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Obama: If a congressional vote says executive amnesty is illegal, 'I will veto that vote'

Stunning. You really have to consider the audacity of this on multiple levels. For one thing, you don't need a congressional vote to establish the illegality of something that is already illegal. Obama knows perfectly well that executive amnesty was his decision to work outside the law because Congress wasn't on ... continue reading

Scientists: Gay couples might be able to have their own biological babies by 2017

And to make it perfect, they'll use stem cells from aborted fetuses to do it. I guess it should have occurred to me that someone would be working on this. It's not enough just to put Christian-owned bakeries and florists out of business, as much fun as that might be. The gay marriage train has to steam down the ... continue reading

Sen. Ben Sasse: What the GOP Congress must do if the Supremes tear ObamaCare asunder

Or else a conservative "win" becomes a liberal extravaganza. Conservatives are very hopeful that the Supreme Court will rule in the King v. Burwell case that the Obama Administration is violating its own law by granting ObamaCare subsidies to those buying policies on the federal exchange. The statute's language ... continue reading

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald admits he made up story about serving in special forces

And Obama will do nothing. The lie is worse than the one Brian Williams told in this sense: He's claiming an actual military service assignment that it turns out was a total lie. Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald did train to be in special forces, and he did graduate. But he never served in them. It's less ... continue reading

Relax, everyone: Scott Walker is right to ignore trap questions from idiot media

Don't play their stupid game. I got into it on Friday with a guy on Facebook who is upset that Scott Walker won't "take a stand" on evolution. This, he says, shows that he is not ready for leadership. I suppose he might feel the same way about Walker's disinclination to deal with the burning issue of the day as ... continue reading

BREAKING: Walker about to sign right-to-work in Wisconsin

Here we go. Having lived through this two years ago in Michigan, I can tell you the insanity Wisconsin is in for, but then again the state that dealt with the Democrat fleebagger insanity isn't going to be surprised by too much. Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Legislature have decided to fast-track ... continue reading

Why can't Giuliani point out that Obama doesn't love America?

How could anything be more obvious? America, you elected a president who has spent his entirely life rebelling against capitalism, limited government, individual initiative . . . the very things that are the basis for this country's founding. This is a guy whose pastor declared from the pulpit "God damn America" ... continue reading

Turns out not too much fire ended up ceasing in Ukraine

Putin marches on, while Kerry blusters that they'd better stop "violations of the cease-fire". The overnight deal that last week brought a "cease fire" to Ukraine was always tinged with peril. As we wrote at the time, it was easy for Putin to sign the deal knowing he could re-assume his aggressive behavior ... continue reading

Obama: We really need to address the terrorists' grievances

Self-reverential conceit on steroids. You listen to this, and your first instinct - which is not wrong - is that you're listening to class mushbrained left-wing blather about how we all just need to understand each other, etc. But I think Obama's narcissism may be an even bigger factor here. Following Marie ... continue reading

Just a reminder: Scientists' predictions are basically wild-ass guesses

Never mind! The global warmists consistently tell us two things: 1. The science is settled about human activities causing global warming, and we are not to question it because this comes from scientists. If we doubt them, we are anti-science deniers. 2. If we don't act now, the consequences will be disastrous. ... continue reading

Appeal to the base: Stop cannibalizing conservative stars over immigration purity demands

Everyone becomes a RINO when they can't meet the impossible litmus test. Something is happening again that’s happened too many times before. It’s starting to happen to Scott Walker just as it’s happened in the past to Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and quite a few others. It’s a rift between an ... continue reading

Obama on ISIS: They can't feed or educate people, so they're not a threat to us

Remember, they're just Al Qaeda's JV team. Barack Obama's never been one to take any problem seriously if he can find a way not to - provided, of course, it doesn't benefit politically to take it seriously. Obama decided a long time ago that he would not commit to all-out warfare against ISIS, which is why he not ... continue reading

Texas federal judge sides with states, blocks Obama's executive amnesty

Don't tell anybody what I want to do. If they find out, you know that they'll never let me through. This round is a win for the states - 26 of them, anyway - as U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has ruled that the Obama Administration did not follow the law when the president decided unilaterally to extend blanket ... continue reading

Obama team refused to meet with Iraqi tribal leaders seeking help against ISIS, until . . .

. . . George W. Bush started making phone calls. A huge caveat before I get started here: This is based on reporting by Politico, the worst web site in the world and the work of complete hacks who can't tell truth from lies and honestly don't even care. Politico is the finger up America's nose, the soiled ... continue reading

Southern Poverty Law Center to Ben Carson: Hey, sorry for labeling you 'extremist'

His crime: Believing the Bible. Believe it or not, the Southern Poverty Law Center actually does some good work. There are real racist haters out there, and the SPLC has a history of conducting fairly sophisticated ops to root them out and expose them. So it would be nice if the SPLC stayed true to that mission ... continue reading

Overnight deal achieves ceasefire in eastern Ukraine

But we're a long way from getting the Russians out of there. All-night negotiations led to an announcement early this morning that a ceasefire agreement has been reached in eastern Ukraine. Germany and France brokered the deal between Russia and Ukraine. That doesn't mean the Russians are packing up and heading ... continue reading