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Oh joy: Hillary offers her thoughts on how to 'jump start small business'

And it makes about as much sense as you might expect. It's hard to imagine anything more frightening than the image above (and just think how it must make Bat Boy feel), but one possibility might be the prospect of Hillary Clinton developing strategies for how to "jump start small business." I have been a small ... continue reading

Clinton Foundation: So hey, turns out we took in $26.4 million more than we disclosed

What do you mean "donations"? One of the curiosities I've had about the Clinton Foundation slush fund is how Hillary just wantonly ignored the agreement she'd made with the White House to disclose the donations they were getting while she was Secretary of State. Not that it surprises me she would welch on the ... continue reading

FEC backs off plan to regulate Internet

Free speech survives, at least for now. The Internet isn't totally out of the woods with the news we're sharing here, but at least it's something positive. The FCC still intends to regulate the Internet in the manner of a 1930s-era telephone company, meaning the ObamaNet continues to loom over everyone. But at ... continue reading

An easy solution to that whole crowded-stage-at-the-Republican-debate problem

Get rid of the debates. They're stupid. I suppose it's arguable whether it matters that the field of Republican presidential candidates in the coming cycle looks to be unusually large. Personally I don't really see why it matters, since we know perfectly well that only a handful of viable candidates will still ... continue reading

Federal judge tosses D.C.'s restriction on concealed carry

No, they can't demand you give them a "good reason" for wanting a permit. Democrats have a very hard time when they are ordered by federal judges to respect the limits imposed on them by the Constitution. Telling you what to do and what not to do, and under what conditions, is what they live for. That is ... continue reading

Hilarious: Focus group of Dem voters asked to name some Hillary accomplishments

Stumped. This never gets old, especially when it's MSNBC asking the question. It's almost as if they're hoping the focus group will give them something to work with because they long since gave up trying to think of anything Hillary has ever done to merit consideration for the presidency. But as is usually the ... continue reading

Obama to Coast Guard cadets: I need you ready for the fight against global warming

Threats. I could have sworn he was going to stop the rise of the oceans just by getting elected, but since that didn't work I guess he'd better send the Coast Guard to the scene. If you see some extra water approaching the beach and it looks like it might have been part of a now-melted glacier, better start ... continue reading

Mastering the Iraq question: Here's the answer GOP presidential candidates need to give

A test of leadership. The media's favorite trap question for Republican presidential candidates these days concerns the 12-years-ago invasion of Iraq, and whether each candidate - had they been president at the time - would have invaded and removed Saddam Hussein from power "knowing what we know now." The premise ... continue reading

Ready or not, NFL brings you the 33-yard extra point

Drama. I guess this is the product of too much excellence in the specialized field of placekicking. Extra points in the NFL have become so automatic, the league actually considered just getting rid of them altogether. One idea on the table a year ago would have given teams the option of taking 7 points ... continue reading

ICANN's cash shakedown: For $2,499, we can own HermanCain.sucks

No thanks. I'm kind of surprised the Clintons didn't think of this (assuming they didn't . . . maybe they're getting a cut). You might recall that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, has been under the control of the U.S. government since its founding. That appears soon to change, ... continue reading

Obama cuts off supply of military-style gear to local police

Unilateral disarmament. I know there are a lot of people, including some on the right (and some who pretend to be right-wingers . . . looking at you, libertarians) who are uncomfortable with the idea of the "militarization of local police." Count me not among them. I am uncomfortable with the misuse of ... continue reading

Look at all the companies that were more or less bribing Hillary, says . . . Vox?

Cutting and running? Not news: Hillary Clinton is corrupt, to the point where she shamelessly shakes down corporations for cash in advance of their lobbying her for all kinds of favors in the event she is ever in a position to grant them. News: The liberal propaganda site Vox, which presumes to "explain the news ... continue reading

Iraqi troops drop weapons and flee as ISIS takes Ramadi

Is the entire Anbar province next? Even as U.S. Special Forces had just taken out a major ISIS commander in Syria, the people of Ramadi have now become the latest witnesses to what happens when the United States fights a battle in a half-hearted manner. We lose, and when the enemy is a sadistic group of monsters ... continue reading

This NFL 'investigation' of Tom Brady looks more like a total hose job with every passing day

Pre-ordained findings. I know a lot of you are absolutely convinced that Tom Brady cheated his way to the Super Bowl by flagrantly directing the illegal deflation of footballs that were used in the AFC Championship Game against the Colts, and that the Patriots' 45-7 win in that game was tainted by Brady's better ... continue reading

Oh joy: Ultra-liberal Martin O'Malley challenging Hillary for Dems' 2016 nomination

Another lefty exposed. As someone who believes Hillary Clinton is the most woefully ill-suited person ever to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, I certainly welcome any challenge to her candidacy. In fact, I doubt many of you agree with me but to this day I think we've been less bad off under Barack ... continue reading

Stunner: ABC hires partisan propagandist to work as journalist, and . . .

. . . he turns out to be a partisan propagandist. So let me see if I have this straight. ABC News hires a guy whose primary experience is as a mouthpiece for the Clintons, and assigns him to report news objectively and without bias. Some time later we discover, to our horror, that he is contributing money (and ... continue reading