Politics: Oh My Akin Head

Published by: on Thursday August 23rd, 2012

This is something about which I have written before, but, in light of Todd Akin’s apparent lack of sufficient brains to do his own wiping, I felt compelled to repeat myself, hoping that, at some point, it might strike home.

Conservative or not, Todd Akin’s remarks about abortion and “legitimate rape” should have caused us all to shudder in the horror of just how the Conservative wing of the GOP does not seem capable of learning.  If it is true that there are two parties—one that is “evil” and the other “stupid,” you all get one guess as to which is which and to which Akin ostensibly belongs.  Though he has now launched an apology communication piece, citing a poor choice of words as the reason for the ignoramus fecal matter dropped on us, it is not wrong speak that caused the dustup, Mr. Akin; instead, it is all about the wrong-headedness from which those words were fomented.

No, Republicans are not the Neanderthalic dumbass, as epitomized by Todd Akin, but the Conservatives sadly are like a bull and the issues of abortion, Gay Marriage, and anything south of the bedroom threshold are versions of a red cape, flailing in the ill-winds of politics, and Conservatives just can’t prevent the rabidity that sets in as they inevitably end up standing on their own udders and scrotums.  Moreover, they are seen as hypocrites, inasmuch as they month the preference of small and non-intervening government, EXCEPT in the bedroom.  Whenever this is done, it only fuels the Left and emboldens them to point out how “conservative” is as THEY paint it—recalcitrant, backward-looking, and non-relevant with respect to current constituent preferences and ideals.  These are labels that bear long and deep-piercing talons that cannot be easily removed, once set.  And, while judging abortion may not above Conservatives’ pay grades, as Obama claimed to be the case for him, rational behavior seems to be well above Conservative intellect.  When WILL Conservatives learn how to stay on message and avoid these derailments? 

If you ask me, it is all about the audacity of conservative hubris and elevating themselves above the God they all claim to serve, protect, and defend against Liberal defile.  In assuming this position, they ordain a politician’s stance on abortion to be the final arbiter in determining if that politician is worthy of being called “a man of God,” let along worthy of their vote.  It is from this single issue that they vow not ever to be removed, despite the dervish of issues that prevail to threaten the future existence of this society, let alone the country’s sovereignty.

Even the manor from heaven for Conservatives—the scripture——speaks of God humbling himself to appreciate nuance and divergent perspective, when he allowed Abraham to bid him down from his bent on destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, no matter if inside lived innocent souls.  God, the Conservatives’ Almighty, took a step back from his own resolve and listened to Abraham, who convinced Him that to destroy the twin cities, regardless of devout servants living there, would have been a wrong committed by He who was above committing the such wrong.  It was God who finally admitted that, if it meant sparing the life of even one innocent person, the cities were worth sparing, despite their atrocities against humanity and God, himself.

Perhaps, we all need an Abraham to speak with and convince the Conservative Right that, despite abortion’s affront to their religious beliefs, it is not the critical issues of our time; moreover, it will NEVER be overturned.  It is time to move on, make decisions about their own lives, and stopped letting the Left play them like a unturned fiddle by slinging abortion and other inflective issues into conversations that are centered on anything and everything but abortion.  Stay on message; get your heads out of your rearview; and do the duty that you claim you how in highest resolve—saving the country from the Left.  This is not so much about defeating Obama, as it is about winning the Middle, and it won’t happen with the wrong-headed thinking and hubris of Todd Akin types.

When will Republicans begin distancing themselves from this faction of fringe thinking idiots?  Sure, the Left never repudiates Democrats for espousing idiotic ideals, and it is not about Conservatives being better than Democrats.  Instead, the reason is much simpler.  Democrat politicians realize that, to the Democrat and Liberal voters, an idiot Democrat candidate is their man.  So, why castrate a prize donkey?  Besides, were a Democrat to pounce on a fellow Democrat for being an idiot, one of them is a Republican—not a Democrat.

That said, the GOP should start building a brand that, number one, accurately reflects its core nature and, number two, can be protected from being framed by tenets alleged by its archenemy—the Left?  This is something that the GOP seems incapable of understanding; so, any hope in them being able to DO it may be pissing into the wind and telling everybody to go inside out of the rain.  It just seems to be beyond the best of them.  But, if Todd Akin epitomizes the better of men and women of the Right, and I don’t think he does, I would advise the GOP to piss on the fire, call in the political dogs, and go home—somewhere beyond the reach of the Left and the sprawl of its political red capes.  But, it never fails that behind that red capes invariably waits something very sinister and deadly for the bull. 

Milt Thomas is an executive consultant and author of BLACK, DUMB and BAREFOOT...AND KNOCKED UP BY THE DEMOCRATS.  He also blogs at:  http://myouthouse.net/