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More Than A Motto

In God We Trust. The national motto today is treated more like a catchphrase than a way of living. Working in the Missouri Capitol Building, I have the privilege of being surrounded by history and artwork that are etched into the stone walls of the hallways and chambers throughout the building. Many of these ... continue reading

The Binds of Freedom, The Fight for Tomorrow

Freedom is easy to lose, difficult to hang on to, and seemingly impossible to get back once it’s lost. This is something we all know from our lessons in history, but it is also something not all of us understand as citizens of this great republic. Examples of this failure to understand the fragile nature of ... continue reading

The American Conservative Struggle

The Republican Party is the party of America. The only things that keep getting in the way of the party’s continued success is itself. The Grand Old Party is based upon values of freedom protected and encouraged by government as opposed to government being the “solution” as often suggested by ... continue reading