Politics: Jeepers, you don't think Clinton will drone on endlessly about . . . Clinton?

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday September 5th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - Obama crew frets. What if Clinton shows up to sing the praises of himself?

Nah. Not Bill Clinton. Never.


That's always the risk you run when you send Slick Willie up there, isn't it? Especially since it would hardly be the first time he let it be known who the Big Dog of the Democratic Party is.

As Oliver Knox of Yahoo News points out, Bill pulled this routine on Al Gore at the 2000 convention by delivering a stemwinder all about his wondrous achievements, and hardly mentioning Gore until the very end. There's been a story circulating for several days that Obama's team was looking at their watches wondering when Clinton's speech draft was going to show up for "vetting." Deadline come. Deadline gone. No speech.

What did you expect? He's Bill Clinton. He is nothing if not his own publicist, and you don't have to remind him that he's the only Democrat to serve two full terms in office since FDR. In fact, give him the chance and he'll remind you.

Just think: Is Bill really going to neglect to mention the surplus we were running throughout most of his second term, just because it will make Mr. $1 Trillion Deficit look awfully bad by comparison? Do you think he'll lay off reminding everyone of the robust economic growth we enjoyed in the 1990s? A whole lot better than, ahem, you know who.

Now he might make the case that he did all this after raising taxes, by way of offering a backhanded defense of Obama's policy prescriptions. (This would ignore, of course, that the surpluses didn't show up until after Clinton and Gingrich cut the capital gains tax, but no matter.) But if he does, it still begs the question: Why did we have economic growth and surpluses then, while today we're stuck with a river of crap?

Ol' Bill wouldn't want people thinking, "I guess Clinton was just a better president than Obama."

Now would he?