Politics: Ugh: Mourdock says pregnancy from rape 'is something God intended to happen'

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday October 24th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - No. It's not.

Oh for crying out loud:

Mourdock is wrong, and I'm going to put on my ministry hat here. I think I've spent enough years teaching Bible Study that I'm qualified to address this one.

God hates all sin. Check Psalms 5:4 just for starters. To say that God "intended" a pregnancy via rape is to say that He intended the rape. This is completely contrary to the character of God. Now this is not to say that God does not love the child conceived in rape. He does. God will have a plan for that child's life and is ready to bless the life of that child. He may very well use the life of that child in powerful ways.

Step back. God has a plan that is based on the obedience of His people to Him. When His people are disobedient to Him, the plan goes awry. So what does God do? Does he simply toss us all in the lake of burning sulfur and tell us we blew it? No. God makes adjustments. We have to pay the price for our sin, but even in the midst of our having to pay that price, He will still create a new path for us to be blessed.

I realize abortion questions are wrought with peril, especially for Republican candidates, but whether it's Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin or anyone else, these guys really need to stop talking about stuff like rape and God's intentions. They are wrong, and they're putting their desire to be consistent with abortion politics over any solid understanding of the character of God.

Now, how should Romney handle this? He's already disavowed Mourdock's statement, and rightly so. The left is not satisfied, of course, and is demanding that Romney disavow his endorsement of Mourdock as well. Romney doesn't need to do that. Having Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader is much more harmful to the nation than any stupid thing someone says about rape or abortion, which is not an issue that will be taken up by Congress or the White House any time soon.

Romney has said all he needs to say. And Mourdock has said way more than he ever should have said.

Now can Republican candidates finally figure out that abortion questions are traps, and that they need to stop stumbling into them?