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Left freaks out as Supremes find affirmative action permissible, but not mandatory

Confusion. We assume readers of this site have a basic understanding of the role of the judiciary, which is not to decide if a given policy is good or bad on the merits, but rather to decide if it is legal and constitutional. And if you do understand that, you've got a serious leg up on most of the people ... continue reading

Even the State Department can't name anything it accomplished under Hillary

"I'm sure someone . . . could point out one." Rob told you a couple of weeks ago that even Hillary Clinton's aspiring cheerleaders at MSNBC can't name a single thing she accomplished as Secretary of State. Now, you might say, well, that's MSNBC, a bunch of ignorant partisan flacks. If you want to know what the ... continue reading

UAW suddenly abandons quest for Chattanooga do-over

Alternate headline: UAW realizes it will lose again and be humiliated What the United Auto Workers learned from the devastation it helped to wreak on the hapless Detroit automakers was - well, not much, really. Rather than realize their combination of outlandish demands, political pressure and individual ... continue reading

Chicago Magazine: City's 'improved' crime stats are being faked

Big shoulders and even bigger frauds. You may have heard that crime is going down in Chicago. You might regard that as good news, and indeed, it certainly would be - if it were true. But is it? Chicago Magazine has come out with an investigative piece that raises serious doubts about that proposition, and it ... continue reading

A tale of two Easters on 4/20/2014

Choose this day who you will serve. I don't have a lot to say about the photo above, except to fill in the details for you. The one on the left is my church, which is called Bethel Abundant Life Center, and this was the culmination of our Resurrection Sunday service as Pastor Jathan K. Austin issued an altar call ... continue reading

VIDEO: Democrat senator almost hit by train during safety presser

Safety tip #1: Don't stand on the yellow line. Granted, it would be funnier if he freaked out and jumped out of his skin. You do have to give Blumenthal props for keeping his cool as the speeding train is flying by just inches from his shoulder. On the other hand . . . dude: Watch the latest video at ... continue reading

Meet the man who took Paul Ryan on 12 trips through the ghetto

Robert Woodson challenges both parties' thinking about poverty. To the extent that poverty could be addressed by public policy, there is this big honking problem: For the most part, neither party sees political advantage in really trying to make that happen. Democrats benefit when poverty persists and their ... continue reading

ABC News: Chelsea Clinton having 'America's version of the royal baby'

Gag. You already know that the MSM long ago gave up on covering the substance of governing, preferring instead to obsess over the horse race aspect of politics, and more importantly, the personalities. Did you always sort of suspect they'd like nothing better than to have American royalty to slobber over like ... continue reading

Secret Service was ready to shoot . . . Mr. Met?

He's armed! I knew justice in this country was contorted, but I had no idea. At the same time they've loosened the screws on John Hinckley, we now learn that in 1997 the Secret Service was seriously contempating opening fire on that dastardly threat to the life of President Bill Clinton . . . Mr. Met? The New ... continue reading

LGBT activist intimidates Michigan utility into cancelling Duck Dynasty look-alike contest

Tolerance. Per the good folks at Charisma Magazine, where many of you will recognize the name of the writer, Todd Starnes of Fox News. The Lansing, Michigan Board of Water and Light had planned a Duck Dynasty look-alike contest as part of an upcoming chili cook-off - mainly as a time-killer while they waited for ... continue reading

Northwestern study: Even occasional pot smokers damage their brains

Not that they'll believe it. It will come as a surprise to those who think nothing has come along to illustrate the dangers of marijuana since "Reefer Madness," but a new study from Northwestern University throws a pretty big wrench in the machinery of the marijuana legalization movement. The argument is, and has ... continue reading

The tragedy of Venezuela

Where leftist dreams have all come true. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party insist they are not really socialists, because in socialist countries the government controls all the means of production. My rejoinder to that would be that U.S. Democrats have a goal at all times of controlling as much of the economy ... continue reading

Donald Rumsfeld writes the IRS: I have no idea if my tax returns are accurate

"I know that I do not know." Sigh. There are many things I miss about the Bush Administration. And very high on the list is Donald Rumsfeld, who suffers fools not at all but employs a wonderful sense of humor in the process. Yesterday he released a letter he wrote to the IRS on tax day to let the Lerner Brigades ... continue reading

Sentenced to humiliation: Is it legal, or right, for judges to do this?

Did this Democrat judge follow the law or make it up? This piece is not about what Edmond Aviv deserves. If what they say he's done is what he's really done, it's hard to argue that any form of public humiliation is undeserved. This piece is about how the law should work. The 62-year-old Mr. Aviv, who resides in ... continue reading

VIDEO: That Hillary shoe-throwing thing does look kind of fake, huh?

Rush wouldn't doubt it, and neither would we. Media Matters for America is hilarious. Its supposed mission is to expose conservatives saying outlandish things. But many of the things they "expose" are not all that outlandish at all, and the fact that MMA thinks they are really just exposes how delusional MMA is ... continue reading

Reversal: Obama may not surrender control of the Internet after all

Results. We told you a few weeks back that the Obama Administration was prepared to take an astonishing step of surrender, even for this crew, in giving up control of the Internet's domain name system. That would threaten the Internet's independence as it would create an opportunity for regimes far less friendly ... continue reading