Politics: Incomplete, eh? Why didn't you finish your assignment, Mr. President?

Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday September 4th, 2012

Herman Cain

By HERMAN CAIN - Obama grades himself "incomplete" on the economy. So why didn't he do his job?

It's a dumb question, to be honest. The media asks the president what grade he gives himself on the economy. But they ask lots of dumb questions. That's no excuse for giving a dumb answer that serves as your latest attempt to evade responsibility for your record.

President Obama assigned himself a grade of "incomplete" because, he says, he's not finished with the job. All right. That brings a question to mind:

Why hasn't he finished the job?

A president is elected to a four-year term, after all, not eight. What did he need to do that he couldn't finish in the term the voters gave him?

Obama said he was the guy to turn the economy around. After a year in office, he gave himself a B+. In 2010 we were told it was "Recovery Summer." Now he has to give himself an incomplete because four years isn't enough time to put sensible economic policies in place?

That's interesting, because four years was plenty of time for Obama to increase the national debt by a whopping 50 percent.

Come on. No one is buying this rot. Obama knows perfectly well that he has failed on the economy. If he gave an honest answer to the grade question, he'd be pushing it to give himself a D- grading on a curve. Unemployment is over 8 percent. The deficit has been over $1 trillion every year Obama has been in office. GDP growth can't even exceed 2 percent. And that's after Obama spent $862 billion in "stimulus" funds that stimulated nothing.

Oh, he's done a job on the economy all right, and it's plenty complete. Completely awful.