Politics: Wait . . . Chris Matthews, the voice of reason?

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday August 31st, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - What? Chris Matthews stuns his MSBNC colleagues and stands up for school choice?

No sooner do I rip him to shreds for the bizarre statement that George W. Bush had "grand notions of himself" (what?) then Chris Matthews surprises me and takes on Schultz, Maddow, Sharpton and the rest of the MSNBC crew on the issue of school choice.

It followed Jeb Bush's speech, which was all about empowering parents and choosing the best interests of kids over teachers' unions. And as you get ready for the usual left-wing shilling, here comes Matthews praising Jeb and talking about how important it is to parents to have a choice and be able to get their kids out of failing schools.

I thought Ed Schultz was going to literally explode like that guy in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

Where did this come from, Chris?