Politics: Obama beats Romney in August fundraising

Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday September 10th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Obama donations jumped last month.

A couple of months ago, the Obama campaign sent out an embarrassing email suggesting that brides should ask that donations be made to the re-election effort in lieu of wedding gifts.  Last week, Michelle Obama went begging again, this time implying that instead of spending money going out for dinner, it would be better if people just stayed home and sent that cash to her husband.

Maybe the shameless groveling is working because, for the first time in a several months, Obama has outraised challenger Mitt Romney. The bad news, according to CBS Moneywatch, is that Obama managed to rake in $114 Million in August.  That's an impressive haul and a big uptick from $75 Million the month before.  It's also more than Romney's campaign, which received $111 Million.

The good news is that this is the third straight month than Romney has taken in more than $100 Million, and he's still ahead in the money race, if not the polls.  He should have a strong advantage, in both campaigning and advertising dollars, as we head into the home stretch. Still, one wonders why Obama has enjoyed this sudden burst of support.    

Both CBS News and the AP have suggested that "Romney's more centrist tone," which we first witnessed during interviews this weekend, was a reaction to these most recent numbers.  If that's the case, Republicans are in big, big, trouble, because running a McCain-style campaign is not going to help matters.  In fact, the more "centrist" Romney gets, the less money he's likely to bring in from the base, and the less successful he's likely to be in November.

Conservatism wins.  If Romney wants to move to D.C. in January, he'd better figure that out quickly.