Politics: Obama to Rolling Stone: Romney's a 'bullshitter'

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday October 25th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - Presidential.

The name-calling itself doesn't offend me. I've referred to Obama and Biden as clowns on more than one occasion, and I'm not going to play the game where I say, well, it's OK for me to do it because I'm not the president. In fact, back in 2009, I wrote an entire column calling Obama a bullshitter, and I still think every word of it was accurate. So you know what, Ace? If you want to call Romney a bullshitter, go nuts.

It's not your right-wing tormenters who are reporting it, but your friends at The Politico and Rolling Stone, so I guess you're comfortable in your own skin. Have fun.

But there are two unmistkable points to be made here. The first is obvious: If it was Romney calling Obama a bullshitter, well, can you imagine . . .? Of course, Romney would never do that because that's not the way Romney handles himself. He has class. He has comportment. Dare I say, he is presidential. Maybe the MSM will do more with this than I expect, I don't know. Maybe they smell blood in the water and they've decided it's time to stop rescuing Obama and start salvaging their own credibility. I sort of doubt it, but who knows?

The bigger issue for me, though, is Obama's never-ending disdain for anyone who challenges his thinking, his decisions and his record. He has shown constant contempt for Romney in all three debates. In sleepwalking through the first one, it was almost as if Obama considered it beneath him to even have to be there listening to this Richie Rich/Thurston Howell III daring to question the champion of the middle class. In the last two, the snippy and irritated incumbent assailed his challenger as darn near criminal for his continued insistence that the Obama presidency wasn't all that.

Even a president with a good record would owe it to nation, if not his opponent, to afford him a measure of respect. A president with a lousy record like Obama has some nerve being so dismissive of a guy who merely points out that things haven't gone so well - and they haven't, champ - and offers a different path forward.

If you ask me, Obama shows the same contempt for the American people with his whole Big Bird/Binders/Bayonets routine - figuring you're not paying enough attention to assess the race on the basis of things that really matter. We sure as hell know he doesn't want you to assess it that way, because if you do, he loses. That's why Romney is talking about the economy and Obama is talking about this crap.

And for that, Obama feels quite comfortable labeling Romney a bullshitter. OK.