Politics: VIDEO: Polls tighten as Romney speaks to massive, 11,000 person, Ohio crowd

Published by: Robert Laurie on Sunday October 14th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - A great speech in Lebanon yesterday, as Ohio polls continue to narrow 

"About a week ago, I had a debate.  ...and I did enjoy myself."  

With that opening line, Mitt Romney had a massive crowd of 11,000 people eating out of his hand. The huge attendance caused the audience to spill over its initial boundaries and through the streets surrounding the stage. It was the latest event for Romney, who's now put in a staggering 34 Ohio appearances in his bid to win the must-have state.

The speech, which focuses on the greatness of our nation, is a breath of fresh air for political wonks who've endured the last three years of morose, overly apologetic, presidential navel-gazing.

According to the numbers, the positivity is working.  After last week's debate, most respected Buckeye polls show the two candidates in a statistical dead heat, with the Real Clear Politics Average showing Obama up by only 1.3 percent.  Before the first debate, Obama was leading by a little over 8 points.  

Perhaps more importantly, as the polls tighten, the size of Romney’s crowds is surging dramatically.  People are finally excited about his candidacy. Obviously the momentum is in Romney's favor so, if he performs well in his second debate Tuesday night, it's likely that he'll pull ahead.

Here's the video of his Saturday speech, which is well worth watching.