Politics: Obama to Letterman on the debt: 'I don't remember what the number was precisely'

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday September 19th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - Um, Mr. President, it's over $16 trillion. Write yourself a note.

Actually the part where he claims not to know the amount - since he doesn't want to say it - is far from the most dishonest thing he says here:


Letterman asks him where all this debt came from and he blames things that happened a decade ago, as if he hasn't added 50 percent to the overall debt just since he took office. He pretends that raising taxes on the rich would make the slightest difference. He tosses in talking points like, "I'm not gonna turn Medicare into a voucher just to pay for tax cuts for you and me."


In answering Dave's question, he neglected to mention that he jacked up the budget baseline weeks after taking office with his ineffective $862 billion stimulus that stimulated nothing - bringing federal spending to 25 percent of GDP, where it hasn't been since World War II - and has kept it there ever since. For all his bluster about Bush's two wars, we weren't spending 25 percent of GDP at any point during Bush's presidency. Not close to it. But where did the debt come from? According to Obama, everyone but him.

The line about his daughters being surrounded by men with guns was funny, though. Hopefully after January he will have a lot more time to be funny on talk shows.