General: Introducing CainTV 2.0!

Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday August 27th, 2012

Dan Calabrese

BY DAN CALABRESE - Get your news, commentary and analysis as it happens . . . right here at CainTV.

Today is a relaunch of sorts for us here at CainTV. We've brought in a new leadership team and a new team of regular contributors, and from today forward you can count on much more immediacy in our reporting and analysis of what's happening in the news.

In addition to the excellent videos you've already come to enjoy, I want to introduce you to a new team of commentators who will follow the news and give you our take on a many-times-daily basis. They are:

Herman Cain. You've heard of him, right? The boss will give you his insights regularly, and he'll also contribute a daily video commentary. We expect to debut that this week, and they'll be coming live from Tampa during the RNC.

Robert Laurie. A frequent contributor to the Daily Caller and a columnist (along with me) at the Detroit News's online Michigan View page, Rob described our decision to add him to the team this way: "It's like letting a right-wing Frankenstein up from the slab." Right. I am honestly a little scared.

Kathy Hoekstra. Her day job is with us, which makes this rather easy. Kathy is Mr. Cain's media relations director, but she's also quite the media figure in her own right. After years doing television, Kathy still does the occasional radio gig - including one last week on WJR, the 50,000-watt blow torch of the Midwest. Kathy was also with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy for three years (those people with all the reports touting free-market economics), so you can depend on plenty of free-market sensibilities coming from Kathy. We'll also put her in front of the video camera a fair amount, if only because the rest of us are so ugly.

Clark Barrow. Our chief researcher, Clark's main contribution will be his daily briefing. It's a no-frills, just-the-facts presentation of key information you need to know every morning. If you want to be armed with facts to win the debates of the day, Clark's daily briefing is a must.

And me! Yeah, it's an inglorioius slog, but somebody's got to do it. I will serve as the site's editor in chief in addition to my role running Cain Media Division, which owns this site and other media products featuring Herman Cain. I've been writing columns since 2005 through my own syndicate, North Star Writers Group, and then through the Detroit News, where I continue to contribute a column twice a week.

So we're ready to roll, and not a moment too soon with the conventions starting and the election just over two months away. It's a great time to roll out CainTV 2.0, and a great time for you to join in the discussion!