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Holder says he regrets James Rosen subpoena . . . and nothing else

Almost perfect! Fast and Furious? No problem. Stonewalling the IRS investigation? What do you mean? Strongarming states to drop their voter ID laws by tossing around the race card? Hey, it's what he does. But even Eric Holder has one regret, however self-serving it may be. Issuing a subpoena for Fox News reporter ... continue reading

VICTORY: Houston drops subpoenas of pastors

Disappointed lesbian mayor discovers fascism hasn't progressed as much as she thought . . . yet. A humiliated Mayor Annise D. Parker and Houston city attorneys have backed off on their attempt to subpoena sermons from local pastors that dealt with the subject of homosexuality, or specifically, that mentioned the ... continue reading

Another beheading, this time in New York

60-year-old woman decapitated by 30-ish assailant who then jumps in front of train. Details are still emerging. We don't yet know anything about the assailant except his age range and the fact that he committed suicide by jumping in front of a train after he beheaded his victim. Here's a video report from PIX 11 ... continue reading

Everyone at CBS News ducking questions about killing stories to protect Obama

Silence Sharyl Attkisson! Here's the thing about an insider book that documents CBS (or ABC, or NBC, or PBS, or . . .) killing stories that make Obama look bad. One the one hand, if you're paying attention, you think it's interesting to hear about the insider info that proves it - but the evidence is so obvious ... continue reading

Hilarious: Hillary tries to 'clarify' nonsense that businesses don't create jobs

What I meant to say was . . . I suppose it's one advantage of lacking all seriousness and sincerity, that when you say something mind-blowingly stupid and you're catching heat for it, you just announce that you actually meant something else. Why not? All you really meant was, "Whatever will get you to vote for me ... continue reading

Terrific: Bowl Cut Jr. can now put a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile

And we have no defenses, although there's still time. One of the ever-present concerns about nuclear proliferation is not that we would get into a nuclear war with another superpower, since presumably the leaders of both nations would opt for their own survival rather than letting it come to that - which is ... continue reading

Venezuela now scans your thumbprint to make sure you don't buy too many groceries

Rationing in the workers' paradise. It's been eight months or so since the unrest in Venezuela was headline news, but don't take that to mean things have gotten better in the workers' paradise. In addition to the fact that they are not yet live-streaming Winter League baseball (communism ruins everything!), the ... continue reading

Hillary: Don't let anyone tell you businesses create jobs

What? We've covered here a million times how Hillary Clinton is unqualified, unaccomplished, megalomaniacal, and certainly not as brilliant as her champions would have you believe. But a clip like this one makes me think it's far, far worse than that. It makes me think she's just flat-out dumb. Forget about ... continue reading

Another Ebola case, and more liberal lectures against 'panic'

Calm down. Calm down! I SAID CALM DOWN!!!!! I don't know about you, but I have yet to witness a single person panicking about Ebola. I don't even hear many people talking about it. I read about it in the media, sure, and we've had our share of things to say about the federal government's handling of the problem. ... continue reading

UK woman: I wish I'd aborted my 47-year-old son with Down Syndrome

Regrets. Sixty-nine-year-old Gillian Relf says not to judge her until you've walked in her shoes. And to be sure, that would be one rough walk. The son who was born 47 years ago with Down Syndrome has complicated the life of her and her family in ways she clearly never anticipated. It interrupted not only an ... continue reading

Media not too eager to tell you Ottawa shooter was Islam convert

Terror of one sort or another. We still don't really know very much about the shooting that took place at the Canadian parliament building in Ottawa yesterday, leaving a courageous Canadian soldier named Nathan Carillo (just 24 years old) dead, and ultimately bringing about the death of the shooter at the hands ... continue reading

Just about everyone newly insured under ObamaCare is on Medicaid

Welfare state. We all know about the problems ObamaCare has caused - people losing their coverage after being promised they wouldn't, premiums soaring, networks narrowing, prescriptions no longer covered, ER waits expanding, doctors leaving the profession, the web site crashing - yeah, you know all that, but, the ... continue reading

Real, working hoverboard will be waiting when Marty McFly arrives next year

Those boards don't work on water! You know we're not getting flying cars, not from an auto industry run by unimaginative automatons dependent on government for their survival. And we've got a ways to go to get to Jaws 19, although the holographic shark swallowing you up in the town square doesn't seem like a ... continue reading

Liberals attack First Amendment in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas and Idaho

Speech isn't free if politicians don't like it. The Wall Street Journal has lately been performing a real public service by chronicling the efforts of Wisconsin lawmakers, prosecutors and some judges to basically obliterate the First Amendment as it pertains to political speech. No one has passed a law saying you ... continue reading

WSJ: ObamaCare 'cost controls' haven't, don't and won't

Oops! ObamaCare, officially known as the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, is a good example of how names politicians give to things often have little or nothing to do with the actual substance of the thing. You'd think from the name of the law - and from much of the Democrat rhetoric in support of the ... continue reading

Idaho city tells pastors: Celebrate gay weddings or face fines, jail time

Fascism. Bakers, photographers and florists are being forced to shut down their businesses unless they accede to demands that they join in the celebration of gay "marraiges," but so far no one has faced jail time for putting commitment to the Word of God ahead of the demands of homosexuals and their cultural ... continue reading