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The Covenant

A promise of stayed destruction is defined differently out of the mouths of men.  The Covenant symbol, now commercially skewed, depicts the rainbow's end, melting into a pot of molten lava.  Colors run together as the heat of Hades pulls, even the arc of it, out of a Sovereign sky.  Where the ... continue reading

End of the Road

(The Interpretation)The impending global meltdown begins and ends on the yellow brick road atthe corner of Wall St. and Greed.The euro, dollar, peso and yen quit bearing fruit after their own kind; and, man made paper fades in the shadow of a scarecrow sun.Doom and gloom "four-corner" counterfeit corn in a ... continue reading

Beth Smith

 My earliest memories are of color, texture, layers... When I was in kindergarten, I would ask my teacher if I could miss recess to stay inside and create. To create was to play. To play was to paint or color or shadow or draw or cut or and outside the lines. That's how surrealism is born. It's ... continue reading

Constitution's Last Stand

About the Painting:In part we are a nation at auction, marked down pennies on the dollar, to attract the highest bidder. Two coasts shore us in. The oceans, safe harbor from the world away. For too long we have tread water and now, limbs tired, we do little more than hold our head above SEA-Commerce. Our ... continue reading