General: Introduction to The Top 10 Things Black & White Americans Want To Know About One Another But Won't Ask

Published by: on Thursday July 12th, 2012

Recently, I asked black & white people throughout social media for questions they always wanted to ask the opposite race, but haven’t for fear of offending them. I received over 4,000 responses and from them I took the top ten to address in this series on “race” or “race relations”. Since then I have been working on that blog series faithfully, because my goal is to educate both groups (including myself) and promote understanding and unity. Folks, I would prefer it if we did, but we actually don’t have to like one another. But we do have to share this country together in a civil manner. We must always respect one another and never discriminate or mistreat another citizen for any reason, let alone race.

For the record, I reject the notion of “race” but utilize this human construct because it makes life easier and makes me more easily understood. I have said it before but I’ll say it again:

“genetic variation in populations comes from mutations in genetic material, gene flow and random dispersal of genes through sexual reproduction. Also, environment was and is a huge factor in the phenotypes & physiological adaptations humans developed over time in order to survive in their various environments, which resulted in the three major “race categories” that humans categorize themselves in. This basically means that there are really no true “races” because our phenotypes are an inheritance from years of adaptations to various physical environments by our ancestors.”

Let’s face it; unless you are an Indigenous American, you are an immigrant regardless of the circumstances which led your ancestors here or any particular generation of your family in modern time. Yes, I’m including slaves & their descendants. If any of you want to get all upset because I didn’t distinguish that some Americans (black people) were kidnapped or sold into slavery which led us here, then there, I said it! Are you happy?

Moving forward with the dialogue, I saw the following post on the page of a White Conservative on a social media site:

“Thoroughly conditioned from birth for self-hating is the condition of America’s blacks; taught from infancy that they need a hand just be marginally equal. It’s no wonder why there’s so much “internal” killing. And for basic survival of shallow pride, all kinds of excuses have to be created; from economic despair to white racists- everything under the Sun has been blamed... except for the individual.”

Then I saw this from a Black Conservative:

“Trayvon Martin is the thug product of Liberal parenting which teaches children to walk around dressed for criminal behavior. White children, whether they are Liberal or Conservative are taught better and do better, my people, my people!”

Then a White Liberal:

“We should pity black Conservatives because they are really of lower intelligence than black liberals, who can clearly see through the white Conservative lies and psychological hypnosis. White Conservatives who are as white as I am shouldn’t not be pitied at all, their racism is deliberate and very calculated, they should be charged with hate crimes.”

Lastly, from a Black Liberal:

“I can’t stand ___ & the rest of those Uncle Tom, sellout, stuck up, brown-nosing, a**-kissing “knee-gros” – who follow around “whitey” a real live example of a modern day house n***a and on top of that the b**** is light-skinned, she really thinks she is white! ___ she can dress like them, talk like them and try and hang out with them all she wants but that n**** doesn’t even know they’ll never BE one of them. They don’t want ya! LOL”

Keep in mind that these are quotes from regular, everyday people, not well known political pundits or celebrities. Therefore, if you think the need is not there to justify such discourse, think again and do a little multiplying. These four individuals are not alone as evidenced by the sharing, “likes” and “re-tweets”. These are your average Americans, sharing their thoughts throughout social media behind the cloak of the internet. I won’t reveal names or which social media outlet they made these statements on, but the last comment was directed towards me personally. I laughed (I’m actually brown or caramel-complexioned not “light-skinned” as the person claims). It’s a good thing my self-esteem is intact and I don’t have that “shallow pride” the first person spoke of or I would have felt a slight pinch of insult. The fourth person even has the nerve to have pictures of Africa and famous black leaders all over their page with raised fists! <insert picture of me shaking my head>.

Now if you cannot see the problems in the statements above, no matter which demographic they come from, you are the very person who needs to get comfortable for the ride as I go through this blog series:  “The Top 10 Things Black & White Americans Want To Know About One Another But Won’t Ask.”

Stay tuned for Part I, Questions #1

Black: Why are White republicans afraid of outreach in black neighborhoods? Why are white people in general afraid of black neighborhoods?

White: African-American or Black? What do you want to be called? Why?