Politics: Hurricane Sandy damage repair: Non-union crews told to 'stand down'

Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday November 2nd, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Non-union labor not allowed to repair devastated region

Let's say a storm hits your area, destroying homes, flooding streets, and blacking out entire cities.  You can’t turn on an electric stove, power medical equipment, or find out what’s happening via the TV news.  Outside, there are hazardous, sometimes-live, power lines littering the roads and lawns. . The odds are, if a truck rolls into the neighborhood offering help, you're not going to "look for the union label" before thanking them.

Yet, in New Jersey, work crews are being turning away because their members are non-union labor.

That's right, utility workers were sent from Alabama to New Jersey in order to help rebuild the ravaged power grid, but were turned away because of their union status.  Apparently, big labor thinks people should sit in their darkened homes, suffering, rather than let non-union personnel come to the rescue.

This is utterly reprehensible, and should stand as “exhibit A” when people wonder why unions are so despised by a majority of Americans.

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