Tax Reform: Herman Cain's Point: "The Chickens are Coming to YOUR Home to Roost"

Published by: on Thursday April 12th, 2012

Since the irresponsible, “lamestream”, liberal media either does not seem to know what satire is, or knows and deliberately ignores it to insult Herman Cain and distract Americans from his timely message, before I begin this missive, let me provide them with and remind them of the definition:

sat·ire [sat-ahyuhr]
1.the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2.a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
3.a literary genre comprising such compositions.

Liberals, so many of you have charged back at Herman Cain's very clear satirical ads with misleading and derogatory comments such as:

“Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has released yet another bizarre video . In his latest video, entitled "Chicken," the "average American taxpayer" who is "feeding big government" is pecked to death as he feeds chickens. “ - Huffington Post

“...Herman Cain’s web advertisements have gotten “increasingly” bizarre. Pretty much all of his new ads have been like that recently, to the point where the argument he’s making about bloated government seems to get obscured by a horror-movie aesthetic.” - Time Newsfeed

“After releasing two graphic videos featuring a little girl who seems to kill pets, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is out with a new installment of his “provocative” Web ads that aim to draw attention to his views on the U.S. tax system. “This is the average American taxpayer feeding big government,” the same little girl says in the ad as a farmer feeds chickens.
Before long, the chickens attack the farmer until all that’s left of him is a bone.” - ABC News

Then there are some articles whose titles alone attempt to distract and distort Herman Cain's message:

"Watch Herman Cain's Crazy Chicken Commercial Here"

"Herman Cain’s Cannibal Chickens…And Something About Farmers"

"Herman Cain’s Chicken Horror Flick"

Oh, how I'd love to list them all so you can see how utterly ridiculous left-wing biased reporting is, but obviously, I cannot. Herman Cain masterfully uses metaphors to illustrate the seriousness of what is taking place and the urgency with which we should act. In the goldfish ad, the goldfish on land represents our dying economy – a fish out of water. The puddle thrown on the fish while on land is the stimulus, which is as effective a placing a band-aid on a gunshot wound. In the rabbit ad his point about the effect of the current tax code on small business is so abundantly clear that liberals could only focus on false claims that a real live rabbit had been killed. Remember the more ridiculous and exaggerated the liberal media response is to an ad, the more truth the ad contains, which the liberal media would rather Americans not be exposed to.

Liberals, here is Herman Cain's point in the latest brilliantly provocative ad – the US federal government is figuratively killing it's taxpayers. We are being overtaxed and most of us have had enough, especially since we do not always directly benefit from all of the insurmountable taxes we pay. Regardless of political affiliations, we have all had enough! If you think I'm wrong, consider this, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, one out of every three voters thinks we are overtaxed (more than 50%). Herman Cain is our champion for a number of causes, namely the need to expunge and then revolutionize the entire tax system/code, which the liberals do not have the guts to do anything about (nor do they want to). They are simply content with the confusion that is the state of tax affairs, which the average American taxpayer is not even fully cognizant of and cannot decipher. It would mean getting rid of some unnecessary components of our federal government and once and for all being totally fair.

American taxpayers, Herman Cain understands this and this is why he continues to fight for us even after leaving the GOP presidential race. Several liberal media outlets attempt to dismiss him and the ads because he is no longer in the running for the GOP nomination but they overlook the fact that we are smarter than they think. While perusing the many articles about the ads, I found it very ironic that they can't seem to get enough of him either, even while writing derogatory articles under the guise of journalism. We are tired of the “fly-by-night” political leaders who visit our cities and towns, appear on television, make lofty promises, then when they are not elected or decide to discontinue running fade away along with their endeavors. This is not the case with Herman Cain. He is still committed to serving the American people and revolutionizing the federal government from the top of the ranks of the Conservative movement. I commend him for his commitment and patriotism because so many of our so-called leaders are now trying so hard to emulate socialist and communist nations. We must question their allegiances and hold them accountable for their treason, starting at the top with the president himself. We must pay close attention when Herman Cain and all of his supporters work so diligently to keep the insidious and greedy nature by which the federal government eats away at the hard earned wages of the American taxpayer in the forefront of our minds before the hour grows too late – before we are taxed to death just like the fictional farmer in the video. Herman Cain went to great lengths to illustrate this because let's face it, provocative ads are the only ones we pay attention to, no matter who presents them!

Folks, the video contains metaphors and is satirical. The chickens have come home alright, and not only to roost but also to rule the roost. The altruistic hand of the taxpayer represented by the farmer, has been extended time and time again, and the ravenous greed of the federal government, represented by the chickens, bites the hand that feeds them repeatedly, until the hand, along with the rest of the farmer's body are fully devoured. America, the chickens are coming to YOUR home to roost and it's up to the “farmers” of our nation to stop them. Join Cain's Solutions Revolution to find out how, as we do just that.