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WaPo: At least 188 of Hillary's e-mails contained classified material

Including six she originated herself. Remember when Hillary insisted that she never sent or received classified material on her poorly secured, illegal homebrew server? Actually you don't have to remember it because she's still going around saying it - which becomes more hilarious every day with what we're ... continue reading

VIDEO: James O'Keefe catches Hillary's staff breaking campaign laws

But is this the sort of thing that will resonate? In one sense, what you're about to see is as classic Clinton as it gets. You know the law, but you come up with a kinda sorta technical way to skirt it while still being able to claim you "techically" stayed within in. And at any rate, you figure, it's small ... continue reading

At U of Tennessee: Goodbye he and she, hello 'ze'

Zick and dizturbed. If you want to find some sort of silver lining in the cloud of America's exploding cultural insanity, consider: The sort of stuff that conservative cartoonists would five years ago have depicted liberals doing, they're now doing for real. Speech codes have actually been around for awhile, but ... continue reading

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Why isn't Black Lives Matter classified a hate group?

Cue the predictable reactions, of course. Nice object lesson this morning on how the left reacts to questions that make it collectively uncomfortable. It basically comes down to this: "Can you believe she asked that question? What a horrible question! Destroy her!" Whether Elisabeth Hasselbeck knew this and ... continue reading

Illinois now giving lottery winners IOUs

They will gladly pay you Tuesday . . . This is perfect in so many ways. People seek free money from people who promise free money in exchange for votes. They get the votes. But when it comes to doling out the free money, well, they're a little short of money and they have a little problem passing the budget that ... continue reading

VIDEO: Remember Scott Walker? MTP appearance reminds why you should

Serious, substantive and capable. The more time I spend watching this, the more I think I could do a whole piece on what a moron Chuck Todd is. But we'll save that for another day. Instead, we'll just enjoy the complete shellacking Scott Walker puts on him over the course of 30 minutes here. It doesn't matter ... continue reading

Michele Bachmann lookalike confirms: Yeah, I think Trump's hair is real

Follicular trivia, and yet . . . I'll be honest. I sort of assumed it was a toupee too, mainly because I can't work out the physics of where it starts and how it swoops in those implausible directions. But you can look at my picture. Like I know anything about full heads of hair and how they operate. If it turns ... continue reading

Obama: Regulators will never approve those massive health premium increases; Regulators: APPROVED

Mandates have consequences, bro. The argument has been ever-present, where ObamaCare is concerned, that mandating generous benefits while forbidding insurers from considering factors like pre-existing conditions, could only result in one thing: Sky-high, jacked up premiums for everyone. It's simple economics. You ... continue reading

Obama: Virginia shooting shows gun control is more urgent than fighting terrorism

Talky pointy. We touched yesterday on the left's out-of-the-gate seizing on the Roanoke shooting to kick off the latest gun control push. It's what they do, and no one was surprised that they did it - tinged as always with warnings like "we can't wait any longer," which imply, I guess, that everyone knows the ... continue reading

Virginia murderer's manifesto: Angry about Charleston, says he was bullied for being gay and black

Meanwhile, Hillary and Josh Earnest are already using it to push gun control. We haven't been all over this story all day because we didn't figure you needed one more conservative news site presuming to give you up-to-the-minute updates. But we're shaken like everyone else by the murders of Adam Ward and Alison ... continue reading

WaPo's Jenkins: Looks like judge will lay the smack to NFL in flimsy Deflategate case

Imperial Emperor Goodell's case is, er, a little soft. I guess Roger Goodell thinks he is Barack Obama. Constitution schmonstitution. Bylaws schmylaws. The big cheese can just do whatever he wants, and no one can tell him otherwise. Even the federal courts won't do anything about it! Worked for Obama! But it ... continue reading

ESPN benches Curt Schilling for saying radical Islamic terrorists are a problem

Prompting media nonsense that he "compared Muslims to Nazis." I'm glad I don't work for ESPN, because I don't know how anyone can understand the rules there. If you're an on-air personality there, are you allowed to use your personal social media accounts to express opinions about non-sports matters? Yes? No? Or, ... continue reading

Oops! State Dept. released Hillary e-mails with classified info from three different agencies

None of which they had the authority to de-classify. I've never had a very high regard for the State Department, mostly due to its tendency - regardless of who is president - to treat every issue that comes up as merely an imperative to spew diplomatic platitudes and do little else. It never occurred to me that ... continue reading

New Planned Parenthood video: Stem Express CEO needs another 50 livers a week

"Tell the lab it's coming! So they don't open the box and go, 'Oh God!'" This one doesn't have quite the smoking gun as some of the others. There isn't even anyone from Planned Parenthood in the video. But what we do see in this interview with StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer is an unmistakable attitude, and if you have ... continue reading

Obama spokesman Earnest: You know who'd make a great presidential candidate? Joe Biden

Here we go. If Hillary's viability is based to a large degree (and it is) on the notion that she simply has too much establishment support for any other Democrat to overcome, it would stand to reason that the guy at the top of the establishment would not suddenly have his mouthpiece singing the praises of another ... continue reading

Relax, everyone: Stock market has already recovered almost everything lost this morning

Come down from the ledge. The U.S. economy still has very serious problems - slow growth, overregulation, a complex and oppressive tax code, too much debt - but dramatic crashes centered on the stock market are rarely the cause of a singular economic collapse. You could be forgiven for thinking that was happening ... continue reading