Politics: Libyan security team handed U.S. staff to rioters

Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday September 12th, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Why was embassy security being handled by Libyan nationals?

UPDATE: many have pointed out that Embassies often have local security teams for exterior duty, while Marine Corps Security Guards handle interior responsibilities. This is true. Host coountries usually do provide exterior security. The difference here is that, so far, no one is claiming Marines were stationed inside.  In fact, the only Marines who we know were at the facility were the two who lost their lives. The military has said they were not stationed at the embassy.  So, the question remains, did the State Department provide sufficient Marine security for the embassy, or was the only on-site team comprised of Libyan nationals?

U.S. military officials have reportedly told CBS News that marines are being dispatched to Libya to increase security after the attacks.  Something that, it seems, should have been done a long time ago - especially when you consider the dangerous nature of the country as a whole.

According to Wanis al-Sharef, a Libyan Interior Ministry official in Benghazi, once the attack began officials inside the embassy were moved to a nearby building that was thought to be safer. 

When “protesters” stormed the building, security personnel were overwhelmed and, according to reports, offered no resistance.  In fact, the mob was informed of their location by members of the embassy security team – who are, for some reason, all Libyan nationals.  Armed with the new information, thugs attacked the second building where ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, a member of his staff, and two Marines were killed.

Following our ambassador’s death, reports said the crowd dragged his body through the streets, parading it around like a trophy.  Later reports suggested they may actually have been carrying him to a nearby hospital.  So far, no one knows for sure.

In most U.S. embassies, Marines provide security.  However, Over at Breitbart.com, Michael Patrick Leahy writes that the two marines killed in the attack were apparently not stationed there.  In fact, no one seems to know how many, IF ANY, Marines were actually protecting the building.

Libya's interim President, Mohammed el-Megarif, has issued an apology for the murders of the four Americans, saying "We extend our apology to America, the American people and the whole world."

That's great, but this scenario should have been easily foreseeable. In such an unstable region, where America’s enemies are everywhere, one has to wonder why we're allowing foreign nationals to protect our sovereign soil.