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Are You SAVED?

I wish that this had been my first blog.  When I view the events unfolding all over the globe, even today, I have had to ask myself, “What if I had only been given time and opportunity for one blog?” If that had happened, you didn’t need to know my name, my bio or anything else that came ... continue reading

The Curses of Disobedience

In our last blog, we read in Deuteronomy about the blessings that come with obedience to God. Today I want to talk about what we reap as curses when we are disobedient.  I wanted to write about this today for two reasons.  As someone in a capacity to reach you, I feel that I am responsible for what you ... continue reading

I Know Where Provision Is, Let's Synchronize Our GPS'

Last week we talked about our personal deserts, and the one the Israelites found themselves in for forty years due to their grumble mumbles. I also said that regardless of our arid economy, lackluster love lives or health hiccups, that we do not have a proverbial provision problem, we have a revelation ... continue reading

Provision for Your Desert

Whether your desert is the economy, a bad medical report, a failed relationship or two, or you just find yourself bankrupt in emotions, whether you are alone or not, I have a WORD for you. You do not have a provision problem.  You have a revelation problem.  Let me explain. I have homeless friends today ... continue reading