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Drone Wars

I am an aviation enthusiast. As such, I keep up with aviation news. I am becoming increasingly alarmed about something which concerns all of us, not just us flying nuts. Pilotless drones are becoming more and more numerous over the United States. The FAA has stated that there could be 30,000 drones over US ... continue reading

Media Saturation

Our populous is the most divided it’s been since the Civil War. Conservatives versus Liberals, Democrats versus Republicans, the divides go on and on. An obvious reason for this is people are so accustomed to putting themselves first, instead of their country. I think there is another more obfuscated ... continue reading

My Perfect Wife

Let me start this off by confessing that my wife is perfect. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. She has just enough flaws to avoid being annoying. Her biggest flaw is in her choice of a husband; but, I digress. She is smart. She is educated. She is beautiful. She is loving and nurturing. She is ... continue reading