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Oh by the way, Russian troops are massing on the Ukraine border

Putin has no fear of a certain U.S. president, nor of the woman who wants to succeed him. Today marks the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's split from the Soviet Union. Happy news! Those of us who remember the astonishing events of 1991 will certainly understand the joy Ukrainians feel about this wonderful event in ... continue reading

Condi Rice joins Colin Powell in disputing Hillary's claim about personal e-mail advice

Not exactly earth-shattering news, but Hillary lied yet again. Let's review: First, Hillary tried to blame Colin Powell for her schlock, homebrew e-mail server, saying he told her to set it up. Second, Powell made it clear that was a lie, and that he's getting tired of Hillary's people trying to pin her illegal ... continue reading

What everyone's getting wrong about Trump's immigration position

Including, in all likelihood, some of his supporters. One of the ways you can detect bias in reporting is with the use of a word like "hardline," which sounds stubborn and inflexible, for a position that simply means business. When someone is said to be taking a "hardline" position, people are constantly after ... continue reading

Court's smackdown of Obama is about more than just transgender policies

It's about the abuse of the tax code to undermine federalism and the constitutional separation of powers. You probably saw yesterday - and maybe you celebrated - the news that a federal judge has ordered a nationwide halt to the Obama policy of requiring states, cities and school districts to accommodate ... continue reading

Nice job, stoners: Legal pot making a whole generation poorer and more irresponsible

Start typing up the poorly spelled personal insults, fry brains. Why do stoners hate the poor? Of course, it's kind of a silly question, because attaching a logical basis to anything stoners think is an exercise in absurdity. Stoners don't consider the ramifications of their actions. They care about one thing and ... continue reading

Judicial Watch releases new Hillary e-mails proving Clinton Foundation donors got special favors at State

Unparalleled corruption. You'll want to click through to read the specific e-mail content we didn't have room to excerpt here. Judicial Watch continues to do the work the media don't want to do in revealing the fundamental corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. It sums up perfectly the ... continue reading

Terrific: Federal judges have blocked hundreds of thousands of illegal alien deportation orders

Even known criminals. I guess it's a good news/bad news story. Despite the determination of the president to never deport an illegal alien, since they're all prospective Democrat voters, there are still some people in the Department of Homeland Security who take their jobs seriously and issue hundreds of ... continue reading

Russians pounding Hillary's anti-Assad war effort in Syria

Cruise missiles latest scourge of supposed "hawk" in war-torn nation. I don't think most people realize just how close U.S. forces are to engaging in direct combat with Russia. Very close. And if you want to know how we got in this predicament in Syria, you might want to ask Hillary Clinton. Over the weekend, ... continue reading

Trump to black voters: 'What the hell do you have to lose?'

Also vows that after four years in office, he'll get 95 percent of the black vote. One of the most common knocks against Donald Trump is actually one of the things I like most about him. Whereas some find fault in Trump for not being sufficiently indoctrinated to the conventional wisdom of politics, I see a ... continue reading

No-excuses woman blames Colin Powell for her schlock, homebrew e-mail server

Tells FBI it was his idea, but that's not the way he remembers it. Yesterday Rob informed you, during the moments when he was able to stop laughing, that Hillary Clinton considers herself to be a "no excuses" type of person. You know how it is. No matter what happens, if it's under your watch, the buck stops with ... continue reading

Obama lied: State Dept. admits $400 million payment to Iran was a ransom for hostages

But let's call it "leverage" so it won't sound so bad. We've already covered Obama's illegal $400 million payment to Iran in January, complete with an extensive discussion of why the payment was a violation of multiple federal laws. But throughout the evolution of this story, the Obama White House insisted the ... continue reading

Trump's Milwaukee speech on law and order: Awesome

"Hillary Clinton is against the police." One of the things I love about Trump is that he's not afraid to just lay it out. The price you pay, I suppose, is that Hillary's servants in the news media will take anything they can and use it to create a narrative against him. I'm a little surprised they haven't jumped ... continue reading

Wonkette: Being a rapist doesn't make Bill evil or a bad feminist as long as he stopped

Realpolitik, sexual assault style. The left is some piece of work. The most charitable thing you can say about our liberal friends is that their principles are always, er, flexible when it come to balancing notions of right and wrong against the need to serve the agenda. If pragmatism means I'll look the other ... continue reading

Aetna drops out of ObamaCare exchanges in 11 states

Freefall. Remember when Democrats, still in the midst of shoving ObamaCare down the throats of an unwilling nation, argued that it would actually be "market-based"? Democrats don't know anything about how truly free markets work, of course, but their argument was that the ObamaCare exchanges were basically ... continue reading

Get ready for Congresswoman Liz Cheney

Wyoming voters strangely disinterested in what Rand Paul wants them to do. You already know that Dick Cheney is Darth Vader in the eyes of the surrender caucus on the left. You may not be as familiar with the disdain libertarians feel for the best vice president in American history. This is the isolationist ... continue reading

Congressional Dems furious GOP colleagues may 'leak' (i.e. tell the public) what's in FBI's Hillary files

How dare they refuse to protect the queen! You've heard by now that the FBI is turning over its notes from the Hillary e-mail interrogation to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Republicans on the committee want to see if Hillary's answers in the interviews were consistent with what she said ... continue reading