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Out of the Mouths of Babes: Tips for Picking a Safe Restaurant

One evening, I was sitting in a restaurant with my kids, and my youngest tugged on my shirt and said “Dad!  Watch!”  Like many of us, I was engaged in conversation on my phone, and I paused long enough to see why my 10 year old was so excited. He nodded towards our server and quietly ... continue reading

Hey, Jeet Yet?

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck vernacular pretty much describes what millions of Americans do each day.  "Hey jeet yet? Naw, dju? Yu'nt to? Aight."   We really enjoy eating out, even in the current slow economy.  Sadly, just as many of us are ill informed on food safety and how to ... continue reading

A Whoopie of a Treat

Growing up, I loved heading over to the local 4th of July celebration.  Like every kid, I loved the fireworks, but also enjoyed the fabulous food that all the mothers would put out.  With so many treats, it was hard to choose what delicious item would be my next conquest.  Even today, I can still ... continue reading