Cain's Daily Commentary: Seniors Are Not Stupid

Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday August 21st, 2012

Herman Cain

I’m Herman Cain. They think we are stupid!

And when people think you are stupid, they feed you nonsense and just
expect you to believe it. That is what Democrats are now doing with
respect to Paul Ryan.

People who are paying attention know that Medicare, like our other
entitlement programs, is on a crash course with fiscal disaster. But most
politicians in both parties are afraid to propose ideas that can save the
program – and save the country from bankruptcy as a result of its costs.

Paul Ryan is not afraid. He has proposed changes to Medicare that
would affect those who are now 54 and under, one component of which
is to offer vouchers for private insurance in lieu of the government-paid
care that is currently offered.

But for those 55 and over, Ryan proposes no changes because, as he
often stresses, we made a commitment to these folks and we need
to keep that commitment – even if it means we delay the financial
turnaround of the program.

Why, then, are Democrats taking every opportunity to claim that Ryan
would gut Medicare for the current generation of seniors? Why did they
air a commercial earlier this year that showed Ryan pushing an old lady
in a wheelchair off a cliff? And why are the mainstream media running
stories speculating that Ryan will cost the Romney ticket Florida’s
electoral votes by scaring seniors – when in fact, seniors have nothing to
fear from Ryan’s plans? Why are they saying those things?

Because they are lying. They make outrageous claims that they expect
stupid people to believe. Earth to Democrats! Seniors are not stupid! We
are not stupid! I’m Herman Cain.