Cain's Daily Commentary: National Security

Published by: Herman Cain on Friday August 10th, 2012

Herman Cain

They think we are stupid about National Security!

Who would put our nation’s security at risk by setting in motion automatic cuts of $500 billion, for the Defense Department only, and refuse to listen when Congress offers equivalent cuts from elsewhere in the budget?

Barack Obama would, that’s who!

As part of last year’s debt ceiling deal, Obama insisted on a so-called defense “sequester,” which means $500 billion will automatically be cut from the Pentagon budget at the end of the year unless he and the Congress can agree on action to avert it.

Tensions are rising in the Middle East and a war that still presents many difficult challenges in Afghanistan. This is no time to be slashing the military’s budget to the bone.

But it’s also terrible from an economic perspective. Defense contractors in towns all across the country have already started sending out layoff notices. One contractor sent layoff notices to 10,000 workers!

Now you might say, wait a minute, Cain. You’re always telling us we need to cut government spending. Yes I am and yes we do. Government cannot do everything, and it needs to set priorities according to the resources that are available. There are many things the federal government needs to turn back over to the states or just not do at all.

But there are some things only the federal government can do, and national security is at the top of that list. If we skimp on it, we have no fallback. This sequester endangers national security, plain and simple. Republicans have already given Obama an alternative set of cuts, but he won’t deal unless he gets a massive tax increase first. The American people need to replace Obama! National security is at stake. We are not stupid! I’m Herman Cain.