Politics: New Obama ad: Try to imagine it's like losing your virginity to 'great guy' Barack

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday October 25th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - Yeah. That's really what an actual Obama ad says. Wow.

You're going to think I'm embellishing it if you don't watch it, so watch it. Then we'll talk.

Hey, I can see logic. You've got to appeal to that famous "youth vote" while also doing something to reverse the trend that sees women breaking big for Romney. So what do you tell them?

Ladies, think of Obama and Romney as two dudes at the bar looking to hook up with you. Obama not only brought condoms, he's willing to pay for your pills for, like, years and stuff. He's not pushy. He just sort of makes it clear that he's into you, and boy, do you melt. Romney, on the other hand, you know . . . fratenity douchebag type and all like that. Pretty into himself. I mean, really?

So it's one you're never going to forget, you know? You'll tell your friends at the coffee shop what he was like, if he talked much, if he called the next day, if it seems to have long-term potential . . .

Barack. Yeah. You're pretty much melting right now, aren't you?

So yeah, this is actually a real Obama campaign as, although it's curiously missing the standard, "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message."

Hmm. You don't think, maybe . . . he's just not that into her, do you?