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NY Times hilariously spins awful Hillary polls: 'There's a lot of room for improvement!'

Whistling past the graveyard. I really don't even know why the Democratic Party spends a dime on communication staff. Why not just hand out copies of the New York Times to everyone? It would accomplish the same purpose, and most of the time they're all on social media posting links to the Times anyway. No matter ... continue reading

After denying bias, Facebook changes policies that produce anti-conservative bias

De facto mea culpa. We didn't do anything wrong, but we'll stop doing it. That's pretty much what Facebook said late Monday by changing the policies it insisted did not need to be changed in order to stop the suppression of news stories that appear favorable to conservatives in its Trending Topics section. ... continue reading

House stops amendment that would have given Obama's transgender agenda the force of law

Power grab defeated . . . for the moment. We talked on Friday about how the federal government uses the tax code and the allocation of federal funds to control the behavior of as many people as it can. That tax break you need? Here are our terms. That federal funding you can't do without? These will be your ... continue reading

Very generous Jeb! says Trump supporters are not a bunch of idiots

While kinda sorta stumbling into an understanding of why Trump won the nomination. I am sure every Donald Trump supporter in this nation lies awake at night wondering, "What does Jeb Bush think of me? He doesn't think I'm an idiot, does he? Because I don't think I could handle that!" Rest easy, sweet pups. I have ... continue reading

Venezuela's Maduro: The U.S. wants to turn my military against me!

Ain't too many people still with you, bro. In case you haven't heard, Venezuela went all in on feeling the Bern more than a decade ago. Socialism has been about as complete a disaster there as it's possible for a thing to be. Just to give you one example: How does a country with more oil reserves than Saudi ... continue reading

Just so you know: The IRS is still harassing conservative non-profits

Two tough federal judges aren't having the IRS's nonsense excuses. You'd think the last thing the IRS would do would be to continue harassing and targeting conservative groups, given the scrutiny and very public criticism it's already received for doing so. You'd think they'd clean up their act and start playing ... continue reading

CBS poll has Hillary up 47-41, but . . .

. . . Trump is gaining, and 52 percent of Democrats are dissatisfied with the choices. If you were excited about yesterday's Fox poll showing Trump up 45-42, and thus crestfallen to see this one, don't feel that way at all. For one thing, Fox and Rasmussen polls always show the Republican running stronger than ... continue reading

Report: Wreckage of EgyptAir 804 found

Looks like terrorism, but . . . Developing stories like this are always very fluid, and you need to be wary whenever someone tells you that a piece of information is "confirmed" or otherwise able to be reported with confidence. It certainly appears that EgyptAir Flight 804 is a victim of a terrorist attack, as ... continue reading

Fox News poll: Trump 45, Hillary 42

It's on. I guess our distraught #NeverTrump friends aren't as influential as they are emotional. Or maybe Hillary is just that bad. Of course, as Trump himself points out, there is something different about Fox News polls: .@NateSilver538 Doesn't anyone understand this? Why do I only win in Fox News polls? Makes ... continue reading

Trump releases list of 11 potential SCOTUS nominees

Are your fears allayed? No one says President Trump has to follow through on what candidate Trump promised, of course, but that's true of every candidate in every cycle. People want specifics from Trump. People complain that the Supreme Court is no argument in favor of Trump because no one has any idea what type ... continue reading

Obama to Rutgers students: You should have let Condoleezza Rice speak in 2014

"I don't think that's how democracy works best, when we're not even willing to listen to each other." I've got to be honest with you, I originally approached this story trying to find an angle that showed Obama to be less than magnanimous here. Yeah, come on, the guy who constantly benefits from the left's ... continue reading

Carrie Prejean: NYT twisted passage from my book after I refused to help with their Trump hit piece

"I told them they weren't gonna get anything negative out of me about Donald Trump, and they weren't really happy about that." In case you had any doubt whatsoever, let's just lay it out: The New York Times is not just a journalistic institution that leans left in its worldview. It's a left-wing propaganda arm, ... continue reading

New York Times getting nervous polls that show Hillary leading might be wrong

Gray Lady losing confidence in horrible, corrupt, shrill, dishonest, inept lady. Look, I don't blame the New York Times one bit. If I was in the tank for a candidate as inept as Hillary Clinton, I'd be nervous too. It's bad enough that she might lose. Anyone who looks at Hillary honestly can see what a horrible ... continue reading

No, GOP Senate: Do not investigate Facebook's anti-conservative bias

Every bad thing that happens does not require congressional action, and private businesses can operate as they choose. Rob told you last week, as did many others, about the reports that Facebook employees regularly spike news stories that are favorable toward conservatives or have a conservative point of view. No ... continue reading

Lance Wallnau: God is raising up Trump as a 'wrecking ball' for the nation

An Isaiah 45 leader, "though you do not acknowledge me," in the manner of Cyrus. Just so you know, Donald Trump has not only inspired a rift among political conservatives. He's inspired one among Christians as well. Many high-profile Christian teachers are appalled that so many evangelicals have backed a man of ... continue reading

Andrew McCarthy explains how the DOJ is sabotaging the FBI's Hillary investigation

With the active and willing assistance of the Washington Post. We touched on this last week, but National Review's Andrew McCarthy takes it to a whole new level of explaining just how much is inadverently revealed when the Washington Post gives an insider account of the FBI's questioning of Hillary crony Cheryl ... continue reading