Politics: Obama mural inside Pennsylvania polling place

Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday November 6th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Seriously, Pennsylvania, how blatant can you be?

Recently, we heard a story about a voter who was given a hard time because they were wearing a shirt bearing the logo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  It seems poll watchers were dumb enough to think that the M.I.T. shirt was actually campaign gear referring to Mitt Romney.

Of course, it is against the rules to wear gear specifically referring to either candidate while in a polling place.

Sadly, it seems those oh-so-strict rules don’t apply to the walls. Take a look at this photo, which is making the rounds on Twitter.

 Obama mural inside Pennsylvania polling place

It was taken this morning, INSIDE the 35th ward-D18 Franklin School polling place.

Between this, the Black Panthers, and the ousted GOP poll watchers, we'd have to say Pennsylvania is way out in front in the race to violate the most election laws.