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Oh My Akin Head

This is something about which I have written before, but, in light of Todd Akin’s apparent lack of sufficient brains to do his own wiping, I felt compelled to repeat myself, hoping that, at some point, it might strike home. Conservative or not, Todd Akin’s remarks about abortion and “legitimate ... continue reading

White Rage, Where Art Thou?

Last week, the media was all flummoxed when MSNBC’s Touré (and don’t you just love the Liberal hubris of single-name brands?) accused Mitt Romney of fomenting the otherization and niggerization of America.  These charges were leveled at Romney for his assertions of Barack Obama conducting ... continue reading

I Know Why the Hitched Mule Plows

I remember the years as if they were last week’s—1963 through 1968—a time during which the presumptive champions of America’s Blacks fell to assassins’ bullets—JFK and his brother, Robert, Medgar Evers, and the inimitable Martin.  Along with each sacrificial headline came ... continue reading

The Bain of Dour Existence

The gloves are off, and the deck from which the Obama Machine draws race and other denigrating cards is filled with Spades in the denomination of Ace, while the brilliance of Romney contingent idles to the wilds of political retreat. If one did not know better, many of whom do, one could not help but wonder if ... continue reading

The Raging Imperfect Storm

Do Black voters suffer cognitive disabilities that render them intellectually ill-equipped to be trusted with a ballot? The answer to that question begs to be screamed from the constitutional rafters, where there is no “right to vote.”  And, if posed in mixed company, that answer will be avoided ... continue reading

The Trouble with Romney

In the midst of what likely is to become the bloodiest of all Presidential mano-a-manos, the last man standing in the bid to become the champion of the Conservative route, Mitt Romney, suffers the insufferable—too smart for his own good. Romney is an indisputably competent businessman, with an eye and a ... continue reading