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Miracle? Two missionary doctors apparently cured of Ebola virus

One way or another, God did it. The way the story was reported initially, people got the impression that the Ebola virus is an incontrovertible death sentence, and that Drs. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol were toast. Thus began the mild controversy over whether it made sense for them to be brought back to the ... continue reading

How to utterly destroy ISIS, in case Obama would like to try doing that

No time for tepidness. Not that Barack Obama has ever demonstrated much seriousness when it comes to fighting radical Islam - especially its most monstrous adherents such as the members of ISIS - but if he would like to think in terms obliterating ISIS instead of just holding them in check or preventing them from ... continue reading

Seven ways pot legalization has been a disaster in Colorado

Fools. Hat tip on this one to Cully Stimson at the Daily Signal, who dove into a report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area to get to the truth about the social costs being wrought by this ill-conceived public policy. For those of you still making the rote, brain-dead argument that ... continue reading

60 percent of Democrat voters fear bosses will switch them to ObamaCare policies

Oh no! Not that! This is one of the reasons liberalism enjoys its moments of political ascendancy, but never really takes hold as a philosophy the nation accepts on an enduring basis. Simply put: One of the cures for liberalism is when its advocates find they have to live with its consequences. When ObamaCare was ... continue reading

Mike Ditka: Redskins name controversy just 'all the politically correct idiots in America'

"I'm sorry. I'm not very tolerant when it comes to all the liberals who complain about everything." Thought you'd enjoy this. As more of the American sports media buckles under activist pressure to banish the name and logo of the Washington Redskins from the face of the Earth, you have to hope that someone, ... continue reading

ISIS beheads American journalist, posts video on YouTube

And threatens to do it to another unless Obama stops Iraq air strikes. The video showing the beheading of freelance photojournalist James Foley has been the talk of the Internet and of the media since last night. We're not going to show the one that includes the beheading - there's nothing gained by broadcasting ... continue reading

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who tweeted corroboration of Darren Wilson's account suddenly 'on leave'?

What? This is weird. A pretty big buzz started last night when St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers tweeted that there is plenty of support for Officer Darren Wilson's account of the Michael Brown shooting: Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop's version of events ... continue reading

Boy, that case against Rick Perry is pretty weak, says . . . MSNBC?

And quite a few other lefties too. It has become pretty common in Texas for Austin-based Democrat prosecutors to abuse the justice system as a way of attacking prominent Republican politicians. District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg infamously (and unsuccessfully) tried it against Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Tom ... continue reading

Multiple reports say Kurds have re-taken Mosul Dam from ISIS

With support from U.S. air power. It's a start, and an important one, for Kurdish forces in Iraq, who apparently have re-taken control of the Mosul Dam with the support of U.S. air power and the Iraqi government. The task was complicated by land mines ISIS planted during the time they were in possession of the ... continue reading

The entirely political indictment of Rick Perry

Threatening to veto a bill is apparently now a criminal offense. You have probably heard by now that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been indicted on charges that he abused his executive power, since the news media is all too happy to tell you about it. If you've never heard the expression that a grand jury can indict ... continue reading

U.S. airstrikes seek to re-take crucial Mosul Dam from ISIS

Originally Saddam's monument to himself, terrorist monsters could use it to choke off water supply or cause massive flooding. When you first heard that the U.S., the Iraqi government and the Kurds were working together in an attempt to retake the Mosul Dam from ISIS, it might have seemed like a strange priority ... continue reading

Kinder, gentler approach fails; Ferguson cops back to tear gas and riot gear

Tension rises; media provide detailed directions to home of shooter cop. After all the moaning about the "militarization of the police," apparently the Missouri Highway Patrol decided it was time to ditch the SWAT/seige approach and try the kinder, gentler tactic of walking amongst the people - building ... continue reading

VIDEO: Democrat John Lewis wants Obama to declare martial law in Ferguson

"It is not the Congo. It is not China. It is not Russia." No, it's not any of those places, a fact that would seemingly serve as an unlikely pretext for a declaration of martial law. But Congressman John Lewis of Georgia is arguing here that Obama should declare martial law in Ferguson as a way of protecting the ... continue reading

Bill Bennett: This notion that marijuana isn't that harmful is just plain wrong

Harshing their mellow. I know you don't like it when I go here, because the "conservative movement" seems to have wholly embraced marijuana legalization as part of a larger move in direction of "liberty" as opposed to law and order. I'm pretty sure the very real principles of liberty that animated the Founding ... continue reading

Boots on the ground: U.S. troops land on mountain where Yazidis are trapped

They "will not engage in combat,"Obama says. As if that's up to them. Once the United States decided to come to the aid of Iraqi Yazidis trapped atop a mountain and under seige by ISIS, it should have become clear that we couldn't just airdrop supplies to them and leave it at that. They're going to die if we ... continue reading

Pentagon: Huh, maybe we should get those people off that mountain instead of just dropping supplies to them

But it might not be possible because of Obama's political vow never to send in ground troops. Nothing gets by these guys. Having been chased by the homicidal monsters known as ISIS to the top of a mountain, where they have no way to get food and water, Iraq's Yazidis might need a little more than a supply drop, ... continue reading