Politics: VIDEO - Obama: Union power and collectivism 'core of my faith'

Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday September 20th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE – Obama says union and populist movements the “better angels” of our country

Another day, another disturbing video of Barack Obama.  This time it’s from 1995.  At the time, Obama was on a book tour to promote his partially-fictional autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

In the film, he explains that we need “Democracy with a small d,” and that we need to work together as a collective. 

According to the then community organizer, the “best part” of his parent’s “dream” was the idea “that we collectively can decide on our fate.” In doing so, “things like technological change, things like mass media, things like the market are all subject to our control.”

Keep in mind that his mother expressed lifelong sympathy to the Marxist cause. His father was a committed socialist who advocated taxation without limit, as well as communal property ownership and federal seizure of private property.  The man he describes as his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a fervent Communist activist who was placed on the FBI security index during WWII, meaning the government thought him likely capable of treason.

So, when the President talks about the “dream” that his family imparted, it’s important to contemplate the source.  Given his family’s background, hopefully their “dream” is about to be defeated.

This man cannot be allowed a second term.