Politics: It's on! Plus: Thursday mystery speaker?

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday August 28th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

By DAN CALABRESE - Ominous rumors notwithstanding, the RNC starts today

I just spoke with my colleague Kathy Hoekstra who's on the ground in Tampa, and the start of the RNC is definitely a go for today. We should know the revised lineup of speakers shortly, but you have to think today is likely they only day they'll mess with very much. Wednesday has to be all about Ryan and Thursday belongs to Romney. We know we're getting Christie's keynote tonight, and is anyone weeping for the loss of a John Boehner stemwinder that was scheduled for Monday?

The reports that they might cancel the whole thing, or truncate it to one day, never made much sense to me. For one thing, my 11-year-old son Tony is the biggest weather whiz I know, and he kept telling me the storm was barely grazing Tampa. But more to the point, knowing the importance of convention polling bounces, do you seriously think the GOP was going to give that up for anything short of the Apocalypse?

My guess is that effect of losing the first day is essentially zero. No one but political junkies watch that much of a convention anyway, and most of them use it in the quest for the usual trivial narratives. Besides, Kate Hicks on TownHall.com is now talking up a rumor of a "mystery speaker" on Thursday. Much of the speculation is focused on Sarah Palin, but there are a lot of names being thrown around - including that of our boss. But if that was the case, I'd know about it, wouldn't I?

Wouldn't I???

Or do I already? Heh heh.