Politics: Pat Caddell and Chris Christie tear into blatant media bias

Published by: Robert Laurie on Sunday September 30th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE – A weekend of harsh truth from unlikely bedfellows

This morning on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace was surprisingly tough on Paul Ryan.  In a wide ranging, issue-driven, interview, Wallace demanded specifics from the would-be Vice President.  He did so over, and over, again. Ryan answered most of the questions and, to be fair, he dodged a few others. By the end of the interview though, no matter how tough the questioning got, you had a feeling that Ryan was a guy who could take the heat.  Even people who disagreed with him would be forced to admit he handled himself well.

You know what? It was really refreshing.

We’ve all endured years of softballs, moronic bootlicking, and slavish apologizing from the nation’s media. The desperate way they’ve tried to glorify the President has been blatant and shameful.  Today, there were more hard hitting questions in Ryan’s ten minutes with Wallace than have been asked of Obama during the entirety of his first term. 

After the interview, Wallace spent a few minutes telling the audience that Obama and Biden have refused to take his questions since well before they took office.  The simple reason is that, if the media was as tough on Barack Obama as they were on his competition, he’d fold like a recycled green-energy leaflet.

Witness his implosion during his recent Univision interview.  When he was confronted with his failure to alter immigration policy and accusations about the Fast and Furious operation, he replied with atrocious, unfocused, stammering.  Regardless of where you stand on the issues – even if you agreed with the President’s opinions – there was no way to spin the Univision debacle as a success.

Which is why, of course, the mainstream U.S. media handles Obama with such kid gloves.  They’ve got “their guy” in office and have no intention of doing anything to harm his chances for re-election.

It's something about which even long-time Democrats are beginning to complain. On Friday, former Democrat pollster Pat Caddell offered the stongetst condemnation yet, labeling the media as an “enemy of the people.”

During remarks given to the Accuracy in Media conference, Caddell charged that the majority of America’s news outlets had stopped holding politicians to any sort of accountability.  The end result was that they had basically become accomplices in the undoing of our nation.  This may be something every conservative mutters on a daily basis, but to hear someone like Caddell embrace the idea is stunning.

“Let me just get right to this,” He said. “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power, and the role that the media plays in terms of whether we maintain a free democracy or not.”

He went on, with a degree of accuracy unbecoming of someone who once worked for Jimmy Carter, to absolutely eviscerate the modern media and its willingness to ignore reality in favor of partisanship.  In particular, he focused on 1st Amendment issues and the way the press has handled the Obama administration’s utterly laughable Benghzi response.

His speech is a tour de force, and required viewing for anyone who’s fed up with the left-wing media’s constant collusion. It's attached below.

Today, a more GOP-centric take came from Chris Christie during his appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

At one point in his interview, David Gregory was complaining about a lack of specifics from the Romney camp.  Instead of simply outlining them, Christie let loose on Obama, and the media’s willingness to overlook his shortcomings while promoting his re-election.

“David, I wish you guys were just as tough on the president,” the Governor said. “The president says he’s going to create a million new manufacturing jobs. He doesn’t say how. He says he’s going to reduce the long-term debt and deficit by $4 trillion. Doesn’t say how he’s going to do it. I mean, let’s be fair here. Gov. Romney has laid out a direction and a vision for the direction of this country. He’s not an accountant. He is not going to go line-by-line — as much as you would like him to do — through the budget. But let’s hold the president to the same standard and criticize him as well, because how does he create a million new manufacturing jobs, David? He hasn’t told anybody the specifics of that. How is he going to reduce $4 trillion in debt? We’re still waiting to hear what he thinks about Simpson-Bowles, which he commissioned. I mean, he’s been the president and hasn’t given us specifics. So, let’s be fair, here.”

Gregory didn't even flinch.  Instead, he kept up his attack on Romney and segued into an opportunity to show the 47% video again.

The bottom line is that Christie and Caddell have both hit upon the same simple truth. As long as it promotes an ideology, rather than simply reporting the truth, our so-called “News” nothing better than base propaganda.  In time, if it hasn’t already, the fact that they’re offering little more than advertising will not only eliminate their own business model, it will help tear the country apart.


The video below presents Pat Caddell’s speech. If you believe there’s no such thing as a “Democrat with integrity,” we highly recommend you watch it.