Politics: White Rage, Where Art Thou?

Published by: on Monday August 20th, 2012

Last week, the media was all flummoxed when MSNBC’s Touré (and don’t you just love the Liberal hubris of single-name brands?) accused Mitt Romney of fomenting the otherization and niggerization of America.  These charges were leveled at Romney for his assertions of Barack Obama conducting a campaign of earth-scorching negative and defamatory accusations.  According to Touré, Romney’s use of “angry” in charactering Obama’s campaign was “racial code” for the purpose of injecting racism into the campaign, a claim, I might add, comes from a party that freely bandies about their own barrage of “racial codes,” such as, and certainly not limited to, African-American.  And that’s just scratching the surface.

Can anyone tell me, including YOU, Touré, just what coded inflections are behind Obama’s haranguing about “the richest among us,” “the wealthy,” “millionaires and billionaires,” and “the Republicans,” just to mention a few?  By using such language, is he not blatantly calling out Whites…most notably “old, rich White men”?  And, then, he really crossed the line, and I paraphrase, when he claimed wanting to bring about a new vision for America, where it doesn’t matter what you look like, what your last name is, or where you’re from?  Mr. Touré, just what sort of codes do we dare infer from that, coming from a Black man sitting behind the Oval Office desk, with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, and having spent much of his life in Indonesia?  Why did this racist country allow him, the great race-baiter, to fare so well?

However, the loathsome hypocrisy of Touré’s whining is not what bothers me most.  It is the journalistic retreat we have to endure, when the reporters, news anchors, and Talk Show Jocks hide behind claims of decency and refuse to quote and attribute use of any permutation of the “N” word, leaving it the “protected” use by a protected class—Angry Blacks—many of whom are too young to have experience America’s benighted years of Jim Crow. Does this not embolden militant Blacks and race mongers, such as Touré and others, with the ability to shoulder-pin their opponents in discussions that, more often than not, have nothing to do with race.  Once these incredibly disturbing and racially charged terms are injected into the discourse, should they not be free game for any and all connected to that conversation?  However, once Touré and his liberal tribesmen blow racism gooba dust in the faces of their opponents, such as allegations of niggerization by Romney, they will have loosed the paralyzing intrigue that renders them asylum for accountability.  It is a coded incantation in which only Liberals seem to be appropriately skilled and from which conservatives retreat in search of cover.

Why is it that only Blacks are granted license in these cases?  And what the hell is wrong with Whites that you have elected to surrender that which led your predecessors to conquer the globe by overcoming its inherent savagery?  Why have you allowed yourselves to become so marginalized in a society whose liberties were created and consecrated as inalienable by you? This brilliantly constructed free society and all of its bounty has become a house built by you, but out of which you are locked…by you…all for the sake of a decency unrecognized or acknowledged by those to whom it is shown…by you.

America has always been that last shining beacon to which so many have been drawn, because it cares for those who have been thrown under the wheels of tyranny and denied what is rightfully theirs as members of human society.  Ever since her independence gained from the world’s mightiest empire at the time, no matter the atrocity or how far it might have been from her shores, America has always sailed off to march on the lesser of man’s proclivities, neglecting the threat of her own loss, and freeing those that knew none.

Yes, as with anything made by and of men and women, America has suffered its own lesser proclivities; however, its imperfections have always lit the way to its own redemption.  Never have her flaws served to obfuscate or deny having fallen short of her ideals.  Yet, to some, America’s shortfalls grant justification to malign its nature and its motivations along with those who are guilty of nothing other than success, conservatism…and being White.

It is high time that you descendants of once great, selfless men and Keepers of the West to swing the pair bequeath you by generations of brinkmanship.  And that is code, though not racial, for kicking some ass and taking back your names.  You owe it to those who thought you deserved the inheritance of their sufferings – America, the Dream.

Milt Thomas is an executive consultant and author of BLACK, DUMB and BAREFOOT...AND KNOCKED UP BY THE DEMOCRATS.  He also blogs at:  http://myouthouse.net/