Entertainment: The Review: RUSH-Clockwork Angels

Published by: on Wednesday June 27th, 2012

RUSH – Clockwork Angels – Released June 12, 2012

First of all, let me apologize to all of the die-hard, Rush fans out there.... you know who you are....the legion of guys that follow the band from city to city.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the band, even loved all of the references in the movie “I Love You Man”...funny stuff.  I saw them at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville in 2011 and in Memphis on the Moving Pictures tour when the album was first released. But I’m not one of those guys that dig the novel concepts of Neil Peart.  To be perfectly honest, I can’t get into concept albums.  I guess I’m not that deep of a thinker.  I love Tommy and The Wall only because there was a movie attached to both.  Let’s face it.... I’m a visual guy.   With that disclaimer.... let’s get to it.

Clockwork Angles, the 20th release by Rush is a terrific album.  Like I said earlier, I’m not one of those concept guys, but this stuff is great.  Certainly, the heaviest effort in 5 years, Rush always pleases the ear with spectacular recording quality, but this time it seems to be better if not simply as a result of the HD Mix for the iTunes Release.

My initial opinion of the first track, Caravan, is that it’s a slow start to the album but by the end of the song, it’s apparent that the offering is classic Rush.  Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Snakes and Arrows producer), it’s easy to feel the combined energy of band and producer.  By the time the album reaches Headlong Flight, the reality sits in that we could have a new YYZ  with the song weighing in at over seven minutes.  It’s obvious that this production combination resulted in an album that is pure and certainly not overproduced, which has been the case with other Rush releases.  Definitely a “back to basics” Rush album that is reminiscent of their beginnings.

As with all of Peart’s concept albums, there is a plot to story.... a young traveler following his dreams while encountering forces of confusion and all of the colorful situations that surround the chaos.   However, the plot doesn’t get in the way of some really great songs.

I love the record and recommend it for anyone...even those who are not a part of the Rush legion.  I’ll certainly make plans to see the band when they come to a city near me.