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Oh dear: Bowl Cut Jr. hasn't been seen in weeks

Time to welcome next-generation scion Kim Jong Uh-Oh? The one word that keeps coming to my mind is Chernenko. If the reference is lost on you, ask someone who is intimately familiar with the history of the old Soviet Union, like my 14-year-old son for example. Communist leader is either dead or on death's door. ... continue reading

Are you kidding me? Jeter slams walk-off single in final Yankee Stadium at-bat

Storybook. Apologies to those of you who find baseball too trivial to take up space here when Obama is destroying America, etc. Actually, no apologies at all to you. Here at HermanCain.com we take the time to appreciate moments of wonder in life, and if you don't care to join us for that, there are plenty of ... continue reading

New ABC show 'black-ish' sure finds it weird when 'brothers start getting a little money'

Stereotype. If you are old enough to remember TV in the '80s, you will recall that "The Cosby Show" was a huge hit, and also a frequent source of criticism from black activists. The problem? It portrayed a black family as happy, strong and prosperous. Why would that be a problem? It was a problem for some because ... continue reading

D.C. press in uproar over White House censorship of pool reports

Most transparent blah blah blah . . . I always find it difficult to choose a side in a pissing match between the Obama White House and the White House press corps. To whatever extent the media is jerked around by Obama's propagandists, it largely serves them right for their willingness to play that role ... continue reading

With sexual assault hysteria, college dudes just can't enjoy the drunken hookup anymore

Tragedy. You've been hearing about it a lot in recent months, but honestly, the subject of sexual assault has been a big one on college campuses at least since I was in college - which is a long time ago - and certainly much, much longer than that. How could it be otherwise in an environment where young people ... continue reading

BREAKING: ISIS allies in Algeria behead French hostage

Religion of peace. While Barack Obama was at the United Nations insisting that Islam is a peaceful faith, some of its most devoted adherents were slitting the throat of French tour guide Herve Gourdel and putting video of the murder on Twitter. This time it's not ISIS proper but an associated group operating in ... continue reading

Memories from 2012: Biden rips Romney for supposedly wanting to go to war in Syria

And infantalizes our troops as Democrats always do. We all know the full story here. Dopey vice president who can't conceive of ever going to war in Syria rips opponent for seeming to suggest this very thing, only to find himself two years later hoping no one will remember he said that because, boy, whadaya know, ... continue reading

Boeing: U.S. to stop ordering fighter jets in near future

Because we're not relying on air power for anything, right? Not that we really expect rational thinking from the Obama White House, but you'd think President Air Power Only would put a high premium on the procurement of fighter jets, yes? You'd think that, but according to one of the leading manufacturers of said ... continue reading

Obama's NLRB now ordering reinstatement of employees who drop F-bombs on bosses

It's a big f****** deal! Did your boss, acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner, fire you just because you told him to f*** off? Well, I have good news for you. Gone are the days when an oppressed worker like you had to just sit back and take that type of baseless abuse. This is the age of Barack Obama, when ... continue reading

U.S., allies expand bombing to Aleppo, Syria's largest city

ISIS attack on America or Europe called imminent. The U.S. and its allies began last night bombing ISIS targets in Syria. This morning, they've expanded the raid to include Syria's largest city, Aleppo, as word comes down that an attack by ISIS on targets in the U.S. or Europe is imminent. The Los Angeles Times ... continue reading

Court of Appeals restores Wisconsin's voter ID law

And rebukes the Clinton-appointed judge who tried to struck it down. The justice system in MJ's home state of Wisconsin is awfully twisted. Not only do county prosecutors conduct baseless investigations against Gov. Scott Walker and his supporters just because he is a Republican and they don't like him, but now ... continue reading

VIDEO: Little girl nails Allen Iverson's 'practice' rant

Awesome. It was 1992 when Allen Iverson took a momentary lapse and turned it into one of the most unintentionally hilarious press conferences in NBA history. He had missed practice, and his coach wasn't going to let him skate without paying a price for it. That didn't sit too well with "The Answer," who thought ... continue reading

Uh oh: ObamaCare enrollment has now dropped to 7.3 million

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. Remember the high-fiving and victory laps that took place on the left when ObamaCare enrollment was announced to have not only passed the announced 7 million minimum needed to make the thing sustainable, but to have surpassed 8 million? The White House was pretty ... continue reading

Scotland rejects independence, will remain part of UK

Cameron promises more local governing power in response. This seemed to be a movement about not much, and in the end, a majority of Scottish voters decided that's how they saw it too. Scotland is a much more left-wing place than England (not that either one of them is exactly Texas), and since the Tories re-took ... continue reading

Tragedy: Taxpayer-funded global warming musical has come to an end

Final curtain. I don't know how to break this one to you. There was a chance, my friends - a fleeting chance - for the creative community to capture the hearts of the nation concerning the true greatest threat to humanity. A theater company was on board. Taxpayer money was committed. The inevitable nationwide ... continue reading

Threat of ISIS beheading in Australia prompts massive police raids

More than 15 detained. It sounds like a 24 episode, and come to think of it, they haven't done a season in Australia yet. (Granted, they've got to get Jack out of Russia first but let's not get ahead of ourselves.) This is 100 percent real, though. The Australian government received intelligence that ISIS ... continue reading