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Recently I separated from my husband.  I say recently, but it's been a year.  We have been together our whole adult lives—14 years now.  So, by my perspective, one year is a small glitch in this second decade of our lives.  Through this hard break up, I have learned incredible life ... continue reading

iPARENT: Not So Random Thursday Thoughts of a Single Mom

Wake up! Five more minutes. Baby morning cry sounds more like a threat now. I’m up. Diaper in hand. Yesterday’s diaper. Discard diaper. Milk. Not coffee creamer. Child Welfare might not understand Amaretto Bliss in sippee cup. Socks? Three. Feet? Four. Brush teeth. At least theirs’. ... continue reading


My name is Jessica Brooke Sharp Durden.  I have to remind myself that once daily, as my given name is “Mommy,” “Mama,” “Mom,” and once, to my horror, “Mother,” to a two year-old in dire need of a channel change from Fox News to Bubble Guppies. Before I became a ... continue reading