Politics: The Raging Imperfect Storm

Published by: on Wednesday August 8th, 2012

Do Black voters suffer cognitive disabilities that render them intellectually ill-equipped to be trusted with a ballot?

The answer to that question begs to be screamed from the constitutional rafters, where there is no “right to vote.”  And, if posed in mixed company, that answer will be avoided as if it were radioactive.  However risky it may be, the answer portends the quiet before a storm that rages on November’s horizon, and it will arrive in all but perfect form and, mostly like, smite the country with its first wave of civil unrest since the revolutionary days of H. Rap Brown and Stokely Carmichael of the sixties.

Recently, I received an email from one of my Black MBA Alums, who I refer to as Stu.  And, despite our studies of Finance and both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics from renown professors of a just as renown business school, Stu is a die-hard supporter, financially and emotionally, of Barack Obama.  Thinking that Stu’s newly minted MBA had armed him with perspectives that provided for a more analytical assessment of Obama and his failing performance, I had not sized him up as one so willing to queue up with the beauty shop and pool hall Blacks who thought Obama’s skin color, itself, sufficed in gaining their votes.  Stu seemed blind to the discontinuities between Obama’s performance and the lessons imparted to us over the long hours of advanced study, term papers, and just common sense.  Like so many Liberals, he had taken a position, and that position was based not on fact-based realities, but merely on his preferential biases.  But, Stu’s disappointing cognitive dissonance was the least of my concerns.  What most concerned me was a voice of rage for the White man…the conservative White man, in particular, as well as for Blacks not subscribing to his political sentiments.

“History will prove me right,” Stu began his rant.  “You're on the wrong side of history, my friend. Luckily, the change agents are going to take this country back to its previous glory.  We're going to make the future better for your generation and the youth of the country--whether the republiKKKan extremists like it or not.  Change is upon you, man. The conservative right had control of this country and squandered our freedoms, bastardized our power and abused the citizens that government is supposed to protect.  Obama is putting order back into a broken, reckless system.”

And he didn’t stop with that.  “See Milt,” he went on, arrogantly, “your [sic] a propaganda puppet in a party that doesn't give two sh-ts about you or anybody that looks like you-with the exception of their household help.  And in another five years, they'll trade in their faithful black help for a trendy, brown, Latino replacement.  And all the assimilationist, lap dog, negroes that peddle their conservative tripe will be old news.”

Being Black, myself…or a propaganda puppet, as Stu puts it, this rant speaks to me in ways that might eluded someone who is less familiar with Stu’s ulterior tonalities.  It tells me that the majority of Blacks have become unreachably arrogant, resistant, and racist.  Their decades of entitled victimhood, political correctness, and White guilt have bequeathed the country with a race that has become as intolerant as those they once held in contempt for such.  And it is their presumed entitled victimhood that continues to hold Obama in pure adoration and deserving of a second term, despite it having not been earned or what it portends to foment for the country.

Blacks like Stu feel further entitled to their rage, even though Blacks in their early 30’s and younger really have never experienced the racism they, now, project.  And, if November 6 swings away from Obama and carry Romney into the White House, this country likely will receive the brunt of Black racism, as Blacks take to the street to strike a blow for the man turned out of the Oval Office by those who did not let their alleged racism prevent voting him in.  I’m not sure I understand that, but I’m certain that Stu does.

America, be forewarned!!  Stu comes with political kinsmen.

Milt Thomas is an executive consultant and author of BLACK, DUMB and BAREFOOT...AND KNOCKED UP BY THE DEMOCRATS. He also blogs at: http://myouthouse.net/