Cain's Daily Commentary: Ryan: I love the pick!

Published by: Herman Cain on Monday August 13th, 2012

Herman Cain

Governor Mitt Romney showed he is a true leader by selecting Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate – a move that many pundits saw as a bold one instead of another politically safe choice.

It is bold and I love it, because it is also the right choice to complement Governor Romney's leadership experiences, and the need to surround himself with the right people.

The Romney/Ryan combination immediately suggested to me a sense of renewal, restructure and repeal.

They will lead the renewal of America instead of the current administration's presiding over its decline. Both Romney and Ryan have been outspoken about the need to restructure broken federal programs rather than continuing to push the problems off into the future. And they have both been crystal clear about the need to repeal Obamacare and the other burdensome regulations that have been slammed onto businesses, causing this economy's growth to be severely stalled.

Governor Romney also showed a lot about his leadership by what he did not do. He did not select someone from a battleground state in order to attract votes in that state. Instead, he chose someone who could help make the case that all states are battleground states because of the big problems we face.

The attacks on Representative Ryan by the liberal media and the Democrats have already begun. Within minutes of the Ryan announcement, they issued a statement describing his budget ideas as radical. If facing and solving a problem is radical, then bring it on.

This is no time for more popcorn ideas and pandering to the American people. This nation has big problems requiring the truth be told and a bold leadership team.

The American people can handle the truth, and Romney/Ryan is the ticket, because we are not stupid.