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Keystone blowback: TransCanada sues Obama for $15 billion

Seven years of foot-dragging followed by a political denial cost the company a fortune. The boss explained in detail back in November why Obama's refusal to permit the Keystone XL pipeline was a load of crap. We've talked about it a lot here, and when we do, we usually focus on all the economic benefits to the ... continue reading

Loretta Lynch: OK, I'll just let the FBI decide on Hillary because I clearly can't be trusted

Abdication . . . or misdirection. Theoretically this should make you me feel better. So why doesn't it? I've thought all along that the only thing that could save Hillary would be Loretta Lynch doing what she knows her boss wants her to do, and trashing the FBI's clear evidence that she had committed at least one ... continue reading

Government to investigate why driverless car on autopilot got in fatal accident

Here's a thought: Someone should have been driving? I can't be the only person in the world who is skeptical of the idea of "driverless cars," but I'll admit I've been very surprised by the lack of skepticism I hear from others. Cars are not airplanes, which can go on autopilot for lengthy periods because at ... continue reading

NY Daily News to Major League Baseball: Get rid of God Bless America!

Better idea: Make it the official national anthem. Offense is a spirit you decide to pick up and carry around. If you're offended, it's not the fault of the thing that is the object of your offense. It's your own fault because you made the choice to let the thing offend you. Because you wanted to be offended. No ... continue reading

Well, well: Boris Johnson takes himself out of running to be new British prime minister

Creative chaos. Let me explain what the political press means when they talk about chaos and tumult: Usually this means that someone didn't do what they thought he or she was going to do (or should do), or the outcome of an event is not what they predicted. Once David Cameron followed the Brexit vote by ... continue reading

Bill Clinton's adventures with women in airplanes continue

Don't worry. There is nothing wrong here. He came over and said hello. He talked about his grandchildren and his travels. He never brought up the Hillary investigation. Hey, everything Bill Cliinton does is legal and above board. So when he just happens to show up on the tarmac where the private plane of the ... continue reading

Ryan: Sign a free-trade deal with Britain as soon as they're out of the EU

Unlike Obama, who threatened to send our closest ally to the "back of the queue." You might recall that one of the tactics tried by the Remain crowd prior to last week's Brexit vote was have Barack Obama - standing in the presence of British Prime Minister David Cameron - essentially threaten the UK with being ... continue reading

Hillary: Hey, don't you think it's time to move on from Benghazi?

Nope. She's tired of talking about it, you clods. She's tired of answering questions, being criticized and having her answers scrutinized. Who do you think she is? The president? The Benghazi Committee let her have it, and rightfully so, for her actions both before and after the attacks of September 11, 2012 - as ... continue reading

Benghazi committee's final report rips Hillary and other Obama officials for lies, lax attitude toward threats

New York Times tries hard to spin it positively for Hillary. New York Times fails. If you're the New York Times, and you're deep in the tank for Hillary, you can only defend her total incompetence by holding her to a very low standard. For instance, when someone really looks into the job she did and finds that it ... continue reading

State Dept. reluctantly hands over 34 deleted Hillary e-mails that were clearly work-related

So another lie goes by the boards. I find the timing of this stuff interesting. The dinosaur media would ignore it anyway, but it's helpful to them to have a way to cover themselves for doing so. What? Hillary did delete work-related e-mails? Oh, gosh, you know, we'd love to cover that. But Brexit! But Orlando! ... continue reading

SCOTUS tosses Texas abortion law, designed to prevent more Kermit Gosnell butcher shops

Even basic sanitary requirements are too much for the pro-aborts to accept. With Anthony Kennedy joining the four Justices who are always liberal (as opposed to Kennedy's liberal-when-he-feels-like-it approach to interpreting the law), the Supreme Court today tossed out the very modest Texas abortion restrictions ... continue reading

Reactions to Brexit about as unhinged and hysterical as it gets

The left is a little touchy about the rejection of its world-changing ideas. I think it basically comes down to this: Once the left establishes an institution and populates that institution with its kind, the institution can never be diminished in the slightest - let alone dismantled - because that represents a ... continue reading

Dr. James Dobson: I know the person who recently led Donald Trump to Christ

"He's a baby Christian." If you're a Christian who's been reluctant to vote for Donald Trump because of his past - shall we say - moral shortcomings, a secondhand report of his possible salvation is certainly not a reason all by itself to change that position. And as we've discussed in the past, it's entirely ... continue reading

Newly released e-mails: Hillary's own staff mocked her choice of a big donor to high-level security board

His only qualification was giving lots of money to the Clinton Foundation. A few weeks ago, ABC broke the story of Raj Fernando, a big-money donor to the Clinton Foundation - as well as past campaigns of both Obama and Hillary - and how he managed to land a spot on the prestigious International Security Advisory ... continue reading

AP: Hillary's State Dept. calendar omitted meetings with political donors and cronies

The little people might get the wrong idea. I'll give the Associated Press one cheer for doing this reporting, but only one because they really only care about misbehavior by Democrats when it inconveniences the media. Even so, if you want the champion among politicians of scrubbing all public records of anything ... continue reading

Jury clears Led Zeppelin after never hearing the song from which Stairway to Heaven was allegedly stolen

Weird. In no way am I unhappy with the outcome of this case. I'm a Led Zeppelin fan for one thing, so if I've got any sort of emotional bias working it's in favor of the defendants. I also think there's something wrong with bringing such a case 45 years after the fact, when you're merely representing the estate ... continue reading