Religion/Spirituality: More Than A Motto

Published by: on Tuesday August 7th, 2012

In God We Trust. The national motto today is treated more like a catchphrase than a way of living. Working in the Missouri Capitol Building, I have the privilege of being surrounded by history and artwork that are etched into the stone walls of the hallways and chambers throughout the building. Many of these memorable painting and historical devices have a Christian meaning or honor God in some way or another. It’s not only in the Missouri Capitol that displays such icons; state capitols across the country offer reverence and remembrance to God the creator whom created us. Even our nations’ capitol holds onto religious philosophy and thought. Every day and nearly everywhere in the world, there is someone trading cash for cash or cash for goods and on that United States Tender is the words “In God We Trust”.

When did our motto become empty words that are more historical in nature than evidence that God is this nation’s ultimate guiding light? The easy answer would be to say that God has slowly been phased out of the spotlight and Christianity has been swept under the rug in order not to “offend” anybody. I'm all for freedom and all for choice but it seems like our freedom and choice of when you can practice your religion, where you can show your faith, and how you can pray or show respect to the Creator has been disappearing faster each generation.

Politicians today often use religion to try and bait and hook portions of the voting population. Liberals have distorted the meaning of Bible passages to try and justify human ideals and concepts.
Conservatives have tried to out duel each other to be more “Christian” than their opponents. We have come to trust those politicians more and more each day to be our saviors in this Republic and everyone seems to forget that it’s God who is always in control. Politicians have come and gone, each one claims to be different from the other, and while that’s true in many cases, it is important to remember what principles and ideals this nation was founded upon.

While this nation isn't a nation of only Christian believers, it is a nation deeply rooted in Christian thought and traditions. Many United States citizens have some sort of religious background and ideals they will abide too in one way or another. It’s time we get back to trusting someone greater than politicians who are only human, and time to return to believing as a nation that no matter the difficulties and trials we face, it is “In God We Trust”.