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Indiana paves the way for the 'Biff Tannen presidency'

Trump smokes Cruz, leaving little chance of success for the #NeverTrumpers. A couple of weeks ago it seemed more likely than not that the Indiana primary would be the win that kept Ted Cruz's campaign alive. Today, it pretty much slayed it. It wasn't even close. Fox News  projects that New York businessman ... continue reading

The one, big, honkin' problem with all those polls showing Hillary winning in November

Hillary always polls better when she's out of the spotlight. After the DNC, she'll have nowhere to hide. Rasmussen Reports tends to come up with poll results that are overly favorable to Republicans, so you have to consider when you see the news that a new Rasmussen poll actually has Trump leading Hillary 41-39 ... continue reading

Bowl Cut Jr. bans weddings and funerals for some reason

Nuptials and last respects apparently threaten the security of the glorious North Korean paradise. The good news is that there's no chance your funeral will be coming up any time soon in North Korea! I don't think that means you can't be executed, but if you don't have any life insurance - like, say, 100 percent ... continue reading

We love Jonah Goldberg, but here's the problem with his defense of #NeverTrump

Flogging the straw man. I cannot offer enough praise of Jonah Goldberg as a writer, nor can I recommend his weekly G-File report highly enough. Like most at National Review these days, Goldberg is strident in his opposition to Donald Trump, and he makes some of the most compelling arguments against Trump on a ... continue reading

Ted Cruz: I've hardly ever met John Boehner, but I know why he calls me Lucifer

For holding so-called conservatives accountable to actually do what they say they're going to do. It was attention-getting when John Boehner referred to Ted Cruz last week as "Lucifer in the flesh" (and surely that was the point), but it's hardly breaking news that Cruz is unpopular among his colleagues in ... continue reading

Excellent: Target stock has lost $1.5 billion in value since letting men in the ladies' room

The price of arrogance. Ordinarily I would not root for any business to fail, even one of my own competitors. But when a major corporation tells the vast majority of its customers "f*** you" in order to appease radical social activists, it would really be a shame if those insulted customers just kept shopping ... continue reading

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announces endorsement of Ted Cruz

Crunch time. As I type, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is announcing his endorsement of Ted Cruz, obviously timed to give Cruz a boost in advance of Tuesday's Indiana primary and also to stunt all the it's-over-Trump-is-the-nominee talk that followed Trump's mid-Atlantic sweep this week: At his Indianapolis campaign ... continue reading

Patti Davis to Will Ferrell: Mocking my father in the throes of Alzheimer's doesn't sound too funny, bro

Daughter of beloved president addresses unfunny comedian's very bad idea. You know right out of the gate that nothing coming from Will Ferrell's mind is going to be funny, so it's hardly remarkable when he confirms it. Sometimes I think Ferrell is testing the market to see just how low he can go: What other ... continue reading

VIDEO: See Trump's foreign policy speech here

"My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people first." Most of this is hard to argue with. I don't really care much about whether we got the Olympics, but for the most part Trump has Obama dead to rights. He does pick fights with our friends while bowing to our enemies. He does make ... continue reading

Oof: U.S. GDP growth a horrendous 0.5 percent in 2016 1Q

The new normal. Businesses aren't spending money. Neither are consumers. And while the unemployment rate is made to look good, record low labor-force participation tells a different story. The economy is not good. The economy has not been good for the entire Obama presidency. And while Democrats hope we're ... continue reading

China's president: Won't allow war on Korean peninsula

And think nothing of all those Chinese troops amassed on the North Korean border. China is North Korea's "ally" in the sense that every wacky little brother has a big brother who rolls his eyes and gives him wedgies when it becomes necessary. I guess that's what you get for clinging to communism. You're stuck ... continue reading

Trump may have won every county that voted Tuesday

A very classy, luxurious five-state landslide. I suppose a #NeverTrumper can comfort himself with the notion that no one expected the five mid-Atlantic states that voted last night to be kind to the Cruz/Kasich alliance. But did anyone expect this? Trump easily defeated rivals John Kasich and Ted Cruz in all ... continue reading

Judge Napolitano: FBI's evidence to indict and convict Hillary is 'overwhelming'

And according to the judge, she's toast even if they don't. If you're a Judge Napolitano fan - or you just enjoy predictions of Hillary's demise - I've got two clips you'll like here. First, he went on O'Reilly last night with what I guess is inside information about the FBI's evidence against Hillary. If he's ... continue reading

Of course: Missouri man caught filming women in Target dressing room

Oh by the way, he'd done it before, and when cops arrested him, he had a loaded handgun. Let's get this out of the way right at the start: No one is mistaking Matthew Foerstel for a "transgender person" for lack of the better one-word noun I'm sure someone will come up with very soon. He's clearly just a male ... continue reading

U.S. Appeals Court: Roger Goodell is basically a dictator, so Tom Brady's suspension is back on

Biggest railroad job ever upheld. It apparently doesn't matter that the "evidence" Tom Brady cheated is as thin as a wafer, nor does it matter that Roger Goodell provided no real due process in deciding to suspend him for four games. In fact, according to the U.S. Court of Appeals, that's the whole point. As they ... continue reading

Norks launch missile from submarine, demand end to U.S./South Korea military exercises

Don't mess with the bowl cut. Before you consider North Korea's demands, or assess the intensity of the military exercises going on between the U.S. and South Korea, you should remember that existing agreements already prohibit the Norks from everything they've been doing lately. The missile tests. The use of ... continue reading