Politics: Obama 'You can't change Washington from the inside'

Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday September 20th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Mr. "Hope and Change" says he can't supply the "change"

Today, during an interview with Univision, the President asked which was the biggest lesson he'd learned during his first term.  His answer is in the video below.

He went on to say that change has to come from the American people and that, during his second term, he'd ”be in more of a conversation with the American people so they can move these issues forward.”

Where to start?  

First, this is a pretty stunning admission of failure from a man who ran on a desire to "fundamentally transform America."  If he can't implement any of his laundry list of needed changes because Washington won't let him, how is he ever supposed to make the rest of the world love and respect us? How will he "lower the ocean levels?"

Second, his inability to single-handedly effect change might be because he keeps running into a little thing called "checks and balances."  President Obama seems to have a real problem wrapping his head around the concept.  Remember, he once famously declared that everything would be much easier if he were the President of China, since he wouldn't have to deal with all the roadblocks.

Finally, isn't it a bit creepy that he has in mind some nebulous outside force that he's hoping will change our government?  Sure, he says the people have to make change happen but, in our system, we do that by voting and appointing people to federal positions. We work, democratically, within the guidelines established by our Constitution - a document where the word "conversation" does not appear and which doesn't authorize change "from the outside."

Hopefully, come January, Obama will be out of office so we can get away from his constant need to usurp our founding documents.