Politics: MSNBC cheers for disastrous jobs report

Published by: Robert Laurie on Saturday September 8th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Terrible jobs numbers make a fool of 'Morning Joe' and his audience 

You can tell how badly somebody wanted something, by the size of their overreaction when they think they've gotten it.  It's why those YouTube videos of people scratching off fake "winning" lottery tickets are so amusing. Just think how exciting it must have been to be in Dewey headquarters when the news came down that your candidate had beaten Truman, only to wake up later and find you'd lost everything.

Something similar happened over on MSNBC this morning, as the 8.1% unemployment figure was announced.

First of all, considering that Joe Scarborough is always trotted out as MSNBC's leading authentic conservative voice, he seems like an awfully eager Obama cheerleader. Notice that he doesn't say the number is "good news for American workers."  Joe's mind is focused solely on the President.  This is nothing new.  Last night he ignored Obama’s critics and called the President’s lousy speech a stunning achievement, saying it was "game, set, and match" for Democrats. 

More priceless is the reaction of the crowd, which immediately launches into a roaring ovation.  One wonders if they ever bothered to learn that the only reason the official number dropped is because so many people left the workforce.  We can only assume that, since they're willing to endure tapings of MSNBC twaddle, nuance isn't really their thing.

Throughout the embarrassment Mika Brzezinski sits silent, apparently having realized that everyone is getting worked up over nothing.  As she says only 96,000 new jobs were added, you can actually hear the disappointment creeping into her voice. 

From now on, 'Morning Joe' should probably stop covering live announcements  ...or at least rename the show 'Morning Mika.'