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Uh oh: Lufthansa knew about co-pilot's serious issue with depression before he crashed plane

Lawsuit time. Big time trouble for Germanwings owner Lufthansa. Contrary to their previous claims, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had informed the company in an e-mail six years ago that he'd suffered from a serious episode of depression. And with that knowledge in hand, the company had deemed him fit to fly: The ... continue reading

Connecticut governor calls Indiana RFRA 'outright bigotry,' forgets to mention Connecticut has one just like it

Oops! So Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is a "bigot," eh? That's the word from Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, who has banned state-funded travel to Indiana because the latter just passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act - just like 19 other states. In a minute, I'll tell you what one of those states is, but first, ... continue reading

Hillary surrogate Granholm on potential challenger O'Malley: 'He better watch out'

Don't challenge the anointed one. I sort of hate to horn in and do this on a day when Rob and his lovely wife are galavanting around on Rahm's mean streets. Ripping on Jennifer Granholm is sort of his territory, and no one does it better. But I did say I'd cover for him, and one never knows what duty will require ... continue reading

President who couldn't meet with NATO chief spends weekend golfing with oil bigwigs

Including a board member from *gasp* Halliburton. Honestly, I haven't written a lot about President Obama's golfing. It's not that I don't think it's excessive - I do - but of all the things you can find objectionable about this presidency, the golfing for me usually doesn't rise far above the level of an ... continue reading

Indiana looks to 'clarify' religious freedom act

In an almost-certainly futile attempt to get shrieking critics to tell the truth about it. You're certainly well aware of the hysterics concerning Indiana's version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act - pretty much the exact same law that's on the books in 19 other states and at the federal level, and ... continue reading

Getting Bowe Bergdahl back is not the problem

Trading 5 Taliban commanders for him, and then celebrating him as a hero, is the problem. The left is doing what it always does when it's caught doing something stupid and wrong. It's trying to redefine the issue, and very dishonestly. Now that Bowe Bergdahl is being charged with desertion, the initial criticism ... continue reading

Cue the left's freakout of dishonest nonsense over Indiana religious freedom law

Lies. If you rely on the media and pro-gay marriage activists, you'd think Indiana had just passed a law giving license for restaurant owners to tell homosexuals: "Get out! We don't serve your kind here." Indiana did no such thing. What Indiana did was protect people of faith from being forced by government to ... continue reading

Investigators: Co-pilot seized control of Germanwings flight and crashed it on purpose

He doesn't fit any terrorist profile, but here we are. Twenty-eight-year-old Andreas Lubitz doesn't appear to have fit any terrorist profile, so he had no trouble becoming a pilot for Germanwings. But he obviously had some sort of agenda, and I suspect that when investigators really dig into his background, ... continue reading

Jen Psaki: Sure it was worth it to trade 5 terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl . . .

. . . who is now being charged with desertion. No one is forcing Jen Psaki to do this job, so I have no sympathy, but I'll just make the objective observation that most days the job must seem impossible to her. Why do you even go on Megyn Kelly's show when you're going to be confronted with a question as ... continue reading

Iran talks stalled, which means those 47 'treasonous' Republican senators might have saved the day

Wonderful stalemate. Here's to more non-progress. It's way to early to start celebrating, of course. I would never underestimate the willingness of Barack Obama and John Kerry to agree to a bunch of foolishness that compromises America and its allies in the quest for a "legacy." But the self-imposed deadline of ... continue reading

Obama refuses to meet with new NATO secretary general

Just as Russian belligerence intensifies. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were discussing Obama's little snit about our ally Israel giving information to our own Congress about his secret talks with our enemy Iran. The guy just wants to be left alone to deal with our enemies, you know what I mean? And ... continue reading

The X-Files returns for 6-episode run on Fox

The truth is out there. By my lights, this started with Dallas, which TNT revived in 2012, some 21 years after the end of the original series run on CBS. Next came Fox's revival of 24, which ran for 12 episodes in 2014 and seems to have the promise for future episodes. Of course, for people like Rob and me, no ... continue reading

Report: Israelis spied on U.S./Iran talks . . .

. . . after Obama started the talks without telling Netanyahu. This sounds a bit like an episode of NCIS, except that we're operating at a higher level than Eli David and Leon Vance. Before the Obama presidency, the Israelis trusted the U.S. about as much as they trusted anyone, but they don't trust anyone ... continue reading

Yes, Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible to be president

At least we can settle that. Whether Ted Cruz is your choice for the Republican presidential nomination or not - and we're not going to settle that today - at least we can settle the matter raised by any number of commenters who asked, "Hey, wasn't he born in Canada?" Why yes, he was. And it's completely ... continue reading

HuffPo column: Minorities need a safe place where there are no white people

Race together! A little context here. The writer, one Aeman Ansari, is talking about a situation at Ryerson University in which two white student journalists showed up to cover an event organized by something called Racialized Students Collective. The white students were told they had to leave - that no white ... continue reading

I'm not sold on man-made global warming, says . . . the co-founder of Greenpeace?

Whoa. The global warmists are already insisting that Patrick Moore is not really one of their co-founders. He quit the organization in 1986, and as recently as October 2014 he called it "evil," so let's not pretend some current leader in the enviro movement suddenly turned. Still, given his pedigree, this will be ... continue reading