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What this Election Means to Me

The Presidential election is months away, but the horse race already seems to be in full swing.  For the most part, the media shows the poll numbers on a daily basis.  For a time Romney has been up, and likewise, Obama has had a spot at the top.  Many people are looking at this election through the ... continue reading

The Importance of Faith

It is common teaching in schools to tell students that there is a separation of church and state.  This was a principle that, for many of our founding fathers, was foremost in their mind.  Thomas Jefferson, who according to a number of modern historians has been branded nonreligious, (and wrongfully so ... continue reading

America: An Idea

It would be easy to quickly dive into an issue that is prevalent in the news, or examine a political battle that is taking place, but all of that would be for naught if we didn’t first understand who we are.  This is why I believe history, and in turn understanding the past, is so vitally ... continue reading

A Republic, If We Can Keep It

America is the world’s last best hope.  That has been the thinking of many as the years have rolled along.  There have been moments in our brief history when the idea of America seemed close to evaporating all together.  The future seemed uncertain during the Revolution that set us free, and ... continue reading