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U.S., allies expand bombing to Aleppo, Syria's largest city

ISIS attack on America or Europe called imminent. The U.S. and its allies began last night bombing ISIS targets in Syria. This morning, they've expanded the raid to include Syria's largest city, Aleppo, as word comes down that an attack by ISIS on targets in the U.S. or Europe is imminent. The Los Angeles Times ... continue reading

Court of Appeals restores Wisconsin's voter ID law

And rebukes the Clinton-appointed judge who tried to struck it down. The justice system in MJ's home state of Wisconsin is awfully twisted. Not only do county prosecutors conduct baseless investigations against Gov. Scott Walker and his supporters just because he is a Republican and they don't like him, but now ... continue reading

VIDEO: Little girl nails Allen Iverson's 'practice' rant

Awesome. It was 1992 when Allen Iverson took a momentary lapse and turned it into one of the most unintentionally hilarious press conferences in NBA history. He had missed practice, and his coach wasn't going to let him skate without paying a price for it. That didn't sit too well with "The Answer," who thought ... continue reading

Uh oh: ObamaCare enrollment has now dropped to 7.3 million

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. Remember the high-fiving and victory laps that took place on the left when ObamaCare enrollment was announced to have not only passed the announced 7 million minimum needed to make the thing sustainable, but to have surpassed 8 million? The White House was pretty ... continue reading

Scotland rejects independence, will remain part of UK

Cameron promises more local governing power in response. This seemed to be a movement about not much, and in the end, a majority of Scottish voters decided that's how they saw it too. Scotland is a much more left-wing place than England (not that either one of them is exactly Texas), and since the Tories re-took ... continue reading

Tragedy: Taxpayer-funded global warming musical has come to an end

Final curtain. I don't know how to break this one to you. There was a chance, my friends - a fleeting chance - for the creative community to capture the hearts of the nation concerning the true greatest threat to humanity. A theater company was on board. Taxpayer money was committed. The inevitable nationwide ... continue reading

Threat of ISIS beheading in Australia prompts massive police raids

More than 15 detained. It sounds like a 24 episode, and come to think of it, they haven't done a season in Australia yet. (Granted, they've got to get Jack out of Russia first but let's not get ahead of ourselves.) This is 100 percent real, though. The Australian government received intelligence that ISIS ... continue reading

More Dempsey: Half of Iraq's army useless in fight against ISIS

And the other half is poorly equipped. Doesn't this guy know how things work in the Obama Administration? When the president makes a public pronouncement, however absurd, you fall in line and parrot the pronouncement. No U.S. boots on the ground! Air power only! Other countries will handle the combat duties ... continue reading

Half a million ObamaCare enrollees about to lose coverage over missing paperwork

And some will have to pay back their subsidies. I'm sure people saw their policies cancelled in the pre-ObamaCare days because they didn't fill out paperwork correctly and so forth, but I've never been the guy to defend the health insurance industry no matter what form it took. The problem with ObamaCare is that ... continue reading

Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey: OK, maybe U.S. 'advisers' will fight on the ground

Backtrack. I wouldn't want to be Martin Dempsey. As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his job is to win military victories. The problem is that his boss, the commander in chief, has an entirely different priority. Barack Obama's priority is to never do anything that proves George W. Bush right or presents ... continue reading

Terrific: U.S. 'scouts' on ground in Iraq looking for anyone who will fight

Hey kid, wanna be in a war? Didn't Barack Obama say that our allies were going to do the fighting on the ground against ISIS, and that all the U.S. would have to do would be to provide air support? Didn't John Kerry say we were already establishing a fantastic coalition? Oh, and isn't this the same John Kerry who ... continue reading

State Dept. whistleblower: Hillary allies hid Benghazi documents that would make her look bad

Of course. To be honest, I just assumed that Hillary's protectors at the State Department would have done something like this. It's nice to have an insider confirm it, but you didn't really think it would go any other way, did you? Congress demands documents concerning Benghazi. Hillary's priority is her own ... continue reading

Ron (not Eric) Cantor: 7 points to 'help' John Kerry pimp for Islam

Probably not what he wants to hear. Since John Kerry is predictably spewing the nonsense that ISIS "distorts one of the world's great peaceful religions," writer Ron Cantor has decided to "help" with a new piece for Charisma Magazine that offers seven key facts about Islam. Except . . . it's actually not that ... continue reading

VIDEO: Cris Carter's heartfelt words on Adrian Peterson and child abuse

Powerful. It was another Sunday of tuning into the NFL hoping to see the focus on football games, but knowing it was not to be as yet another player has repulsed us with his behavior off the field. This one hits home for me because Adrian Peterson plays for my team. And it appears ESPN commentator Cris Carter ... continue reading

Foley's brother: State Dept. threatened him when he tried to raise ransom funds

"They were actually an impedance. They got in our way." The brother of murdered American journalist James Foley is not too happy with the Obama Administration. Michael Foley told Fox News's Megyn Kelly last night that the State Department was not only unhelpful in securing his brother's release, but that they ... continue reading

One doctor's horror story of practicing in the age of ObamaCare

"The practice of medicine in the current environment is unsustainable." Dr. Mark Sklar is an endocrinologist in solo practice in Washington D.C., in addition to serving as an assistant professor of medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center. So the man knows his stuff, and what he's experienced in recent ... continue reading