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Secret Service was ready to shoot . . . Mr. Met?

He's armed! I knew justice in this country was contorted, but I had no idea. At the same time they've loosened the screws on John Hinckley, we now learn that in 1997 the Secret Service was seriously contempating opening fire on that dastardly threat to the life of President Bill Clinton . . . Mr. Met? The New ... continue reading

LGBT activist intimidates Michigan utility into cancelling Duck Dynasty look-alike contest

Tolerance. Per the good folks at Charisma Magazine, where many of you will recognize the name of the writer, Todd Starnes of Fox News. The Lansing, Michigan Board of Water and Light had planned a Duck Dynasty look-alike contest as part of an upcoming chili cook-off - mainly as a time-killer while they waited for ... continue reading

Northwestern study: Even occasional pot smokers damage their brains

Not that they'll believe it. It will come as a surprise to those who think nothing has come along to illustrate the dangers of marijuana since "Reefer Madness," but a new study from Northwestern University throws a pretty big wrench in the machinery of the marijuana legalization movement. The argument is, and has ... continue reading

The tragedy of Venezuela

Where leftist dreams have all come true. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party insist they are not really socialists, because in socialist countries the government controls all the means of production. My rejoinder to that would be that U.S. Democrats have a goal at all times of controlling as much of the economy ... continue reading

Donald Rumsfeld writes the IRS: I have no idea if my tax returns are accurate

"I know that I do not know." Sigh. There are many things I miss about the Bush Administration. And very high on the list is Donald Rumsfeld, who suffers fools not at all but employs a wonderful sense of humor in the process. Yesterday he released a letter he wrote to the IRS on tax day to let the Lerner Brigades ... continue reading

Sentenced to humiliation: Is it legal, or right, for judges to do this?

Did this Democrat judge follow the law or make it up? This piece is not about what Edmond Aviv deserves. If what they say he's done is what he's really done, it's hard to argue that any form of public humiliation is undeserved. This piece is about how the law should work. The 62-year-old Mr. Aviv, who resides in ... continue reading

VIDEO: That Hillary shoe-throwing thing does look kind of fake, huh?

Rush wouldn't doubt it, and neither would we. Media Matters for America is hilarious. Its supposed mission is to expose conservatives saying outlandish things. But many of the things they "expose" are not all that outlandish at all, and the fact that MMA thinks they are really just exposes how delusional MMA is ... continue reading

Reversal: Obama may not surrender control of the Internet after all

Results. We told you a few weeks back that the Obama Administration was prepared to take an astonishing step of surrender, even for this crew, in giving up control of the Internet's domain name system. That would threaten the Internet's independence as it would create an opportunity for regimes far less friendly ... continue reading

Kathleen Sebelius resigning

Time to go. CBS News reports: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning from the Obama administration, CBS News has confirmed.The move comes just a week after the close of the rocky enrollment period for President Barack Obama's health care law. Website failures marred the opening weeks ... continue reading

Gender pay equity: Obama gets history lesson in statutory law from . . . Stacey Dash?

Clueless. There are actually two excellent points being made in this video about the utter unseriousness of the Democrats' distraction-of-the-week, which is "gender pay equity." The first is hinted at by Jonathan Karl of ABC News, although he never really closes the loop on what I think his point is. Watch the ... continue reading

WSJ's Jason Riley: Media have known about Sharpton's shady background for a long time

But they ignored it because he was useful. Why would the news media ignore information about Al Sharpton's shady past? It is liberal media bias? In part, yes, but that also combines with some basic truths about the day-to-day nature of reporters' jobs - especially the way it worked at the time when Sharpton first ... continue reading

VIDEO: Holder to Gohmert on contempt: 'You don't want to go there, buddy'

Unhinged. It seems to me that if you take the notion of contempt and apply a literal definition, that definition might be when you say something like this to someone (listen closely at 2:38): What they're talking about specifically is documents concerning the 2008 conviction of the Holy Land Foundation of ... continue reading

Media pretty excited Christian Republican congressman caught cheating on wife

Hypocrisy? Vanity Fair is probably most typical of the media's jubilation over the latest conservative Christian Republican who's been nabbed - by virtue of nothing but his own stupidity - messing around on his wife. Cue the celebration as Congressman Vance McAllister of Louisiana is caught in the act, and add ... continue reading

Heat-packing, retired nurse stopped Detroit mob from beating man to death

Taking a stand. You may have heard about this story, although maybe not as much as we're hearing about it in the Detroit-area media. It happened last week, when a man from the suburbs named Steven Utash accidently hit a young boy with his car, then jumped out of the car to check on the boy. A mob of approximately ... continue reading

VIDEO: Fight ensues when student attacks teacher who tried to confiscate his pot

They're just mellow, man. I wonder if the marijuana people will try to blame the teacher for this, or maybe the school, since the evil statist rules made him a rulebreaker, man. Here's what happened according to witnesses: The student tried to bring cannibis into the classroom. The teacher tried to confiscate it ... continue reading

Atheists protest for the right . . . not to be Mormons?

What? Maybe I'm missing something. I'm not a Mormon so those of you who are can feel free to chime in, but why would a group of atheists hold a demonstration demanding "the right to resign" from the LDS Church? If you don't want to be a part of a church, just stop going. But hold a demonstration they did: ... continue reading