Clark Barrow

Clark Barrow

Clark Barrow currently works as a writer and research assistant for Herman Cain. In this position, Clark prepares a daily news briefing while also writing compelling talking points and commentaries for Mr. Cain.

For Mr. Cain's presidential campaign, Clark worked as the lead research assistant and debate prep coordinator. In order to determine campaign policy positions, Clark drafted concise policy memos on domestic and foreign policy issues and subsequently developed talking points on each issue for the candidate.
Clark played an integral part in developing the Cain campaign energy policy. Clark mediated the policy discussions among the Cain energy policy committee members and drafted the Cain energy policy for the presidential campaign. Key aspects of the Cain energy policy were used for portions of Mr. Cain's latest book, "9-9-9 An Army of Davids"

As campaign debate prep coordinator, Clark wrote and verbally delivered practice Presidential debate questions to Mr. Cain and challenged the candidate on his answers to strengthen debate performance. When the busy campaign schedule allowed for a full debate prep session, Mr. Cain overwhelming won the debate.

Clark began working with Herman Cain in 2008 as an intern for his radio show on News/Talk WSB in Atlanta, Georgia. After a short time, Mr. Cain became impressed with Clark's ability to produce content and background research for the radio show and the two developed a strong working relationship. After the internship, Clark continued to work with Mr. Cain as a ghost-writer and research assistant.

Clark graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kennesaw State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

Articles by Clark Barrow:

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