Herman Cain

Herman Cain

Herman Cain grew up in Atlanta with loving parents and little else. His father worked three jobs as a janitor, a barber and a chauffeur and his mother was a domestic worker. Thanks to the lessons his parents instilled in him, Herman went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from Morehouse College and a Master's in computer science from Purdue University.

Herman has more than 40 years' experience in the private sector, where he balanced budgets, created jobs and rescued failing companies. He served as an analyst for Coca-Cola, an executive at Pillsbury, a regional Vice President with Burger King and CEO of Godfather's Pizza. During his time at Godfather's, he brought the company from near bankruptcy to profitability in just 14 months. Herman's record as "turnaround artist" led to his rise as President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, which employs more than 14 million people. Additionally, he's been on the boards of directors for several multi-national corporations, including Nabisco, AGCO, Hallmark Cards, Whirlpool, SuperValu, Acquila and Reader's Digest.

Herman also served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and as a supervisory mathematician for the Department of the Navy, where he developed ballistics and fire control systems for the armed forces.

Herman has been married to his wife, Gloria, for 44 years, and they have two children and four grandchildren. He also serves as an Associate Minister at Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta.

Articles by Herman Cain:

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There is no domestic strategy either

Not that we'd expect one from this bunch. The Obama administration and the Democrats are still trying to "walk back" the president’s statement that "we have no strategy" to deal with ISIS. This shocked those of us paying attention to the brutality of the ISIS rampage through Iraq, the highly publicized ... continue reading

Obama will wait until after the election to illegally change immigration policy

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H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Other People Excel

Hope is a powerful thing... Southern Crescent Sports Foundation is building H.O.P.E. Park in Lovejoy, GA.  When completed, they will have eight baseball/softball  fields, including a Miracle League Field, 30,000 square foot all accessible playground, community garden and certified kitchen, a nature walk ... continue reading

Obama: 'Better off by every measure!'; Biden: 'Not growing, poor wages!'

Keep saying it! If you haven't heard of the KSI (keep saying it) principle, it works like this: No matter how absurd the thing is that you want people to believe, just keep saying it, and eventually enough of them will. Barack Obama may not be a master of this technique, but he certainly is committed to it. ... continue reading

Designed to thrive, America is just surviving

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Three moments that define Obama's unserious approach to Russia

Reset. As Russia marches into Ukraine – in complete defiance of western condemnations and the recognized order expected in civilized society – I can’t help but recall three moments that seem to define where we’ve come to in the U.S./Russian relationship: Shortly after becoming Secretary ... continue reading

It's a set-up, y'all: Obama power abuses are nothing but impeachment bait

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Oh good: ObamaCare now providing relief to those getting 'gender reassignment surgery'

Use the correct term, friends. Don't be like Shaney B. and call it "The Forbidden Snip." That would be wrong. Who comes up with these terms? You and I think of it (well, if we think of it at all, which I'd rather not) as sex-change surgery. But no! We have to be politically correct with everything now, so it's ... continue reading

Ferguson solutions are obvious, and urgently needed before it happens in your town

But my saying it will mean nothing if the people on the ground don't want to make it happen. Ferguson, Missouri could be coming to your town real soon. There are many explosive pockets of populations in our country just waiting for an excuse to explode into violence, rioting and looting. The tragedy of a ... continue reading

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