Lifestyle: Political Correctness

Published by: on Tuesday July 3rd, 2012

Who remembers when almost everything in America was fun?  When people were thick skinned and we could make fun of each other without someone's feelings getting hurt? When we could disagree with one another on almost anything and when it was all said and done...we were still buddies. Back then saying America is the greatest country in the world wasn't just a phrase that flew out one's mouth when asked. We knew it and we meant it, because being an American was a way of life envied around the world.

I wonder if we're still AS envied... because now, in the greatest country in the world, we seem to have to walk ever so gently to keep from offending someone... or hurting someone's feelings!


 As a kid growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I remember being ridiculed at almost every point during my youth, and not just by other kids.  For some, siblings can be your worst enemy. And while it didn't feel good it did teach me something. It taught me that I could either go and hide in some corner and cry or step up to the plate and take a swing.

Well, I chose to take a swing, and another, and another, because I felt that as long as I'm swinging at least I'm giving myself a chance at making contact.

Nowadays, it's seems that kids aren't given a chance to be ridiculed. And if they are  then there is always someone there to protect them and make the hurt go away. What kind of message does that send? I'll tell you what type of message it sends.  It tells kids that every time they feel bad someone will be there for them. That there's is no need to know what hurt or disappointment feels like. We'll protect you from all the bad in the world.

For us, the very things that children are protected from today (name calling, ridicule, etc…) built character and it prepared you for what was sure to come. Because as we've gotten older it sure hasn't gotten easier, but because we were prepared as children we had the ability to cope. Kids need that!

They need to know they suck sometimes just to give them that needed kick in the butt. They need to be told that "if you don't do sh#% then you don't get sh#%!" I had to earn the awards that I received playing sports. They weren't given to me just because I was on the team. I remember the disappointment of not getting MVP one season.  I didn't like the feeling at all. But did I get discouraged, NO!  I worked harder and I got it the next time. I knew how disappointment felt and I didn't like it. I used that as motivation and it paid off.

Kids today need to know the bitter taste of disappointment, hurt, and pain. Because real life is loaded with it.  They need to know what it feels like in order to have fighting chance at succeeding next time. And there will be a NEXT TIME!

We need to re-think the direction in which things are going in this country. I'd like to think that I'm doing my little part. In my stand-up act I walk out on stage to find an audience comprised of people from all walks of life, and I'm able to take that multicultural audience on a ride with me. A ride where we laugh at each other's differences...just like we did back when... only 'back when' we didn't have "Political Correctness." Wow, how'd THAT become such an ugly divisive word? I think there's a place for P.C'ness. Political Correctness is for the real A' holes of society, and I always say, "If you're a Jackass then being Politically Correct won't make you a Horsey!"

I don't need Political Correctness to tell me that I'm a good person... I already know it! However, I don't like having to refer to someone by a P.C. term when the person or persons that I'm referring to could care less.  What's ironic is that the people who invent these titles are never the ones affected by them. Hmmmm! As a poor kid growing up in South Central Political Correctness never changed anyone's condition. It would've been cool if it came with better schools, more money, status or living conditions...but it didn't. It was just a title. I'll bet someone got a huge attaboy for coming up with that one.

Back to my act! When I'm on stage I make fun of everyone… Of course it's done tactfully; I don't want to OFFEND anyone! LOL!

No really, I make fun of everyone and nobody walks out of my shows feeling like they were picked on. I make people realize how ridiculous and uptight they are being by holding on so tightly to this P.C. thing. Here's a bit of irony! Before Political Correctness, I was I'm African American. I don't know Sh#% about Africa!  I had a guy ask, "What part of Africa are you from?" I replied, “Burbank!” I think it's gone too far.

If you can laugh at me, then you can laugh at yourself!"  Let's lighten up America and have FUN again!

I'm open to your thoughts, comments and opinions.