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Oregon imposes gag order on Christian bakers in gay wedding case

Aaron and Melissa Klein ordered not to talk publicly about their faith. I don't know if you've followed the case of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. This is the now-closed bakery in Oregon that has become a target of state officials because its Christian owners declined to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. Not only has ... continue reading

Idiot spray-paints NIGGER on Dan's church . . . and the pastor offers the most awesome response ever

And yeah, we used the word, because we're going to deal with instead of running from it. I got a phone call yesterday morning from my pastor, wanting my help with a matter that had come up. That in itself is not unusual, but the nature of the matter was. In recent weeks we'd had a series of break-in attempts at ... continue reading

House votes to put ObamaCare death panels to death

But what happens when Obama inevitably vetoes the measure? Just in case you believed the mainstream media and their "fact-checkers" with the claims that this had been "debunked," know that Sarah Palin was 100 percent correct when she talked about ObamaCare death panels. The Independent Payment Advisory Board is ... continue reading

TV Land pulls Dukes of Hazzard because, you know, that's a Confederate flag on the General Lee

For reals? In case you're wondering just how powerful a wave of social media-driven hysteria can get, TV Land has your answer. This all started, of course, when that Confederate flag walked into a church in Charleston and shot those nine people. That's why you can no longer watch the Duke boys, Sheriff Roscoe P. ... continue reading

Leaked letter indicates Greek socialists caving to creditor demands for reforms

But does that really solve the larger problem? It's always dangerous to draw big conclusions when markets react to developments in a crisis. Today we read in USA Today that financial markets are rebounding because a leaked letter from the Greek government indicates they're ready - if only because they have no ... continue reading

VIDEO: Ted Cruz auditions for The Simpsons

And he's pretty darn good too. Confession: I'm generally not a fan of these candidate-attempts-comedy bits, not only because they're usually terrible but because I get a little tired of politicians trying to appeal to people on the basis of things that are irrelevant to the office they're seeking. I really don't ... continue reading

A detailed explanation of why Christians don't accept gay marriage

For those genuinely interested in understanding. Given the nature of the discussion following the gay marriage ruling last week, one thing that's clear to me as a Christian who opposes gay marriage is that very few secular people - and sadly, by no means all Christians - really understand why Christians take the ... continue reading

Under weight of massive welfare state, Greece about to default on IMF loans

And probably leave the Eurozone too. If you want to know what happens when a nation absolutely refuses to reform its insane spending - even when it finds itself at the brink of fiscal collapse - I give you Greece. Not that you want it. The International Monetary Fund doesn't. The Eurozone doesn't. The Greek ... continue reading

Benjamin Netanyahu updates us on how the Iran deal has now gotten even worse

No small achievement. In case you've stopped paying attention, as it's hard to follow complete absurdity over the long haul, tomorrow is the deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran - and we're nowhere close to getting one. So, no deal, right? After all, a deadline is a deadline, right? Of course not, sillies. This ... continue reading

President who opposed gay marriage three years ago turns White House into rainbow extravaganza

Spiking the ball. It's not Barack Obama's style to win a victory with any sort of humility, you understand. That's not in his makeup. And there's really little point in mentioning that he was "opposed" to gay marriage as recently as 2012 when he announced his big evolution on the issue, because everyone knows he ... continue reading

BREAKING: Supremes guarantee national right to gay marriage in 5-4 ruling

As expected. Just coming in, but we know it's a 5-4 ruling, and it's not limited in scope. Gay marriage is now the law in all 50 states - not because state legislators or voters approved it; in fact, many did just the opposite - but because the Supreme Court has invented a new right every bit as blatantly as it ... continue reading

State Dept.: OK, fine, it looks like Hillary didn't turn over all her work-related e-mails

You don't say. Not that anyone ever believed she did, but it's hilarious that Trey Gowdy's House Select Committee on Benghazi was able to demonstrate so easily - just by questioning Hillary crony Sid Blumenthal - that there were at least 15 e-mails on Hillary's private server that were quite work-related and most ... continue reading

Liberals mad at Hillary for saying 'all lives matter'

Bahahahahahahahaha! This is one of the dumbest stories you'll read all day, which you might expect because it's entirely about the left, and the woman the left is prepared to put in the White House, and about the left's insistence on total compliance with its bizarre language code. The more a story features the ... continue reading

VIDEO: 11-year-old Indians fan styles for Miguel Cabrera

And boy did Miggy reward him for it. I sometimes think it's not fair that I'm a Detroiter. Not fair to the rest of you, that is. Oh sure, we have the shootings, the bankruptcy, the corruption . . . but we also have the pleasure of enjoying Miguel Cabrera on a daily basis. Not only is he the most amazing hitter ... continue reading

Investigation turns up massive fraud in Amtrak overtime reporting

Forty hours in a single day? Some excellent reporting here by Diana Stancy of The Daily Signal. I realize that when we start talking about dollars in reference to a federal agency, it's hard to know what's excessive. Amtrak pays $200 million in a single year just for overtime? Is that a lot? In the context of a ... continue reading

Sorry, stoners: New study shows 'medical' marijuana doesn't actually help with anything

Which of course you all knew, since you only pretended to think otherwise so you could get high without the pigs harshing your mellow. Honestly, if you ever believed the nonsense that marijuana was "medicine," you probably don't have the brain capacity to process the information I'm about to give you. Then again, ... continue reading