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The N Word: Taboo to Whites, Endearing to Blacks

Nigger. Nigga. Cracker. Honky. I could go on with a long list of racial slurs, but no matter how long the list, most of you are still soothing the sting from the first word or giggling delightfully in your cyber-anonymity. We will need to begin with the etymology of the word “nigger”. The word's ... continue reading

Where's my 40 Acres and a Mule?

“Well I think every black person should at least get $100,000.” “What do you think that's gonna do?” “That won't do nothing but make Cadillac the number-one dealership in the country!” “Everywhere you look, there's opportunity. You know what I mean?” ... continue reading

African American or Black-What do you prefer to be called?

The most popular question I received from white people on this blog journey exploring race and culture was “African-American or Black; what do you want to be called?” and understandably so, since so many people have debated the legitimacy of calling black Americans “African-Americans” over ... continue reading

The GOP and Outreach: White fear of the Black Community

Folks, it’s official. This particular part of the blog series has been dubbed a “roasting” by me. This part is a bit longer, so get comfortable and fasten your seat belts. I had written this piece and was ready to publish it but after a few re-reads, I realized that what I had originally written ... continue reading

Black Christian Conservative Thrown Out of Summer Program at Georgetown University for Refusing LGBTQ Tolerance Seminar

One of the most wonderful news stories that I was so happy to hear over the last two years was that of Urban Prep Academy in Chicago. It is the only 100% African-American male charter high school in the entire country which has had a 100% college acceptance rate for its senior class. There has been no shortage of ... continue reading

Introduction to The Top 10 Things Black & White Americans Want To Know About One Another But Won't Ask

Recently, I asked black & white people throughout social media for questions they always wanted to ask the opposite race, but haven’t for fear of offending them. I received over 4,000 responses and from them I took the top ten to address in this series on “race” or “race ... continue reading

Obamacare: The Left Won the Battle, The Right Will Win The War

Words are not adequate enough to fully express my initial level of shock and disappointment for the SCOTUS' ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare. However, I am even more inspired by the increased level of patriotism in light of it. The SCOTUS has ruled that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ... continue reading

Herman Cain's Point: "The Chickens are Coming to YOUR Home to Roost"

Since the irresponsible, “lamestream”, liberal media either does not seem to know what satire is, or knows and deliberately ignores it to insult Herman Cain and distract Americans from his timely message, before I begin this missive, let me provide them with and remind them of the definition: ... continue reading

Obamacare: Pinata or Trojan Horse

One of the things about most liberals' logic that tickles my funny bone more than anything else is the way in which I can easily win debates against them as their so called refutations only further buttress my arguments. They shoot themselves in the foot as they try hard to justify the socialist agendas being ... continue reading