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Oh terrific: U.S. thinks China, Iran or Russia may have helped with hacker attack on Sony

Allies. Has it occurred to you amidst all the coverage of the Sony hacker attack that the whole thing seems unusually sophisticated to be coming from the Norks, who are better known for making grand claims they can't back up and initiating missile tests that turn out to be duds? Well, you may have been on to ... continue reading

Vermont's liberal governor abandons single-payer plan because state couldn't handle the taxes

What? It would cost money? I'm honestly not sure if much comment is needed here. I could write out seven or eight lines' worth of "ha ha ha ha" but I'm sure you've already got the idea: Calling it the biggest disappointment of his career, Gov. Peter Shumlin said Wednesday he was abandoning plans to make Vermont ... continue reading

America gives communists best day since the Bolshevik revolution

Castro wins recognition; Bowl Cut Jr. rules the cinema. Hey, communism has had a rough quarter century. Ever since the Berlin Wall came down and Eastern Europe fled the Soviet bloc, communists have been left with a small collection of regimes quickly embracing capitalism (China, Vietnam) if not real political and ... continue reading

Theaters cancelling premiers of 'The Interview' due to threats from Bowl Cut Jr.

Chilling. We've already heard the purported connection between North Korea and the hacker attacks against Sony, which were supposedly spurred by the release of The Interview. But now further threats of terror attacks by North Korea (or at least agents acting out of their extreme admiration of Bowl Cut Jr.) are ... continue reading

It's not just executive orders: Obama breaks record skirting the law via memoranda

Anything to get what he wants. One of the White House's defenses against the charge that President Obama abuses his executive authority is, essentially, hey, he hasn't really issued that many executive orders! In fact, he's issued a lot, but the more important thing to recognize is that he often accomplishes much ... continue reading

Genius tries to frame ex-partner by mailing bomb to Sheriff Joe

And that doesn't go so well. Hey, who hasn't had a business partner that you ended up wanting to frame for a major violent felony? Well, OK, just about everyone hasn't had such an inclination. Even those of us who did have business partnerships that went sour (raising my hand) are usually happy to just cut ties ... continue reading

That U.S. district judge didn't exactly 'strike down' executive amnesty

Because you can't strike down something that's outside the law in the first place. A lot of people got pretty excited yesterday over the news that U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab of Pennsylvania had declared President Obama's executive amnesty unconstitutional. We all know it is, of course, and it's certainly ... continue reading

Awesome: Brother/pundits are arguing on CSPAN . . . when their mother calls

"Oh God, it's Mom." I can sort of relate to this. I have a brother who is so liberal he thinks Obama is basically a Republican Wall Street lackey. But we don't really fight because . . . what's the point? These guys are professional "strategists" so I can see the value in going on TV and having it out and using ... continue reading

Jeb Bush announces (on Facebook, of course) that he's probably running for president

And since you're not going to like that, we have a question for you. You've been poised and waiting to rail against this, so I'm not going to keep you in suspense. Jeb Bush has basically announced he's running for president. Here is the message in full, posted this morning on Facebook. A question for you will ... continue reading

Why does anyone give a flying crap who the surgeon general is?

What do we need a "national doctor" for? The political media think it's worth talking about, and mavens of the political sausage-making in Washington find both the process and the result fascinating . . . and conservaties are incensed about it. But seriously, why does anyone give two flying leaps of a crock of ... continue reading

Teammates: Chuck Schumer fistbumps Candy Crowley and tells her 'job well done'

Obama's debate rescuer. Chuck Schumer is nothing if not loyal to his troops, so he's not about to let Candy Crowley be shoved out the door at CNN without giving her a congratulatory fist bump for doing her job - which we all know is to help Democrats stay in office. And of course, we all know she never came ... continue reading

VIDEO: Florida councilmembers walk out as atheist moron does 'invocation' of Satan and Almighty Thor

Bright side: It's unintentionally hilarious. Whoever's idea it was to let an atheist asshat give the "invocation" before the December 2 meeting of the Lake Worth, Florida city council should have known what they were going to get. Obviously three of the councilmembers themselves (including the mayor) had a pretty ... continue reading

Passing CRomnibus now, waiting until February for the amnesty fight, is the right strategy

Play to win, friends. A lot of conservatives are upset that House Speaker John Boehner chose not to strip amnesty funding from the so-called CRomnibus spending bill that passed the House last week. In fact, by the time the bill passed we actually saw the absurd spectacle of President Obama and Speaker Boehner ... continue reading

Dick Cheney on 'torture' nonsense: 'I'd do it again in a minute'

"It's a crock." One of my ongoing themes in recent years has been this: After 9/11, Americans woke up from their slumber and briefly understood the real nature of terrorist threats, and shed their delusions about what is necessary and proper to do to protect ourselves. That's why we supported aggressive action ... continue reading

Hillary 'postpones' presidential announcement

But not until 800,000 A.D., unfortunately. Don't get too excited, like I kinda sorta did when I first saw someone reference it on Facebook. This does not in any way appear to mean Hillary's reconsidering running. In fact, in classic Hillary fashion, they're announcing that this doesn't seem to be the right time ... continue reading

Just in case he runs for president (which I doubt), let me explain Rick Snyder to you

One tough nerd. I never really expected presidential buzz to surround our governor, mainly because he isn't the kind of guy who got into politics with the primary objective of advancing personal political ambitions. Rick Snyder ran for governor in 2010 - a complete political novice - touting himself as "one tough ... continue reading