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VIDEO: Obama brags that he 'changed the law' on immigration

So much for mere "prosecutorial discretion". Nice catch by Ed Morrissey at HotAir, who notes that when pressed by heckling amnesty advocates, President Obama is apparently quite willing to admit he really did - or at least he thinks he really did - what the Constitution says he doesn't have the authority to do: ... continue reading

White House stuffs 3,400 new regulations into your Thanksgiving turkey

Have a safe and compliant holiday, suckers. Maybe we all did overreact to President Obama's executive amnesty, not because it's OK or insignificant, but because we really don't have a solid grasp on just how often he uses the reach of the executive branch to impose his will on the nation. The Daily Signal reports ... continue reading

Obama: 'No sympathy at all' for rioters

Then why is he proposing to give them what they want? On the one hand, I'm glad to give Obama one cheer - maybe even two - for giving no slack to the Ferguson rioters when he addressed the matter on Tuesday during a Chicago appearance: The president said burning cars and buildings won't result in fairer ... continue reading

TPM: Hagel had pretty much had it with Obama's national security team

"Deeply frustated by Obama team's lack of discipline." The liberal site Talking Points Memo is often quite happy to carry Barack Obama's water, but sometimes they surprise you and do some pretty good reporting. They have done so today, explaining a lot of the back story that led to Chuck Hagel's departure as ... continue reading

Idea: Obama can just use his executive authority to arrest Darren Wilson

Because we need a solution and we can't wait. Violence is rising again in Ferguson, Missouri, where they apparently cherish constitutional protections against mob justice except when they are part of the mob. The media narrative is that a white police officer (Darren Wilson) shot an unarmed black man (Michael ... continue reading

Ferguson decision: No charges against Officer Darren Wilson

Everyone behave. A St. Louis County grand jury has announced it will not charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The New York Times has more: The decision set off a new wave of anger among hundreds who gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department. Police in riot gear stood in a ... continue reading

It's not looking too good for a nuclear deal with Iran

Deadline may be extended, but the process is going nowhere. Wow. I just can't believe it. After absolutely refusing to maintain any serious threat of force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, the U.S. and its allies are now facing total failure in their quixotic efforts to negotiate Iran out of its ... continue reading

In defense of the Indy Star's 'racist' immigration cartoon

Save humor, before it's too late. The editors of the Indianapolis Star came under a lot of heat the last several days for publishing the following cartoon, an effort of staff cartoonist Gary Varvel. What's wrong with it? Why, it makes use of ethnic stereotypes! Have a look. The Star's handling of the cartoon ... continue reading

SNL sketch skewering Obama power grab gets 'fact-checked' by the Washington Post

Dude. Seriously? First Jon Stewart lets Obama have it for acting like an emperor, now Saturday Night Live takes a turn. A pretty funny one, too: Maybe I'm inferring what I want to infer, but I see in this a subtle acknowledgement on the part of some of Obama's lefty fans that they're getting a wee bit wary of ... continue reading

VIDEO: Even lefty Jon Stewart can see Obama's acting like an emperor

And he uses Obama's own words from a 2013 Google Hangout to demonstrate it. One of the things that makes Jon Stewart kind of handy to have around is that, while he's definitely a liberal, he's not willing to make himself look like a total clown by defending the indefensible. So when Democrats find that Stewart ... continue reading

White House: OK, fine, we overstated ObamaCare enrollment

Real total of 6.7 million is below their own announced threshold for viability. One of the Obama Administration's major defenses of ObamaCare has been to claim that it's hitting its target numbers in terms of enrollment. Granted, its target numbers are not very impressive when you consider ObamaCare was ... continue reading

Let's get this right: The scandal is not about Gruber

He's just the unwitting truth-teller. I'm noticing as this whole Jonathan Gruber business unfolds that Republicans are showing a troubling instinct, and if they're not careful they're going to mis-navigate this thing in a such a way that they just might let congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration off ... continue reading

N.Y. Times: Um, Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes

"From the streets to the suites." I guess you have to give credit to the ultra-liberal New York Times for not burying this story, although you also have to recognize that if there's one crime liberals don't like to forgive, it's not paying taxes. Al Sharpton has made a little money in the years he's been in the ... continue reading

Sorry, liberals: Reagan and Bush 41 did not defy Congress with executive amnesty

Nice try. Every time President Obama does something, or is about to do something, that has conservatives up in arms - especially if the protest is based on abuse of his constitutional authority - you can count on the left doing one thing: Finding a supposed example of a past Republican president or presidents ... continue reading

Reid's pretend Keystone XL vote doesn't save Keystone or Mary Landrieu

Despicable little man from Nevada is deciding vote to kill it. Mary Landrieu is desperate to save her seat in the U.S. Senate. It looks like she's going to lose it in next month's runoff against Congressman Bill Cassidy. And we know for a fact that Harry Reid won't be Senate Majority Leader anymore after January ... continue reading

If global warming is Bush's fault, then Obama is responsible for this bullcrap

Hillary too. In case you didn't know, yesterday was my birthday. I've now had 48 of those, Now, since my birthday is November 17, I've never before spent one in the midst of a massive winter snowstorm - even though I live in Michigan. We have long, cold winters, but they don't start this early with this kind of ... continue reading