Politics: Helpful reminder from Carly Fiorina: Women care about more than abortion

Published by: Herman Cain on Monday September 3rd, 2012

Herman Cain

By HERMAN CAIN - Do the male panelists on Meet the Press think there's nothing more to women than abortion?

Since Democrats want to spend this week in Charlotte talking about anything but the economy, we hear they’re lining up speaker after speaker to talk about abortion rights and contraceptives. The thinking is that these speakers and these topics will help them win the votes of women, because these are the issues women really care about.

Is that right?

Carly Fiorina had something to say about that this week on Meet the Press. During a panel discussion, in which a bunch of men were discussing women and abortion, a real live woman laid the smack to them. Here’s what this accomplished business leader said: “All we talk about is abortion when we talk about women.  Women are leaders in this economy and in our political parties.  Let’s start treating them as whole people.”

Thank you, Carly Fiorina!

Where did Democrats and the media get the idea that women’s lives revolve around abortion? This is not what women do! Women raise families. Women work to make a difference in their communities. Women pursue professional careers. Women build businesses. And if they’re really smart and really effective like Carly Fiorina, they become CEOs of major corporations.

Polls consistently show the main concern of women is the health of the economy. Of course! When your priorities are raising a family and succeeding in a career, how could it be any other way? So which party really respects women? The one that sees them as successful, hard-working professionals like Carly Fiorina? Or the one that thinks all women do is sit around waiting for free birth control pills and taxpayer-paid abortions? Democrats can spend this entire week in Charlotte yammering on about abortion. Women deserve more respect than that.