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Fran Tarkenton: What the hell is going on here?

"I've known Donald Trump for 48 years . . . he gets stuff done." Bittersweet day for us Vikings fans. We lost Denny Green this morning, and that's hit me hard. Denny was boisterous and sometimes he was his own worst enemy, but he took the Vikings to heights they have rarely seen in the post-Bud Grant era, and he ... continue reading

Full Trump speech: Strong, conservative and impossible not to like

"Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo." This is what you call a firebrand speech. Trump's theme is that America has become weaker, more dangerous and less prosperous under the policies of Obama and Clinton - and he hammers home the point again and again. He cites crime statistics. Economic statistics. ... continue reading

Washington Post reaches right for the race card in Miami shooting

With almost no confirmed details about what happened or why, it's nevertheless time to stoke more race riots. I'd like to ask a question of whoever makes the style decisions at the Washington Post. Does the paper now intend to put the race of the primary players in the headline of every story? Every crime story? ... continue reading

Pence: 'Donald Trump gets it. He's the genuine article.'

"This nation will start winning again." For a guy who supposedly loathed Donald Trump until, oh, the middle of last week, Mike Pence sure made a compelling case for his running mate last night. Watch this address if you didn't last night, and you'll get a sense of why Trump chose him. Not only does Pence make a ... continue reading

Ted Cruz gives exceptional speech touting conservatism . . . but the crowd wanted something else

Up with conservatism. Down with conscience? Remember, Donald Trump personally asked Ted Cruz to speak last night at the RNC. Cruz said he would be delighted to do so. Both surely expected that the speech would be about the virtues of conservatism and not about the virtues of Donald Trump. It was, and the crowd ... continue reading

Why Ben Carson is right about Hillary and Lucifer

And why telling the truth about her sounds like hate . . . because there's a lot to hate about the truth. We're hearing today from the political media - and even a few weak-kneed pastors - that it was "hate" for Ben Carson to associate Hillary with Lucifer via Saul Alinsky, as he did last night. This is partly ... continue reading

Paul Ryan at RNC: Only with Trump and Pence do the changes we want have a chance

Can't wait for that first Trump State of the Union address, eh? Sometimes I feel like I'm a therapist trying to bring about peace between Paul Ryan and conservative activists. Actually Ryan is more than willing, and you might recall a time when his Pathway to Prosperity made him a rising star in the eyes of the ... continue reading

Awesome: Cleveland cop joins black citizens on street to pray for peace

Narrative busted. Per Chicago's WGN, what's beautiful here is not really that black people and a white cop join together in hugs and prayers. That is really not all that unusual, despite what the race-obsessed media and political class would have you think. What's beautiful is that they do it so audaciously and ... continue reading

Captain Tingles: How dare these Republicans let the mother of a Benghazi victim criticize Hillary

No thrill up the leg, but maybe something running down it. I first noticed this with Joe the Plumber. Ordinary citizen finds himself with a moment in the spotlight and uses it to criticize the president. The media immediately springs into action - not in support of the citizen's right to dissent, but as a mass ... continue reading

VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani's RNC speech on Trump, and on making America safe

"I am sick and tired of the defamation of Donald Trump by the media and the Clinton campaign. This is a good man." One of the highlights here is when Rudy says he's breaking a promise to Trump to reveal how Trump helped New York police officers in need and insisted on doing so anonymously. I should say, that's ... continue reading

Dang: Turkey arrests almost 3,000 of its own military in connection with coup attempt

Erdogan returns, but to what end? Things are not OK in Turkey. The coup has been put down, and President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan has returned to power. But the coup that nearly toppled him was not a matter of a few generals getting uppity and thinking they could wrestle control away. It was, shall we say, ... continue reading

Media wets itself over reports Trump still hadn't decided on VP after they reported he had

Bizarre projection. These are the times when my utter disdain for the media border on sheer hatred. You may recall that I wrote on Friday morning about the possibility that their "Pence is the choice" story from Thursday could have been wrong based on the possibility that they a) had an unreliable source; or b) ... continue reading

Hillary makes it official: She'll seek to gut First Amendment if elected

Specifically in response to a film by private citizens that was critical of her. I don't know what's more stunning here - the fact that Hillary flat-out tells you she wants to gut the First Amendment, or the fact that the media reports it in the same misleading Clintonese with which she presents it. I'd say it's ... continue reading

Obama's legacy: Dead cops

By continuing to cast aspersions on police in general even as they're being gunned down, Obama fans the flames of this madness and gets blood on his own hands. I do not make this statement lightly. I thought about it a lot. I used to roll my eyes at liberals who blamed Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush for ... continue reading

OK, now Trump makes it official: Pence for VP

Not THAT Pence. Maybe he's listening to me after all. An announcement that was supposed to happen at 11 a.m., but was supposedly postponed because of the Nice attack, has now happened officially. The press conference won't be until tomorrow, so we can hear more then about Trump's rationale and Pence's thoughts on ... continue reading

Trump running mate announcement should happen before the convention

We think. Maybe I'm alone in thinking this, but I'm not sure why the Nice terrorist attack necessitated a delay in Trump's running mate announcement. Yes, it was a horrific event. Yes, the people affected by it deserve a certain degree of decorum and respect in its aftermath. And yes, it's dominating the news ... continue reading