Politics: Paul Ryan

Published by: on Tuesday August 14th, 2012

Herman Cain scared the crap out of the Left. They had good reason to be afraid. Now they have to deal with Paul Ryan. They should be very afraid.

To paraphrase what Bill Mahre said to Mr. Cain, “I don’t think that I agree with you on anything, but I like you.” Mr. Cain has that effect on people. So does Paul Ryan. He is a p90x version of Mr. Schue from Glee, only instead of singing he has the ability to breakdown debt and economics so that a second grader understands them. I know. This weekend, my second grade daughter watched Rep. Ryan.  She understood him. She likes him. (And not just because he wears a Packer sweatshirt and loves brats.)

My mother-in-law had never seen Paul Ryan, nor heard him speak. She only knew what the Left wanted her to read: Paul Ryan wanted to take her social security away. When I explained to her that Paul Ryan’s plan did not do that and why, she said, “Oh good, ‘cause he’s kinda dreamy. I like him.”

*She likes him!*

That is priceless and nobody is polling on that now: the potential likeability factor.

Over 72% of people will vote their feelings. Paul Ryan will make them feel good.

The more America gets to meet Paul Ryan, the more America will like Paul Ryan. 

Paul Ryan will resonate with the college kids who are afraid of an ever depressing job market and paying into a Social Security program that will never pay them back.

Paul Ryan will make the baby boomers on both sides miss John F. Kennedy.

Paul Ryan will present Mitt Romney’s solutions in a way that will resonate with more than just the Tea Partiers. He will confuse the Obama campaign with facts and clarity. He will destroy their attacks without a teleprompter.

My Dad taught me to put a lot of stock into a first handshake. Does the other man look you in the eye? Is his grip solid?

I have only met Paul Ryan twice. He looked me straight in the eye and his grip was more than solid. More importantly, even though we met in passing, and folks were waiting for both of us, he was never hurried. I have met a ton of politicians, many at the highest levels. Despite his resume, Paul Ryan does not put out the power politician vibe. He comes across as a really nice guy.

In Hollywood it would be hard to write a realistic character that has the ability to kill and clean his own food, be a good dad, a beer drinking Packer’s fan and have the intellectual effectiveness to eviscerate his political opponent’s policies with ease, all while being incredibly “dreamy” at the same time.

Mitt just drafted a winner.