Politics: The American Conservative Struggle

Published by: on Thursday July 19th, 2012

The Republican Party is the party of America. The only things that keep getting in the way of the party’s continued success is itself. The Grand Old Party is based upon values of freedom protected and encouraged by government as opposed to government being the “solution” as often suggested by another party in the United States that also has a large following.

It is with these principles of freedom that the GOP has found much of its support and much of its success.

Citizens of this country want freedom to succeed and freedom to choose their own paths in life. People around the world have flocked to this country because they want the freedom to try and achieve a better future for their families and loved ones. It was the freedom to worship that drove the Pilgrims to land at Plymouth Rock all those years ago and it was the freedom to speak your own mind without government repercussions that have sparked so many new debates and ideas which have shaped this country in many positive different ways.

In the last decade it has become clearly evident though that the same Republican Party that has been the strong advocate for freedom no longer appears to believe in its message for all people as much as it does just for its constituents, during an election year, when it looks like it may lose its influential seat in office. Republican elected officials haven’t failed the party in the many recent reforms the Democrats and Liberals have passed both publicly and quietly. It has failed the citizens of the United States and quite likely the world.

Most people in the United States in this modern day have conservative values as their core philosophy in life, but year in and year out the GOP struggles to reach out to them. The message needs to be fine-tuned and clearly stated of its purpose of helping all Americans of all walks of life.  It needs to be spread to all corners of this nation and done on a consistent basis so all people understand that the Republican Party is the party that is working towards a better future for everyone.

There are good conservative Republicans who are fighters, who understand the true conservative message, and who desire to reach those who blind themselves from the truth and the facts. Those conservative officials need the support and prayers to continue having strength to keep fighting the conservative fight and looking to advance the nation for a better future that guarantees freedom for all.