Politics: What this Election Means to Me

Published by: on Tuesday August 14th, 2012

The Presidential election is months away, but the horse race already seems to be in full swing.  For the most part, the media shows the poll numbers on a daily basis.  For a time Romney has been up, and likewise, Obama has had a spot at the top.  Many people are looking at this election through the lens of traditional politics.  They see both candidates as run-of-the-mill politicians that represent the Republicans or the Democrats.  One of the most talked about differences between the two is likeability, and how they appear before the public.  Romney sometimes comes off as a stiff, impersonal character, while Obama is more relatable to the average person.  But is that really what we should be looking for in a president?  It is so important that we try to look past this, because I truly think this is one of the most important elections in US history. 

I believe this is a crossroads election.  I do not see a campaign between two men, but a choice between two entirely different political philosophies.  This is unique, because a majority of the time candidates are very similar in their beliefs, and very little separates them from their opponent.  But now the choice is stark, and the decision we will make as a nation will set America on a path that will decide our future for generations.  One path leads us back to economic recovery, a balanced budget, and the minimization of government.  The other option is to proscribe to big government, increased regulation for businesses, and a submission to economic downfall.  Obama believes that government intervention is necessary for the prosperity of the people.  He wants the federal government to have more power and responsibility.  He thinks government is the solution.  Well, I have a message for President Obama: Government causes more problems than it fixes. 

Right now, for the first time in US history, I am projected to be worse off than my parent’s generation.  As we have grown as a nation, we have always taken pride in the fact that we leave the following generation better off.  Well, today we are at a point where that seems to be changing.  I can’t stand for that.  We can’t stand for that.  This will be the first Presidential election in which I will have the ability to vote.  When I go to the polls in November, I will not be thinking about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.  I will be thinking about the ideals they hold close, and where I want my country to go.  I want freedom, liberty, and small government.  That’s the American way.