diamond Lake, Michigan - not far from where I live in the Grand Rapids area. It's shocking, and yet it's not, because you and I both know that the culture has led us to this. The basics: A dog is leading his owner Jeff ... continue reading

Obama refuses to arm Ukraine

New sanctions tougher, but include nothing to stop Putin's aggression. The U.S. and the European Union did something marginally positive yesterday, toughening sanctions against Russia by widening the list of Russian banks who will have their access to American capital restricted, while also blocking technology ... continue reading

AFSCME ends financial support of black colleges because they accepted Koch brothers gift

Tolerance. Not surprisingly given the source, the Associated Press completely misses the real news in its own story here - even though it's glossed over in the lead. The headline, which sets the stage for most of the copy, says, "Black colleges face hard choices on $25M Koch gift." The real news is this: Public ... continue reading

Biden: I should have had one Republican kid so I could have some money

"So when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view." Are you sure you're all in for impeachment? This guy's a heartbeat away. First of all, kudos to Biden's daughter for running an at-risk program for men getting out of prison. That is a good work. She is to be commended. Having said that: When you ... continue reading

ESPN (and lots of others): Tony Dungy's opinion must not be heard

Even the tamest of truths about the gay agenda cannot be expressed, ever. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion these days that if you say a word about homosexuality - unless it's to express unrestrained celebration of it - you will be attacked in the most vile of terms. Michelle Malkin's Twitchy has done a nice ... continue reading

VIDEO: Rick Perry reveals that Obama threatened governors at recent meeting

Petulant president. Hardly a surprise: During a recent meeting with the nation's governors, President Obama made clear his top priority, which is to make sure that the governors don't go talking out of turn or criticizing his policies in any way. Texas Gov. Rick Perry saw no reason to keep this a secret, and as ... continue reading

BREAKING: ObamaCare in big trouble as federal court nixes subsidies

Mortal wound? In a ruling that poses a much bigger threat to ObamaCare than the Hobby Lobby ruling - and we're talking about a potentially existential threat here - a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. has ruled that the federal government cannot provide direct insurance subsidies to people who ... continue reading

VIDEO: Black conservatives harassed at NAACP convention

Rage. The back story here is that 2014 is the first year black conservatives - or in this case blacks representing Freedom Works - were allowed to set up a booth at the NAACP convention. So one cheer to the NAACP for finally making that long overdue move. And while the video only shows one woman's rage against ... continue reading

Gov. Rick Perry: Fine, if you won't do it, the Texas National Guard will secure the border

Enough already. If Barack Obama won't do his job - and clearly he won't - Rick Perry will. According to the Washington Post, Perry has ordered the Texas National Guard to be dispatched to secure the U.S.-Mexico border. There's going to be an announcement this afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern: Perry will announce his ... continue reading

Schmaltziest video ever begs for President Liz Warren

You will not be able to stop laughing. As I watch these eager leftists clamoring for a Warren presidency, this strikes me: They are desperate for a president who will tell the rich that they didn't get that way on their own because everyone needs roads and bridges. They insist on a president who will clamp down ... continue reading

On the rise: People in their 30s living with their parents

The soft generation that embraces Obama, and can't figure out how to support itself. You might think it's ironic that young people vote in big numbers for Barack Obama, but rising numbers of them can't support themselves under his economic policies - so much so that the Washington Post reports growing numbers of ... continue reading

Netanyahu signals 'significant expansion' of Gaza incursion

Get ready. Israel doesn't play. Despite certain condemnation at the UN and the usual calls for "restraint," the Israelis understand what's happening when Hamas refuses a perfectly reasonable cease fire offer and fires 100 rockets into Israel as soon as a brief cooling off period expires. It means that a terrorist ... continue reading

Israel commences ground invasion of Gaza

Air and sea too. Welcome to World War III day around here. First the Russians are thought to have shot down a Malaysian passenger jet over Ukraine. Now Israel is on the march into Gaza. Good thing Obama assures us the world is tranquil. That makes me feel better. The Jerusalem Post reports: The purpose of the ... continue reading

It's time we had a discussion about this season of 24

Dammit, Chloe, this post contains spoilers! Click now, Chloe! It seems somehow appalling that we're more than 60 hours past the season finale of 24 and I'm only just now writing this. I fear Jack would be disappointed in me, but hopefully not to the point of crushing my hand or chopping off a finger in the ... continue reading

How Obama is driving U.S. corporations to flee America

No hint of changing America's highest corporate tax rate. This has been a major theme of our boss for some time - and it's not just a matter of reducing the corporate tax rate. It's a matter of ripping the entire tax code up from its roots and establishing a new, simpler one with low rates on a very few things, ... continue reading