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VIDEO: Even lefty Jon Stewart can see Obama's acting like an emperor

And he uses Obama's own words from a 2013 Google Hangout to demonstrate it. One of the things that makes Jon Stewart kind of handy to have around is that, while he's definitely a liberal, he's not willing to make himself look like a total clown by defending the indefensible. So when Democrats find that Stewart ... continue reading

White House: OK, fine, we overstated ObamaCare enrollment

Real total of 6.7 million is below their own announced threshold for viability. One of the Obama Administration's major defenses of ObamaCare has been to claim that it's hitting its target numbers in terms of enrollment. Granted, its target numbers are not very impressive when you consider ObamaCare was ... continue reading

Let's get this right: The scandal is not about Gruber

He's just the unwitting truth-teller. I'm noticing as this whole Jonathan Gruber business unfolds that Republicans are showing a troubling instinct, and if they're not careful they're going to mis-navigate this thing in a such a way that they just might let congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration off ... continue reading

N.Y. Times: Um, Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes

"From the streets to the suites." I guess you have to give credit to the ultra-liberal New York Times for not burying this story, although you also have to recognize that if there's one crime liberals don't like to forgive, it's not paying taxes. Al Sharpton has made a little money in the years he's been in the ... continue reading

Sorry, liberals: Reagan and Bush 41 did not defy Congress with executive amnesty

Nice try. Every time President Obama does something, or is about to do something, that has conservatives up in arms - especially if the protest is based on abuse of his constitutional authority - you can count on the left doing one thing: Finding a supposed example of a past Republican president or presidents ... continue reading

Reid's pretend Keystone XL vote doesn't save Keystone or Mary Landrieu

Despicable little man from Nevada is deciding vote to kill it. Mary Landrieu is desperate to save her seat in the U.S. Senate. It looks like she's going to lose it in next month's runoff against Congressman Bill Cassidy. And we know for a fact that Harry Reid won't be Senate Majority Leader anymore after January ... continue reading

If global warming is Bush's fault, then Obama is responsible for this bullcrap

Hillary too. In case you didn't know, yesterday was my birthday. I've now had 48 of those, Now, since my birthday is November 17, I've never before spent one in the midst of a massive winter snowstorm - even though I live in Michigan. We have long, cold winters, but they don't start this early with this kind of ... continue reading

Obama in 2006 video: Yeah, I stole ideas liberally from Jonathan Gruber

Obama today: Who's that guy? First, as Rob told you last week, Nancy Pelosi denied that she had ever heard of Jonathan Gruber - only to have it discovered that her web site is full of deferential references to him as an "expert." Now President Obama dismisses him as just some guy who was "not on our staff" and ... continue reading

Canada's Harper to Putin: 'I guess I'll shake your hand, but you need to get out of Ukraine'

O Canada! Quite the contrast from when Obama ran into him in China last week, Canada's Stephen Harper apparently has no hesitation about letting it be known what he and his country think of Vladimir Putin's aggression toward Ukraine: Harper spokesman Jason MacDonald told Canadian reporters Harper had been ... continue reading

Thoroughly chastened and having learned their lesson, Senate Democrats choose as their leader . . . Harry Reid

Oof. There's nothing like a whoopin' to bring you into line so you can get your act together and start making better choices. Or not. We've already heard from Democrats all across the country that the only thing that went wrong for them last Tuesday was get-out-the-vote problems and "messaging," so hey, why ... continue reading

Oh, by the way, Russian troops are storming into Ukraine again

Da. Staying on the theme of agreements with other countries that mean nothing, remember that cease-fire back in September that was supposed to take care of hostilities in Ukraine between the Russians and the Ukranian resistance? Yeeeaaaahhh . . . about that. Not only are the Russian invaders back in full force, ... continue reading

Fence jumper got past Secret Service agent gabbing on his cell phone

Other agents figured bushes would stop him. And that doesn't mean George W. This couldn't be any more of a fiasco if the Secret Service was trying to let the guy breach the White House. We knew when it first happened that it had been a huge fail, but before the results of the investigation came out yesterday, we ... continue reading

Obama lets himself get rolled by China so he can get 'climate change' deal

Screw plentiful energy. Welcome to the world of make-believe. Let me explain how it works. First, you pretend there is this massive problem that is threatening the existence of live on Earth. As I look out the window right this moment at four or five inches of snow falling on November 13, I would like to remind ... continue reading

In Arkansas, outgoing Democrat governor pardons son's drug conviction

Alternate headline: He's leaving office anyway so what the hell. I realize some of you think there should be no drug convictions, ever, of anyone, for anything . . . and you always make your feelings known. I don't care about them any more today than I ever do, but it's not really the point anyway. A governor ... continue reading

OK, time for Senate to push through Keystone XL approval, says . . . Mary Landrieu?

Desperation. Democrat Mary Landrieu is in huge trouble coming up on her December 6 Senate runoff against Republican Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. Although she won a plurality in the November "jungle primary" by a single percentage point over Cassidy, the total number of Republican votes far outpaced Landrieu's total ... continue reading

VIDEO: Trey Gowdy destroys ObamaCare architect who thinks you're stupid

"Put down the cognac and the lost writings of J.D. Salinger." I thought you'd enjoy the passion with which Trey Gowdy delivers this takedown, and you always seem to respond well to Megyn Kelly for some reason. But do you catch only takeaway that really matters here? Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com ... continue reading