Politics: Saturday Night Live targets undecided voters

Published by: Robert Laurie on Sunday September 23rd, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Comedy show breaks with tradition, does something funny

Normally, Saturday Night Live is just a mouthpiece for the Obama administration.  Its head writer, Seth Meyers, has donated thousands to the President throughout both campaigns and he's a regular fixture at the White House correspondents dinner.  The show's bias has been obvious all the way back to the seventies, but Barack Obama has enjoyed a hands-off attitude that the was never offered to other Democrat presidents.  Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both endured the show's satire in a way Obama will never understand, and probably couldn't handle.

Their pandering has been pretty shameful but, last night, the show managed to target a thorn in the side of Republicans and Democrats alike: The Undecided Voter.  

This won't turn SNL's tide of leftist propaganda, but it may serve as a nice public service announcement. People who haven't managed to make up their minds by this point probably still have questions - just like the folks in this sketch.